About Us

What Can ShaverMap Do For You?

ShaverMap is founded by Max Young, who has spent nearly 20 years constantly testing various types of electric razors and working at some of the most well-known hair salons in the United States.

He and his partners have now built this place to provide all useful information about electric razor users.

Our first top mission here is to carefully try and test many popular products on the market every year. Subsequently, we will choose out the winners among various brands and offer you the best-detailed reports about them.

To get the results for final reviews, we spend at least several weeks or even months with each electric razor we recommended on ShaverMap. Hence, you can remove all the concerns and save lots of time finding suitable shavers for yourself or for your loved ones, from the reasonably priced to the luxury versions.

Our second top mission is to share with you a huge amount of information and advice through various blogs. You can completely trust us as we gain first-hand experiences of using electric shavers during the week-long and month-long testing processes.

Why Should You Trust ShaverMap?

Our team members also carry out lots of interviews with real users, designers, engineers, barbers and collect data from reliable sources to conduct high quality articles.

Therefore, we believe that we can answer any questions and clear all your doubts about electric shaver topics, such as shapes, styles, mechanisms, maintenance methods, ways to use for the best results, etc.

We always do our best to understand shavers’ users by researching customer reviews. Thus, we understand the most important things and the central issues about the products we are testing and evaluating.

ShaverMap hopes that our page can help you forget all the overrated and overpriced products with fraud features and head to quality products with a real warranty.

The brands we recommend to you on our website are also the ones we pick for our friends, family, and ourselves. Hence, we take the job seriously and ensure to give you precise information and reviews.

Our website ShaverMap is the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program’s participant, so we will have the affiliate commission when readers like you buy the products we recommend through our page. Therefore, your trust as a reader is the most important thing to us.

If we showed inferior and terrible models, readers would see our laziness and bias and take away all our support. Consequently, there’s no motive for us to make this kind of mistake.

Enjoy your time reading our posts!