The Best Electric Razor For Elderly Man in 2022

It is common knowledge that physique changes as you age. But do not get your hope up, for nothing nice ever comes out of that. Your functional cells would decline, rapidly enfeebling your skin, stripping it off the moisture until wrinkles and sagging set in. Regular razors are not designed to work on such surfaces, making the best electric razor for elderly man your only feasible choice.

If you are new to the whole ‘shaving for the aging’ subject, perhaps our list below can help. We have put together 10 top-tested razors, praised and recommended across the board for their performance, and later some buying tips that have never failed us thus far as bonuses. The ins and outs you need will all be covered!

The Basic Features Of Electric Razors For Elderly Man

What is so different between browsing the store for an advanced shaver catering to aging skin’s special needs and average disposable trimmers?

For one thing, unlike young people who still think of turning 30 as a big milestone, the elderly do not have that much energy in their skin to keep it in the best condition.

Getting rid of beard or stubble will then put them in quite a struggle unless they consider these following factors.

Pivoting Head

Moving past the conventional conception of razor – the shaving blades are unmovable within cartridges, and it is always up to the users to manage a safe and close trim – this new and improved type creates the ideal cutting angle on its own

This confirmation is no surprise, judging by the fact that its controller is a highly flexible mechanism that automatically changes the razor’s trajectory as per any facial contour.

Anyone dealing with old age and loose skin (plus crevices) need this more than anything else. The tool moves in a smart way so that it can get across the specific shape of your chin, neck, or sideburns without as much as a scratch.

Foil Shavers vs. Rotary Shavers

The two terms must have already been too familiar if you are no stranger to the topic of electric razors.

But the very one thing we believe that has never occurred to you is that your facial hair decides which one is better, not your personal preferences. Start running your hand over your face and see for yourself, which will be the last stop.

  • Short and fine hair: We are looking at foil shavers’ territory here! Underneath their wide heads sit dozens of holes in the form of hexagons (or waves). They take in the hair of multiple lengths, even those lying flat on your skin are no exception, then the inner straight blades chop them all in one quick flick of your wrist.

Razors of this category make some reliable choices for the elderly also because they work wonders for sensitive skin. Their heads come with foil on top, hence the name, so the sharp edges of the metal blade hover a safe distance above your face.

  • Long hair: This is where the rotary shavers deliver close shaves with the cleanest quality. Their blades resemble miniature circular discs that spin around under the head, shredding any hair pulled in – imagine cutting wood with your round saw.

Even if your thick, long, and coarse hair has sprouted for days, the devices will still succeed in getting them out of the way.

On top of that, rotary razors are known for their ability to bend to the shape of your face and make an ideal 360-degree trim in one push, so the risk of accidental cuts are kept at bay.

Ergonomic Design

You might hate to admit it, but an aging joint is no doubt every man’s greatest weakness. It goes sore in the least expected moment, stiffened up and cramped if being involved in holding a rigid object for far too long.

Take it from us and always aim for sleek models offering a strong grip. You have to be able to wrap your fingers around it comfortably throughout the duration of your shave. Slips, when you fail to squeeze down on the machine’s body, are a clear sign to turn away.

Wet Shaving

Even when utilizing all the anti-irritation features that an electric razor sports to its full potential, there is a good chance that you still cannot cast aside the uneasy feeling as the formidable blade touches your delicate skin.

In that case, you will find the waterproof option made for wet shaving all but a lifesaver.

If possible, the elderly would jump at this. You can take some hard work out of the process by lathering some soothing gel beforehand, maybe getting it done right inside the comfort of your daily shower.

What can compete against those when it comes to achieving a smooth, clean shave on saggy, loose skin?

The Best Electric Razor For Elderly Man – An In-depth Review

How long have you been agonizing over acquiring a worthwhile decision because each electric razor you come across looks like the finest among all, and you have issues narrowing them down? Now, let’s go through this list we put together and save yourself all the troubles!

#1 Philips Norelco SP9820/87 – Best Overall

A powerful, full-fledged shaving system rests atop a glossy chrome body – Philips Norelco SP9820/87 certainly looks the part of a credible device that you can count on to have a clean shave in the least daunting manner.

