Top 5 Best Hair Clippers For Autism in 2022

While getting a haircut is therapeutic to some people, it turns out to be a nightmare for autistic individuals. Using tricks only cannot guarantee a comfortable, uninterrupted haircut session. A low-quality, loud, and trembling clipper may ruin all the effort. The ultimate advice is to upgrade to the best hair clippers for autism.

How To Choose A Good Hair Clipper For Autism

Noise And Vibration

Visiting a barber might sound simple, yet with those with autism, having their haircut is incredibly distressing. Autistic people are hypersensitive to pain, sound, and touch, all of which are part of a hair cutting session.

To make haircuts become less of a trauma to your loved ones, choosing a suitable clipper is of utmost importance. The device should minimize the operating noise, vibration generated by the rotating motor.

Some products on the market have a noise level marked on the package or the product descriptions, so you can easily check how loud it is while cutting.

As not all of the clippers available inform you about this aspect (and vibration), it is advisable to read customer’s reviews for further consideration.


As mentioned, autistic people show more resistance to pain. You may want to execute the cut as smooth and pain-free as possible. A sharp blade and guard are of great help in this aspect.

They should work harmoniously together to administer sharp lines whenever you want them to, and do not pull or trap any hair in the process.

While looking specifically at this component, we recommend you opt for stainless steel, self-sharpening blades. It’s rust-resistant, holds the edge for longer, meaning it requires less effort to maintain.

Attachment Guard/Comb

An attachment guard or comb is the piece you use to install to the clipper to adjust different cutting lengths. They are crucial in dictating the quality of a haircut.

These pieces should properly fasten to the clipper head to ensure a clean and crisp cut. They should not be distorted since just a slightly crooked line may result in a painful experience. Most clippers come with various guards, which is a huge plus as you can choose the desired cutting lengths.

Cordless Or Corded

For a normal clipper, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a battery-powered or corded machine. However, for those with sensory sensitivity, you will agree that you’d be better off with a cordless clipper.

It will allow for mobility so you can accommodate your kids’s references. Whether he or she wants to get the haircut in the bathtub on the couch, it is super convenient and safe without any cables getting in the way.

Battery life is the biggest factor when choosing an electric model. A longer battery lifespan translates to more shaves, less charging, and less energy consumption. While most clippers have around 60-minute running time per charge, others can provide you with up to two hours before the next charge.


When it comes to this factor, the material plays an important role. Many handles are made of rubber but are not created equal. Some rubbers offer a secure grip in most conditions, while others make it quite slippery to hold with wet hands.

Additionally, the body size also makes a difference in the quality of the cut. It should be small enough for a comfortable grip. Holding a big body for an extended period of time will strain your hands, causing the cut lines to suffer.

Top 5 Best Hair Clippers For Autism Reviews

1. Conair 18-Piece Haircut Kit – Best For Budget

This affordable Conair kit is a great way to start if you don’t know how committed you are to at-home haircutting. It’s equally ideal for first-timers with a wide range of attachments included.

You’ll get a clipper, eight combs, a stainless steel blade, guard, scissor, barber comb, brush, barber cape with clips, cleaning oil, all arrived in one storage case.

We found that the clipper is reasonably quiet and less vibrating while running across the scalp. These attributes are incredibly important to those with sensory sensitivity.

The stainless steel blade is self-sharpening, durable, and sharp enough to guarantee consistent, precise cutting. For a more quality haircut, the manufacturer also equips the clipper with a 5-position taper lever that enables you to change the closeness of the blade. You’ll struggle to find this feature in this price range.

While the housing of many clippers is virtually plastic, this Conair corded clipper boasts a metallic silver housing. The non-slip grip is also something that we appreciate, especially when your hands are usually tied, holding your kid’s head in place.

Arguably, it is a decent barber kit for administering less painful haircuts to those sensitive to noise and vibration at home. Yet, some people found the power cord is relatively short, and they had to use a cord extension to reach the wall outlet.


  • Starter-friendly kit
  • Produces less noise and vibration
  • Self-sharpening clipper blade
  • Non-slip grip
  • Precise cutting


Short power cord

2. ENSSU Hair Clipper – Best For Kids

Parents are always afraid of making mistakes while cutting hair for their little angels. Our advice is to choose a clipper that is set up for the job, and this ENSSU clipper is a wonderful option.

This hair clipper is specifically designed to give a more gentle and comfortable haircutting experience to children with sensory issues. Innovative noise reduction technology had successfully brought down the noise level of the device to only 48 decibels (dB). It sounds more like a buzzing toy than an electric motor.

Thanks to the premium brass movement motor, you’ll easily notice the low vibration while holding this clipper. Your kids will feel more relaxed and less wiggle while you are executing the cut.

Design-wise, the curved body is streamlined and smaller than most competitors, allowing for easier handling and trimming around the hard-to-reach ear corners of your kids. There are also ⅛”-¼” and ⅜”-½” guide combs, giving you more control over how closely the clipper cuts in the hair.

