5 Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin in 2022

The best electric shaver for sensitive skin shall give you a relaxing time styling your facial hair. With it, you shouldn’t worry about any rash, nick, burn, or bump.

To help you to find the best electric razor, we will give a buying guide, answer some frequently asked questions, and share our top 5 choices with you. At the number one spot is Braun Electric Razor Series 9 9370cc.

This model got its place because of its superior efficiency, suitability with sensitive skin, and convenient design. It is one of the latest models from the Series 9 of the famous manufacturer Braun.

A Buying Guide for Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

There is an ocean of electric shavers on the market right now. So let us give you some pointers about how to choose the best one.

Types of Electric Shavers

Foil versus Rotary

According to the cutting blade configuration, we can categorize electric shavers into two types: Foil versus Rotary. Each type has its pros and cons but there is a general consensus that foil shavers are better for delicate skin.

In foil shavers, a sheet of foil with tiny holes picks up strands of hair for an oscillating blade that sits under it to cut. There is no pulling action from the shavers.

This type is great for sensitive skin, gives more precise and close shaves work well with all types of hair, and are easy to clean. But foil shavers are noisier and are harder to pivot when compared to rotary shavers.

A rotary shaver often has three or more circular shaving discs. Each one has small spinning blades that cut hair at the edge.

Rotary shavers are best for thick, long, and wild hairs. They are also quieter and follow the contour of your face more easily than foil shavers.

However, they are more difficult to clean and don’t give as close of a shave as the other type.

Cordless versus Corded

In the age of wireless, it is only natural to opt for a cordless shaver. It will come with a charging station or a charger like the one that comes with your phone.

They move more freely and don’t require an electric socket. But their performance ties closely with the quality of the battery.

That is why corded razors are not obsolete yet. They don’t have a battery so there is no need to worry about the battery dying mid-shave or deteriorating over time.

They are also often lighter and easier to fix on your own. It is because replacement batteries for shavers are not always available for end-users.

Features to Look For in Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin

Sharp Blades

The best electric shaver for sensitive skin undoubtedly needs sharp blades. Dull blades can cause hair-pulling and make you run your razor over and over again.

All of that is exactly what a man with sensitive skin should avoid. You need a shaver that can cut a hair the first time it gets into the foil.

It is wise to check for the availability and the price of replacement blades before buying. They should be easy to find and ideally not too costly.

Cutting Speed

Similar to sharp blades, high cutting speed allows you to shave quicker and smoother. Like chopping a log of wood, no matter the blade, you need to swing your ax at a certain speed to splitting the log.

The recommended speed for an electric razor is about 10000 cycles per minute. Higher speed means less pressure and contact time with your skin.

Burns and rashes happen when the blade accidentally scrapes off a layer of your skin. So less pressure and contact equal less irritating feeling.

Cool Shaving Head

Another cause of irritation is the temperature of the shaving head. Like any moving machinery part, your shaver heats up over time while running.

In electric razors, the heat builds up due to the friction between the blades and the covers or the foils. People with sensitive skin will notice it very quickly and can get a great deal of discomfort.

A thoughtful manufacturer should take this problem into account with their design. Regular lubricating is a very helpful way to reduce the heat and further your blades’ longevity.

Multi-Directions Shaving

If you ever shaved, you probably know that shaving against the grain can cause burns and nicks. It is because the blade often pulls the hair follicle up and away from the skin in that motion.

But your facial hair can be stubborn from time to time. Flat-lying hairs and wild-growing hairs can make your shave bumpier than your skin can handle.

That is where an agile shaver comes into play. You can cope with multi-directional hairs with a small, easy to maneuver shaver or a floating shaving head.

Operational for Wet and Dry Shaving

One last thing we want you to mind when purchasing an electric razor is its ability to shave wet and dry. Men with sensitive skin usually prefer a wet shave but if you don’t have the time or are running out of shaving soap, your shaver needs to shave dry just as well.

Many brands sell their razor with their trademark shaving cream. It often is beneficial to buy all your kit from one source, especially with an electric applicant.

In-depth Reviews of Top Five Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin

Now we come to the top five best electric shavers for sensitive skin. Each item on the list is at the top of its category.

#1 Braun Electric Razor Series 9 9370cc – Best Overall

This product is a testament to German superior engineering. Its cutting efficiency and suitability for sensitive skin are unparalleled.

The 4 cutting elements and 1 SkinGuard help you to get flawless strokes. The extra-sharp oscillating blades cut as close as possible while the guard protects your skin from damage.

The shaver performs great with both wet and dry shaving. It is 100% waterproof so you can use it safely under a shower and rinse it under running water.

The Intelligent Sonic and AutoSense Technology make it capable of cleaning the smallest stubble to the densest beard. Curly or flat-lying hair is not a problem either.

It has not one but two specialized titanium coating trimmers. Those trimmers will help you effortlessly capture even the trickiest hair.

