3 Blades Vs. 5 Blades Razor: Are There Any Differences?

When looking for the best razor, many people consider 5 blades superior to 3 blades since the stress you impose is distributed out across more blades. However, this is just the viewpoint of brands that sell 5 blades.

On the other hand, the ordinary man may have a different opinion about which is better: 3 blades or 5 blades. Is it true that the number of blades determines a razor’s quality?

After reading our comparison of 3 blades vs. 5 blades razors, we hope that you can determine which razor is best for you.

Which one is better: 3 blades or 5 blades?
Which one is better: 3 blades or 5 blades?

Overview Of 3 Blades and 5 Blades

3 Blades razor

Compared to a single-blade razor, the 3-blade one might perform far better because it can cut closer thanks to its 3-blade system. Specifically, the first blade hooks your hair follicles and pulls them up, the second one cuts it cleanly, and the third serves as a backup to guarantee nothing is left.

Besides, compared to 5 or 6 blades razor, 3 blades razor is less likely to irritate your skin because the more blades you utilize, your skin will probably be irritated. 

Using a razor with 5 or 6 blades increases your chances of getting skin irritation. Also, ingrown hairs, more razor bumps, and red rashes are expected if using these multiple blades razors.

As a result, most people with sensitive skin or who want to shave sensitive areas appear to accept shaving with a 3-blade razor against their skin rather than 5 or 6 blades. 

5 Blades razor

A single-blade razor can merely cut what is noticeable on the surface of the skin. Therefore, a 5 blades razor is much more effective in cutting the hair below the skin surface. 

The first blade starts the process, which cuts the hair while gently lifting it away from the skin. Then, the next one comes along and trims the hair much farther down before it has time to withdraw entirely.

Each blade is repeated because the catching and cutting process occurs twice: the first one catches, the second cuts, the third blade catches, and the fourth blade cuts. 

If a 3 blade razor can cut close, 5 blades razors can go even closer. After the multi-blade one has passed over, the skin and hair may relax, and the hair retracts underneath the surface. Each blade is positioned fractionally nearer to the skin to cut shorter hair. 

Overall, if you want to avoid nicks, ingrown hairs, and razor burn, you should get a 5-blade razor.

3 Blades vs 5 Blades Razor: Who Is The Winner?

Skin Comfort

When it comes to skin comfort, many people believe that the number of blades in a razor will affect it. However, it is not exactly right because the defining factor of comfort does not relate to the blades. 

Indeed, a 5 blades razor may produce cuts and nicks, and the 3 blades are likely to do the same because the difference is not only based on blade numbers but also the quality of the blades.

The lubricating strip, which can be found above or below the blades, is the element keeping the skin smooth. 

Once the blades cut, barrier protection chemicals lubricate your skin, keeping it comfortable. In addition, several  lubricating strips lubricate before the blades cut, whereas others lubricate after that.

If you are utilizing a 5-blade razor and it causes you a lot of pain, you can reduce the number of blades. 

When the number of blades is reduced, nicks generated are relatively lower than those produced in higher blades. They are still causing uneasiness; that is why you should switch to a different type of blade and razor.

After all, in terms of skin comfort, 3 blades or 5 blades are exactly the same, so no one is the winner. However, once you get uncomfortable nicks with a 3-blade razor, you may get the same with the 5-blade, yet the pain level may be more significant. 

Also, it is best to either replace all of your razors and blades or look into other options. The number of blades does not affect discomfort; rather, it aggravates or alleviates the pain.

Both the 3 and 5 blades can cause cuts and nicks, but the pain level may be greater with the 5 blades. 
Both the 3 and 5 blades can cause cuts and nicks, but the pain level may be greater with the 5 blades.

Shaving Speed

In this case, the number of blades directly determines the speed with which you can shave. Specifically, once the number of blades increases, so does the number of cuts delivered. 

So you know who the winner is? This speed advantage of 5 blades razor is due to the 5-blade system generating five cuts at a time, which delivers two more cuts than the 3-blade one with three cuts at a time.

As a result, the 5-blade razor would generate more cuts, resulting in a faster cleaning of the area compared to a 3-blade razor.

Blade Replacement

The blade’s life is usually determined by the type and density of your hair. Even so, assuming other factors are the same, the 5 one outlast the 3 one. A 5 blades razor, on average, needs to be replaced after 5 weeks, whereas 3 blades may last up to 2 weeks.

In terms of blade replacement, it is the workload that is important. The workload is evenly distributed across 5 blades of a 5-blade system, whereas the number is only 3 in a 3-blade system. 