And once you have got a clearer look of what the stylish exterior houses, you will realize that it comes with all the needed features to pull that job off nicely.

This highly efficient electric razor has a powerful 8-direction contour system to push all three of its heads across your face in a smooth gliding motion, safe and friction-limited.

Being a rotary model, it allows you to enjoy flawless execution while it carefully works around the hard-to-reach contours of your face and trims off the hair of different lengths. Even a thick and overlong beard left unattended for days is no match for it.

It would be a huge miss not including the NanoTech precision blades, which are located not so far from the head.

Surrounding their sharp edges are thousands of nanoparticles to add another level of efficiency to the cutting. Despite that, they would not be able to leave any cut since the tool’s head has also been equipped with Skin Comfort rings.

Underneath this advanced shaving head is some pleasant finishing touches. You get a metallic power button, an intensity control bar, and a battery indicator screen, all of which are designed to be big enough that give any older gent an easy time navigating around the appliance.

But there is a price for all of that, literally. Philips Norelco SP9820/87 belongs to the high-end category (nothing shocking considering its features), so we do not think it makes a great choice for budget-conscious users.


  • Smartly designed to reach tricky spots
  • Quiet and lightweight
  • Allow both wet and dry shave
  • Easy cleaning using water


Too expensive

#2 Panasonic Electric Razor for Men ARC5 ES-LV97-K – The Fastest Electric Razor

Panasonic has managed to create itself a long-standing and reliable image for decades that we do not doubt will deliver the best high-tech products.

And the brand proves us true once again with this elegant-looking razor that makes it to the top simply for how quickly it erases beard and stubble from existence.

Like many electric razors, the device’s sturdy build includes a rectangular-shaped top. But here is where things take a different twist, for this very part alone holds a real beast.

We are speaking of a 5-blade motor that can only be described as ‘advanced and unique.’ It guarantees a seamless shaving experience, all five of them working at full speed to remove even the flat whiskers on your face in no more than 5 minutes.

And this is not some marketing gimmick to con gullible buyers into dumping their pocket upside down for the razor.

Panasonic backs up its hallmark of speed shaving by installing a 14,000 CPM motor that can get up to 70,000 cross-cuts per 60 seconds. Gone are the days where you have to fumble with poorly-built disposable razors to get rid of tough stubble each morning.

Do not let the fear of getting cuts all over your delicate skin after each shave from such a speed gets to you.

The device is packed with two bonus features: A 16-direction head that adjusts itself as per each natural angle of your face for a comfy yet smooth shave and, secondly, a sensor that detects beard density to offer the right amount of power.

There is a noticeable drawback you would want to keep in mind, though. The ARC5 hardly works as expected when dealing with long beards since it is only designed to shave in a strip, not shredding the hair using inner saws.


  • 14,000 CPM motor for lightning-speed cutting
  • Waterproof for wet shaving
  • Come with a charging station
  • Ergonomic design featuring an easy-to-hold handle


Cannot work well on a long beard

#3 Braun Electric Razor, Series 9 9370cc – Best For Skin Comfort

If comfort is your number one priority, look no further than Braun 9 9370cc! Its approach to safety goes one step ahead of most electric shavers in your average store, both traditional and electric alike.

The preventive measure is integrated right inside the blade arrangement as an extra skin guard (yes, that’s its name too!) alongside four regular blades – not a separated part that relegates the risks of scratches, but being one with the main cutters.

This characteristic serves as a key to an effective yet gentle shave, which the producer even claims as an ‘unprecedented skin comfort’ experience.

But do not take the producer’s intention to maximize safety as a sign that they sacrifice efficiency in the process.

On the contrary, this is quite a capable electric razor as the brand has made sure that two among five of its blades are specialized trimmer coated in high-quality titanium that rips dense whiskers apart like butter.

You will also be receiving a 10-direction contour head that adjusts itself to seamlessly glide across your facial contour and an AutoSense motor fueled by 10,000 micro-vibrations that catch all the stubbles in one stroke.

Still, this model is not without flaws. Perhaps to maintain a safe and comfortable shave, the producer has kept the blades a bit too far from your skin. As a result, there will be some difficulty if you try to get as close as possible to the whiskers’ roots.