Trimming your baby’s hair requires a lot more effort to safeguard your kid’s safety. The manufacturer understands this and chose to go cordless to free you from the awkward tangles and electric hazards. The battery life lasts up to one hour, which is more than enough for several uses.

We would appreciate it if the manufacturer included a few longer guards in the package. Some users said that the short guard makes the clipper cut the hair quite short.


  • Starter-friendly kit
  • Produces less noise and vibration
  • Self-sharpening clipper blade
  • Non-slip grip
  • Precise cutting


Short power cord

3. Wahl Personal Haircutting Kit – Best For Smooth Cutting

With a guard installed, this Wahl clipper cuts incredibly smooth and beautifully with minimal pulls and snags. Installed with a robust, ultra-quiet motor can slice through the thickest of hair without any fuss.

When trimming the hair on the top, the motor’s prowess manifests itself with a clean, effortless cut without being slowed down or pulled. This feature, coupled with the low noise level the device generates, helps reduce the sensory overwhelm that autistic individuals often experience.

Besides, this Wahl clipper is also ideal for self-cutting. If your hair grows at a fast pace, and those frequent visits to a barber sound more like a hassle, let’s take matters into your hands.

Wahl managed to cut down on the size of the body, which is easier to hold on the hand and particularly handy for DIY haircuts. Additionally, you will appreciate the long power cord that assists you in reaching the necklines and back of the head with less effort.

For polishing a blend or a fade, the body also has a taper lever. While many novice users don’t typically value this small feature, they will put it to good use when they level up. Once you know how to use the lever properly, you can perform pro-level precise fades with more ease.

Although the rubbery material gives the body a non-slip characteristic, it, paired with some cuts on the front, makes the device trap more hair and makes the gadget tougher to clean.


  • Smooth trimming
  • Chops through thick hair
  • Ideal for DIY cutting
  • Compact, non-slip body for comfortable grip


The body traps hair

4. Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper – Best For Guard Setup

Despite being at the lower end of Wahl’s product lines, this model still guarantees a nearly professional cut and stands out on its own.

The clipper comes with numerous colored-coded attachment guards, so you’ll pick up the right ones easier and faster. The measurements of these guards are also clearly labeled on the device’s lower end, further lessening the overall cutting time.

Guards’ lengths run widely from ⅛ to 1 inch, accommodating different cutting preferences. If you want to cut the hair slightly longer, a pair of scissors and the comb (included in the package) will do a better job.

We were particularly impressed with the durability and performance of the stainless steel blade. It goes through the thick, coarse hair with little effort. If you see this component starting to lose the edge, give it a little oil and sharpening to restore its glory.

There’s a lot to like with this clipper, and the choice of using it as a cordless or corded version adds to its overall popularity. For on-the-go grooming, going cordless is an obvious option.

With roughly 60 minutes of service (depending on the hair thickness) and worldwide voltage (220v), this clipper is a great companion for your vacations.

All attachments, clipper included, come in a carry case. Yet, we found that it felt flimsy and seemed like the maker created it from low-grade materials.


  • Color-coded guards for easy identification
  • A wide variety of guards
  • Color reference on the facade
  • Fierce blade for quality cuts
  • Corded and cordless options


Flimsy storage case

5. Wahl Lithium Ion Haircutting Kit – Best Cordless Hair Clipper

When it comes to clippers for autism, cordless machines undoubtedly offer more benefits. Among expert tips is trying to make your loved ones as comfortable as possible, not forcing them.

This sometimes means they can sit far from the power outlet, and you have to improvise. Thus, it’s best to get all the cables out the way.

Some people think that the cutting power of an electric clipper cannot compare to their corded peers. That’s not the case for this Wahl clipper. Use this device, and you’ll realize how strong the motor is to run the sharp blade through all types of hair for a clean, precise cut.

You can also grab the trimmer for finer touch-ups and the ten attachment guards to achieve different grooming lengths. The battery life is exceptional, lasting up to two hours, twice the standard battery life.

Whenever the device runs out of juice, you can choose between the two options: quick or normal charging. The former only took ten minutes and was our go-to solution when we were halfway through the cutting process.

Although the shape of this clipper offers a good grip, the device itself is quite slippery if your hands are wet. Ensure your hand is dry before starting trimming.

Yet, this setback is easily eclipsed by how impressively this clipper works and cuts. Smooth and snag-free cutting is what you can expect from this clipper.


  • Powerful motor
  • 2-hour battery life
  • Cutting without snags and nicks
  • Blade excels at holding the edge
  • Quick charging option


Slippery body


It’s tempting to go the scissor route when cutting hair for autistic individuals since it’s quieter and causes no vibration. However, the best hair clippers for autism will cut more evenly and are considerably faster.

With these calming clippers on our list, you can make haircutting less distressing for your loved ones. They can sit in the comfort of the house, are touched by a familiar face, and look dapper when everything is over.

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