This means that with a 3 blades razor, each blade will have a greater workload than blades in a 5-blade system. As a result of the lower workload, they can function more than 3 blades and seem more durable than them.

In short, a 5 blades razor can last longer than a 3 blades razor. However, it does not mean that you can save more money when using 5 blades razor because the maintenance cost is more costly than 3 blades.

A 3-blade razor seems not to last as long as a 5-blade one. 
A 3-blade razor seems not to last as long as a 5-blade one.

The razor’s aggressiveness

When it comes to its aggressiveness, the more blades it has, the more aggressive it seems to be.

Furthermore, the aggressiveness of a razor is determined by the blade material. Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and tool steel, for example, are among the materials often used to make blades. 

Especially, stainless steel has a higher value than other materials. Sharper and thinner stainless steel than other materials may help you shave cleaner and more smoothly.

At last, assume the materials are the same; a 5-blade razor will win out over a 3-blade razor. However, if their materials are different, you should choose the one with more excellent material instead of the blade’s number.

Shaving Proximity

Razors are preferred over trimmers and electric shavers because they come with a closer shave. Several people even add more blades to their razors to make it get closer.

So, a 5 blades razor is superior to a 3 blades razor? Yes, it has an effect, but it is minor. In fact, the number of blades only influences the proximity of the shave when comparing a single-blade razor to a multiple-blade razor.

Single blades necessitate the use of the proper technique. On the other hand, a  double-blade system provides some flexibility because it pulls your hair itself and does not necessitate any particular technique.

Although you add six or seven blades to a double-blade system, the mechanism is still the same. The primary and secondary blades units are the only things that change, and they do not play an essential part in offering a closer shave.

Whether your razor has 3 or 5 blades, the process that a double blade system utilizes is the same. Therefore, you should compare the same blade material and razor type to choose the better.

Time to shave

Indeed, utilizing a 5-blade razor will require less time than using a 3-blade razor. It is because when you have 5 blades razor gliding over the skin rather than 3, it stands to reason that you will trim more hair out, enabling you to cut more hair faster than a 3-blade razor.

In short, a 5 blade razor will save you more time than a 3 blade razor.

Blades Cleaning

When making a comparison between these two, you may conclude that 5 blades require more cleaning than 3 blades, which is correct in some situations but not all. 

When it comes to razors, you do not have to be as careful as you would with electric shavers. Instead, they are hard and can endure the slight abuse you provide.

To clean razors, you simply put them under the running water, and all of the debris is washed away.

The most significant issue with these razors is clogging, which worsens as the number rises. As a result, if the quality is poor, cleaning a 5-blade razor would be more difficult.

Generally, it is more challenging to clean a 5 blades razor. 
Generally, it is more challenging to clean a 5 blades razor.

3 Blades vs. 5 Blades Razor: An Overall Review

So we have compared the 3 blades and 5 blades razor with several aspects. We can see that the one with 5 blades seems superior to the one with 3 blades regarding shaving speed, longevity, razor’s aggressiveness, and time to shave.

Despite that, we can not come to the conclusion that the 5-blade razor is better because our individual preferences play an essential part. Let’s compare them once again:

Aspects 3 blades razor 5 blades razor
Skin comfort The number of blades is not a matter
Shaving speed Produce fewer and slower cuts Produce more and faster cuts
Blade replacement After about 2 weeks After about 5 weeks
The razor’s aggressiveness Less aggressive More aggressive
Shaving proximity Quite the same
Time to shave Require more time Require fewer time
Blades cleaning Generally easier Generally more difficult

Most people prefer a 5-blade razor, particularly if they have thicker hair and benefit from a multi-blade product. The Gillette5 Mens Razor Blade is an ideal buy that you should not ignore.

It includes 5 blades for improved comfort, together with a 360 Aqua Grip handle for complete control once wet. It has a Lubrication Strip that makes it easier to glide across the skin.

Moreover, 15 Soft Micro fins help stretch the skin softly to make a smooth and even surface for a pleasant shave.

However, if you have especially susceptible skin, a 3-blade razor may be an ideal option due to the lower number of nicks generated. In that case, we highly recommend the Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Razors

It is made for sensitive skin and has an enhanced-lubricating gel strip that drifts to minimize  skin irritation. It comes with an open-blade design, making rinsing the razor simpler. Also, each blade refill provides up to 15 smooth shaves.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, we hope you all clearly understand the differences between 3 blades vs. 5 blades razors.

In our opinion, if you want to speed up the shaving process and extend the life of your razor, we highly recommend the 5 blades.

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