  • Provide a comfortable sensation, burn-free and scratch-free
  • Comes with its own cleaning station
  • Fast charging (about 1 hour)


Cannot deliver the closest shave

#4 Braun Electric Razor, Series 5 5190cc – Best For Waterproof Feature

It is safe to say that waterproof has become a standard in every electric razor these days. That being said, Braun has decided to step up the wet shaving game by allowing it’s Series 5 5190cc to sink in up to 5 meters of water and stay undamaged when you fish it out.

Yeah, we get it. You are not planning to go out for a swim carrying an electronic device, so why does this matter anyway?

You would not be thinking that way when we tell you that enough water pressure can do a number on any device regardless of their resistance level.

This 5-meter range will keep the motor in a good-as-new condition for a while, even when you directly let your shower beat down on it.

How it works well against water is not the only highlight worthy of your money. Braun is a top electronic producer, so trust that any other feature of Series 5 5190cc measures up to your expectations.

For example, its skin-friendly 8-direction contour head can trim tough whiskers on wrinkles or a seemingly unreachable corner, and the ActiLift Trimmer right in the middle can take care of any flat-lying hair.

What we find to be quite fascinating is that this product also gives you a chance to experience AutoSensing technology like the Braun 9 9370cc series, only in a different way. It detects your beard’s density, then determines which power level is the most fitting for that.

But if you cannot put up with the loud noise of an electric motor, consider skipping to a different model since we are quite positive that no quiet moment will come during its working mode.


  • Great for wet shaving
  • Come with its designated cleaning station
  • Great quality build for a longer lifespan
  • Durable and ergonomic


The motor might be too loud

#5 Braun Electric Razor, Series 7 790cc – Best For A Closer Shave

It seems that Braun does not pay so little mind to close shaving as we thought, for this Series 7 790cc series is a genuine breakthrough in dealing with whiskers right from the root.

This foil shaver comes with fewer blades than the first Braun shaver we introduced you to, though (we counted four only). Instead of the final blade, users have the chance to try out the brand’s advanced OptiFoil technology.

Fewer strokes, but deeper coverage, this combo gives the razor an increase in efficiency while lessening the users’ efforts, which is exactly what all men ever desire in an ideal electric razor.

As a Braun creation, Series 7 790cc is packed with plenty of exclusive benefits from the brand.

While the OptiFoil is at work, the AutoSense technology we all know and love changes the power to a needed level to achieve the best result, and the smart 10,000 micro-vibrations let the blades get to even more hair with a swift motion.

Not to mention, Braun Series 7 790cc’s shaving head includes an 8-direction adaptation system that shreds hair even on tricky areas.

Be it as it may, the trimmer tagging along has been complained to deliver quite sloppy work. Not every user stated the same, but that was what happened to us, and we feel a warning is much needed.


  • Deeper access for a closer shave
  • A great choice for sensitive skin
  • Come with its designated cleaning station
  • Finish your shave in a short amount of time


Disappointing trimmer

#6 AsaVea’s 5-in-1 Electric Shaver & Grooming Kit – Best Multipurpose Electric Razor

You want to maintain both your smooth face and your cleanly shaved head to perfection, but the idea of paying for two shavers at the same time does not appeal to your limited income?

Then maybe this device from AsaVea that manages to combine 5 important functionalities in one form can meet your requirements.

Its spinner-like surface can act as your regular rotary razor for a thick and stiff many-day-old beard, ahead shaver when your hair starts sprouting from the scalp, a nose hair clipper, a stubble softener, even a face cleanser.

Pay once, and you get to bring back this versatile all-in-one facial care suite that has you well-covered no matter what your need is.

Each circular blade underneath the metallic covers is designed to change its angles as per your natural contours, broadening the contact surface to capture more hair.

Of course, all blades are strategically arranged so that you feel utterly satisfied afterward, causing no irritation as they glide across your face and head.

But please remember that it is not possible to mass-produce a multipurpose electric razor that fits all budgets, so the performance of this device is far from excellent. The closeness of each cut is there, just not as close as you wish it to be.