The cordless shaver can run for 50 minutes with the new Li-Ion battery. It going off mid-shave should never be a concern thanks to the countdown of the last 9 minutes on the display.

If there is anything negative about this razor, it is probably about the cleaning station. The cleaning station gives out a rather strong alcoholic aroma but without it, you will have a difficult time cleaning the shaver.

And of course, to get the top-of-the-line product, you need to pay top dollar too. Because of the expensive replacements, not only the initial price but the long-term owning price is high as well.


  • Superior efficiency
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Wet and dry shaving
  • Work great with all kinds of facial hairs
  • Specialized trimmers
  • Convenient display


  • Expensive
  • Strong alcohol aroma from the cleaning station
  • Difficult to manually clean

#2 Braun Electric Razor Series 7 790cc  – Best Long-Standing Favorite

Before Braun released the Series 9, the Series 7 were the top choice for a long time. Among them, the 790cc model is the most trusted.

It has an 8 direction floating head with 3 cutting elements and 1 SkinGuard inside. The shaving head is capable of adapting to every nook and turn of the contour of your face.

The 100% waterproof razor works great with shaving cream, soap, or gel. If you prefer a dry shave, it will get the job done too.

Model 790cc has been a clean-shavers favorite for many years. The OptiFoil can give you a close shave as short as 0.05mm.

This older model does not lack advanced technologies. The Intelligent Sonic technology automatically increases power when confronting difficult areas and the ActiveLift trimmer picks up any stubborn flat-lying hair.

This one doesn’t use a fan cleaning station like the previous one so there is no alcohol scent. But the problem of manually cleaning and the high price are still there.


  • Acclaimed shaver
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Perform great during both wet and dry shaves
  • Close shaves
  • Work well with challenging facial hairs


  • Expensive
  • Manually cleaning can be troublesome

#3 Braun Electric Razor Series 5 5190cc  – Best Financially Balanced

The two above items are perfect if you have a comfortable budget. But if you don’t, you can always settle for a more financially balanced choice.

Model 5190cc will give you an experience as comfortable as model 790cc but with half of the price. It only doesn’t include some premium features of the Series 7.

The premium features are personalized speed settings and the micro-pulsation tech. Other than that, everything is not very different.

The long-term owning price is also lower due to the inexpensive replacement shaving head. That even more money shaved off your periodical budget.

It shaves dry and wet equally well. The cutting elements are gentle enough for more delicate skin.

The cordless razor doesn’t have a charging/cleaning station but the cleaning station is reportedly efficient. Rinsing underwater between strokes is also not an issue because the shaver is waterproof.

Braun didn’t develop a new series for no reason. This model has some noticeable problems like the strong vibration and loud noise.

The long hair trimmer is not particularly good. And like other shavers with a cleaning station, it is not easy to clean manually.


  • Good performance for the price
  • Inexpensive replacement shaving head
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Great cleaning station
  • Waterproof


  • Loud and strong vibration
  • Manual cleaning can be troublesome
  • Mediocre long hair trimmer

#4 Panasonic Shaver ES-LV9Q – Best Power

Let’s take a break from the Braun razors. Check out this powerful model from Panasonic.

The Japanese shaver’s most prominent characteristic is its power. It has a 14 000 cycles per minute motor which is significantly faster than most of the competitors.

Another strong suit of it is close shaving. Your face will be smooth as a baby’s bottom after the shaver is done with you.

Like other Panasonic razors, this one excels at wet shaving. Shaving wet with the ES-LV9Q can truly be a joy.

One concurring problem of the Braun razors which this brand doesn’t have is manually cleaning. Even though it comes with a charging/cleaning station, this shaver is very easy to clean by hand.

The foils with two rollers are other stand-out features. With those, the shaving head can glide on the skin effortlessly and cause no harm to your skin.

This model surely needs those because the shaving head itself is quite bulky and cumbersome. You may find it difficult to perform a tricky stroke to remove long, flat-lying hair.

If you only have a light beard, this one may be overkill. And please keep in mind that this is the most expensive item on the list.


  • Very strong and fast
  • Excellent close shaves
  • Impressive wet shaving performance
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Easy to clean manually


  • Cumbersome shaving head
  • Not great with long, flat-lying hair
  • Too powerful for a light beard
  • Most pricey

#5 Braun Electric Razor Series 3 3040s  – Best Affordability

For the last spot, we return to the German brand. But this time we will focus on affordability.

Each of the items above at least cost more than a hundred dollars. Although money buys quality, sometimes we just need something easy on the wallet.

This is a good choice if you are away from home and need something quick. It is because the initial price of this product is relatively low.

The replacement shaving heads of this model are also inexpensive. It is quite small compared to the other Braun, so having it as a traveling shaver is not a bad idea.

If you are planning to make a transition into electric shaving, an affordable shaver like this one will be a good start.

It doesn’t have fancy features but it still works both wet and dry and is gentle enough on your skin if you are careful.