  • Multiple uses in one single device
  • Affordable all-in-one device
  • Ergonomic design to prevent cramps
  • Fast charging and cordless


Mediocre performance

#7 Philips Norelco S8950/91 Shaver 8900 Rechargeable – Best For Traveling

The first thing you will notice about this whole device is a line of little signs running along its entire length.

From top to bottom, those work as an indicator for travel lock, a low battery alert, and the three final lines show how much longer the shaver can continue operating until the shutdown moment comes.

All of these can aid you more than you realize. The lock prevents the motor inside from turning on and chomp down on a huge amount of power while you are not looking, and the alert informs you of the device’s soon-to-arrive sleep just in time for some last-minute charging.

Given that the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery needs no more than 2 hours to be 100% full, the razor will be able to last long enough even when you unplug it early.

Philips Norelco S8950/91’s main features seem to be designed to maintain your look of a gentleman while staying far from home as well. Everything is about comfort and speed.

All three of its round blades result from advanced contour technology, allowing them to spin a full 360-degree circle and gather 20% more hair than most models. Of course, this extends to those hiding in the creases of your aging skin.

You do not need to bother about whether the trim will be close enough either. The blades have been strengthened using Philips Norelco’s Precision V-Track. That is how they get about 30% closer to your skin than most store-bought products while keeping unwanted cuts at bay.

It is such a shame that we are not the biggest fan of the razor’s design. The power button stays too close to our grasp during usage, and the whole thing may turn off with one unintentional flick of fingers.


  • Locking mechanism to prevent battery waste
  • Fast and clean shave
  • Deal with all lengths, from stubble to beards
  • Allow wet shave


Inconvenient location of the power button

#8 Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S – Best For Sharpness

The ES-LV65-S from Panasonic’s Arc5 series will be a favorable solution if your stiff stubble refuses to yield before an ordinary razor.

Lining up within its sturdy head are five durable, high-performance, and ultra-sharp Nanotech blades.

The foil pattern of each and every one of them varies from one another, accommodating different lengths of beards and chopping them off smoothly and efficiently. When all of them are in action, rest assured that all hair will meet its maker no matter how tough.

These incredible blades are not the only thing earning this device its popularity. Purchasing it means you also have access to Panasonic’s multi-flex shaver head.

This convenient component can spin the inner cutters in a graceful 360-degree arc as you glide it on your face, finding hair in areas seemingly out of reach and removing them at once.

We think it is important to stress that the tool has its own trick to a precise and clean shave, which goes by the name Lift-Tech Foil System.

It takes a firm hold of your hair as the blades descend upon it, keeping it still so that the cut is made as close to the base as possible.

One minor note: This electric razor for older men features a massive shaving area, requiring you to be extra careful targeting intricate areas. There is a good chance that you need to spend some time trying to get used to it.


Feature 5 ultra-sharp blades
Sturdy and ergonomic
Long battery life (one charge lasts for 4-6 shaves)
User-friendly LCD screen for necessary indicators


Require some learning curves

#9 Philips Norelco MG7791/40 Multi Groomer – The Best Grooming Kit

Is the idea of playing the role of a barber and treating yourself to some professional care without leaving your home tempting? The only thing you need is the right toolkit, which happens to match the description of 29 helpful pieces in this huge shaving combo!

From one simple machine running on a simple model, you can combine it with any trimming attachment and create up to 13 versatile electric shavers for any part of your body, from the head to the leg.

The blades glinting on their edges are anti-rust stainless steel, complete with an extra waterproof layer for a quick rinse when you want to switch to another piece.

Convenient and effective, they are the key to grooming yourself from head to toe right at home.

A lot of things about this ultimate combo for body hair care are just as smartly designed. For example, its battery is nearly made for no limitation and can last at least 6 hours in one single charge.

The body encasing it offers some great benefits with its convenience-oriented design, allowing the users to hold it comfortably without any slipping issue.

But watch it! The device might be second to the best in terms of functionality, but only when you let no water come it’s away. Wet hair clogs the internal machine instantly, and picking it out is not something you want to try first hand.


  • Plenty of attachments for several grooming purposes
  • Ergonomic design to prevent cramps
  • Come with a premium travel pouch to store all of the pieces
  • Reasonably priced


Work poorly on wet hair

#10 Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor for Men – Best For Reminder Function

We want to set something clear first. Panasonic Arc4’s features are not all that excellent compared to its upgraded mate, the Arc5.

Neither the flexible head that conforms to your face, neck, jaws nor the beard density sensor is made to leave, but the linear motor has only been reduced to 13,000 cuts per minute.

That means the consistency in the cut quality is the same, but the speed is a far cry from Panasonic’s other model. In other words, your job will be done much slower.

But here is the thing. Our mind ages as we grow old, and a part of our memory will then be waving us goodbye. That can leave many poor gents not being able to recall their razor’s setting.

This fact is why Panasonic Arc4 makes the top-product list, as it features one of the most detailed LCDs we have ever come across.

On the brightly illuminated screen, written in neon blue letters (another plus point for the elderly’s poor eyesight), is some important information regarding how long you have used the razor, how much battery is left in the system, and how much hair has been accumulating in the motor.

You can even find a reminder about when to replace the blade and the foil!

The rest of the feature package is pretty much similar to its Arc5 buddy. However, the device is not your last stop if you want whiskers and stubbles to leave in one push due to its lesser ability.


  • LCD screen with notifications
  • Include a pop-up trimmer for a fast trim
  • Suitable for both dry and wet shave
  • Feel comfortable in hands


Need several attempts to completely get rid of facial hair

Frequently Asked Questions

You have got all you need to make a purchase decision. Now, before wrapping it up, we would like to address some common questions about electric razor usage for the elderly.

Which Is Better For Skin, Electric Shaver Or Razor?

Technically speaking, razors, or manual shavers, give slightly better performance since their shaves tend to be much cleaner and require little to no practice.

But the bad news is, they are not for your weakened aged skins. These tiny blades are the opposite of comfort, and they cannot work their way around wrinkles or a hard-to-reach area.

Even worse, if you are not careful enough, nicks, cuts, and ingrown hair are going to swing by for a visit. Your skin is not as strong as it used to be; are you sure you want to take the risk?

Besides, you must constantly stock up on new blades when using a manual razor, while a consumer-grade electric model can stay for years to come. You can see for yourself, which is a wise investment, right?

Is There Any Shaving Tip For The Elderly?

Even having the most powerful razor in the world amounts to nothing if you keep following the wrong shaving method. Keep in mind that your lackluster skin now needs some special treatment to stay neat. For that reason, these are some tips you can count on.

  • Exfoliate your skin: The first step to keep the irritation out of the way, don’t show those dead cells any mercy.
  • Never shave one spot over and over: Your skin no longer has that supple and elastic quality of the youth, and focus on one spot only is a loud call for irritation. Try to come up with a pattern and stick to it.
  • Lubricate your skin: If your skin has grown more sensitive over the years, a wet shave with plenty of foam or gel might do it some good.
  • Clean the razor following the instructions on the package: It is never a wise idea to shave with an overused tool that has hardly heard of the cleansing solution once. You are inviting germs to come living on your face!

How To Maintain Your Electric Razor?

Taking proper care of your electric razor is how you always get the cleanest shave throughout the time using it. Let us show you some simple ways.

  • Clean and sanitize your razor after each use: The buildup of dead skin cells and clippings can do much worse than hindering your shave; it can even damage or dull the blades. If your device does not come with its cleaning station, follow the manual to see what you can do.
  • Lubricate your tools: If your blades continuously impact the foil or anything it is pressed against, them going dull is unavoidable, which means more cash going down the drain to find replacement blades. Lubricating them before shaving creates a temporary protection layer, making a big difference in the long run, on both shaving results and your budget.
  • Using a case: Even if the product arrives at your doorstep with no accessories, it is never a bad idea to buy it a case. The whole body might look durable and impact-proof, but the blades are susceptible to damage. Therefore, wrapping them up saves you lots of trouble later on.


Don’t think of shaving for the elderly as something complicated and brings nothing but problems. You only feel that way because you have never tried out the best electric razor for elderly man before.

This list has shown you a wide range of models proven to work like a charm from all price ranges. If you wish for precision and power, you could never go wrong with our top pick Philips Norelco SP9820/87.

Then again, if you are fine with not-so-ideal features and just want something that your forgetfulness approves of, maybe Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor for Men will please you the most.

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