However, the product is not very suited for coarse beards and giving a close shave.


  • Most affordable
  • Inexpensive replacement shaving heads
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Wet and dry use


  • Having trouble with a coarse beard
  • Not very close shaves

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about shaving with sensitive skin. We hope that you will find our answer to be helpful.

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive facial skin can come from many different causes. They include both factors that you can control and the ones that you can’t.


Few factors from the first group are ethnicity, age, and age. Caucasian people are reportedly more prone to have sensitive skin than people of Asian or African descent.


Some studies show that women have more chance of having sensitive skin. Those studies reason that women’s skin has a lower cutaneous thickness and their cutaneous hydration is interfered with by hormonal factors.


On one hand, the integrity of your skin tissue changes over time and can favor sensitive skin. On the other hand, the older you get the more your tactile sensitivity decreases.

Environmental Factors

Now let’s discuss the factors which you can do something about. Environmental factors, such as low temperature, humidity, wind, heat, sun exposure, and air pollution, are something you may want to avoid.

Cosmetic Usage

Excessive or inappropriate use of cosmetics often triggers sensitive skin. Cosmetic products that alter cutaneous pH favor the manifestation of sensitive skin.

If you wear makeup, the above factor is the one to keep in mind. And if you don’t, be careful with your skincare products as well.

Living Habits

The last factor we want to mention is your habits. Diet and body hygiene practices can greatly affect the quality of your skin.

Greasy, spicy, high in sugar foods generally inflame your skin. Meanwhile, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and fish are more soothing.

Your cleaning habit can affect your skin sensitivity too. Be gentle and don’t scrub away your already thin lipid barrier.

Which is The Best Beard Style for Sensitive Skin?

The whole point of this article is not to let sensitive skin limit your choices of facial hair. With a good razor, you can wear any type of beard that you want.

However, if you want some suggestions, we still are more than happy to provide them. We will help you weigh different styles of a beard as a man with delicate skin.

Full Bedar

You probably considered a lumberjack-style full beard before. We understand, no shaving means no chance of irritation, right?

But remember that you still have to deal with in-grown hair and acne. A full beard also takes a lot of care to look fashionable and not homeless.


So how about something less extreme? A goatee is suitable for almost any occasion.

If you want to rock this look, find yourself a great trimmer. You will be doing trimming a lot to keep your goatee tidy.

Clean Shave

Now let’s go to the other end of the spectrum – a clean shave. With this style, you will be shaving every day so long hair and trimming won’t be a problem.

However, that also means you will have to shave all the sensitive parts. The upper lip and the neck require extra carefulness to not be irritated.

How to Shave with Sensitive Skin?

Shaving Cream

As we mentioned above, wet shaves are popular among men with the same condition as yours. Shaving soap or cream facilitates clean, quick cuts and provides additional cooling for the shaving head.

But if for some reason your shaving cream makes your skin uncomfortable, you should shave dry. Make sure that your face is completely dry then.

Shave with The Grain

About the technique, you should undoubtedly shave with the grain. Shaving against the grain is only recommended for the stubble left over from previous with-the-grain passes.

Moisturize After Shaving

After shaving, you should moisturize your face immediately. As we discussed above, humidity is a factor of sensitive skin.

How to Maintain Electric Shavers?

Clean Your Shaver

This is the most important thing to do. No other measures matter if you don’t clean your shaver properly.

Either you do it manually or with a cleaning station, follow the user manual closely. Hot tap water and liquid soap often do the trick.

After you finished, let all the parts completely dry before putting them together for storing. It is common knowledge that metal machinery parts don’t like water.

Lubricate your Shaver

Lubricating doesn’t take a lot of work but will help you a lot. It reduces friction in the shaving head so it won’t heat up and cause discomfort to your skin.

Electric razors often come with an oil bottle from the same brand. If you don’t have one, sewing machine oil will be just fine.

Handle with Care

The handle part of the shaver may be sturdy but the shaving is always fragile. Please be gentle while using or cleaning it.

You should never remove the hair by aping the head on the sink. Do everything according to the manual and avoid all shocks and sudden impacts.

Prolong Battery Life

To prolong battery life, you should maintain the battery level between 30% and 80%. A complete charge/discharge cycle once a month helps re-calibrate the indicator.

You should also avoid using your razor at extreme temperatures. Like other electronics, the performance and longevity of your razor can be affected by the heat.

Replace Foils and Blades

These cutting elements wear out over time, regardless of the quality. Your shaver needs replacements to maintain its performance.

New foils and blades can be as expensive as half of the shaver, so you should take that into account before buying one. If you don’t know where to start, check out the list below.


Delicate facial skin requires special care. We hope that at this point you know which shaver can help you with that.

If you are not sure yet, why don’t settle on our best electric shaver for sensitive skin? We guarantee that the Braun Electric Razor Series 9 9370cc won’t disappoint you. No matter wet or dry, shaving or trimming, long or short, the 9370cc will get the job done.

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