10 Best Trimmer for Balls in 2022

Shaving or manscaping has become popular these days, even for men; however, they cannot successfully do the job without the support of the best trimmer for balls. According to the research, up to 90% of men remove pubic hair when grooming, while 66% shave around the balls’ area.

It used to be done by scissors or razors in the earlier days, but now the thing has changed. Trimmers for men have grabbed as much attention as that for women. Not only can it do the task perfectly but also avoid several undesired damages, such as pinching or pulling hair.

To learn more about trimmers for balls, keep reading!

How To Choose The Best Trimmer For Balls?

Trimming or shaving balls is not a new term; however, this manscaping industry is not developed enough to offer users a wide range of products. Some might be born to that “down-there” area, while some might not, but it does not mean they do not work.

There are some vital factors that are worth your consideration in advance to opt for the best trimmer for balls.

Some Features

Some Features For The Best Trimmer For Balls

1. Blade Quality

The quality of blades directly influences the closeness of your shave. More importantly, the dull blades can result in shaving burns and bumps, ingrown or pinched hair.

These situations are dangerous and even more terrible in your sensitive area. Therefore, you might need a high-quality blade for your groin area.

Remember to consider the frequency you need to replace the trimmer blade also. Regular blade replacement means the cost might increase significantly.

In this case, a self-sharpening blade is the most economical and greatest option as you will never have to think of any renewal.

High-quality Blade Is Worth Considering

High-quality Blade Is Worth Considering

2. Power

A weak-powered motor usually causes you unwanted experiences, including pinching or pulling hair. It is what you want to avoid in your intimate area.

That’s why you should spend more money on a good-powered motor. But don’t worry. You will get what you pay for. A high-powered device will save you from plenty of pain and discomfort.

3. Waterproof

This factor is only important if you want to shave before, in, or after the shower. Shaving while showering, of course, would save your time and effort in cleaning.

In particular, your groin area is vulnerable to infections and bacteria. The bacteria in your trimmer is a huge risk to expose yourself to terrible diseases.

A dirty shaver is not only a health issue. The dead skin and hair built up on the device can also block the machine from tugging and might pull your hair.

Thus, a waterproof machine that is easy to clean thoroughly is a great choice. In addition, a non-waterproof machine would cause you hassle as there is no way to drain your hair after shaving.

4. Battery Life

Battery life is a matter of convenience. You do not want to leave your genital zone half-shaved. Long battery life will help you deal with that.

Not only does it mean you can take care of your shave longer between charges, but it can also come in handy in case you are in a rush. Not to mention, battery life also has a great impact on your device’s power.

When the battery is low, your trimmer witnesses a significant drop in power. At this time, it tends to pull your hair or tug your skin. The powerful battery guarantees your trimmer could maintain its outstanding performance throughout the shave.

On the other hand, don’t forget to consider how much time the machine takes to charge. No one enjoys spending hours in the bathroom waiting for a shaver to recharge before a date.

5. Closeness

There is no requirement of closeness. If you shave your balls’ hair for the first time, you should choose a machine that allows you to control your hair length. Otherwise, an electric shaver that gives you smooth and close contact would be a great option.

6. Handling And Control

The great trimmer should be easy for you to handle and control since grooming takes time, especially when you work with hair down there.

You might want a device with a non-slipping design and good grip so that you can hold on to it when dealing with your most crucial and sensitive zone. Though a no-slip is probably pricey, being in an emergency room must be more costly for sure.

7. Corded Or Cordless

Corded trimmers used to be more powerful than cordless ones. However, it is no longer the case.

Cordless machines are easier to use and maneuver around your sensitive area as corded counterparts tend to get lodged or tangled in places. Nevertheless, the latter takes the lead when running low on a charger and in a hurry.

Corded Trimmers

Corded Trimmers Used To Be More Powerful Than Cordless Ones

8. Multi-functions

Some men prefer a multi-purpose trimmer rather than a specific tool for an area. It is understandable as most people do not want to keep many attachments and blades for shaving. Instead, an all-around device allowing them to work with the whole body is an ideal choice.

Top 10 For The Best Trimmer For Balls In 2021

With tons of trimmers on the market, it is easy to understand why you are still up in the air about which one is the most suitable for you. That is why we have investigated and summarized these top 10 for you.

So, why don’t we check it out now?

1. Wahl Trimmer 9818 – Best for Long Battery Life

Mentioning this excellent trimmer for men from Wahl, we cannot ignore the self-sharpening blades, which are probably the product’s greatest strength.

The built-in technology gives users a superior cutting experience to treat all types of hair. The T-blade with thinner design offers you better gliding, making it more convenient and comfortable to trim around your curved area, especially for balls.

The outstanding and quiet performance of the blades is also a plus point.  With four attachments and 12 guards, Wahl Trimmer is an all-in-one grooming kit, allowing it to become a multi-purpose device, including detail shaver, detail trimmer, and personal rotary trimmer.

The Lithium Ion+ rechargeable battery is powerful, with up to 4-hour running time. Just a minute of charge, and you can use the trimmer for 3 minutes.

However, despite its excellent performance, its blades are unlikely to last long. We find its multiple parts broken after a few months of use.


  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Quiet operation
  • All-in-one kit
  • Long run time
  • Compatible with dual voltage


Nondurable and easily broken blades

2. Remington Groomer Kit PG525 – Best For Cleanup and Maintenance

The Remington PG525 Kit comes with nine different attachments to meet every man’s needs. It consists of a foil shaver, full-size trimmer, detail and nose, ear trimmer, hair clipper, vertical body trimmer with three stubble and beard combs, and eight-length settings.

In particular, all the attachments are completely removable and washable. All you have to do is to rinse them under clean water.

But the best is yet to come. You will notice that the included foil shaver is to prevent direct contact between your sensitive skin and the sharp blade. Hardly can it nick or cut your balls, so you can rest assured while shaving your under-the-belt zone.

The Lithium technology provides the device to operate cordlessly for around 70 minutes for a full charge. Unlike other trimmers made of stainless steel, these surgical steel Remington blades are built to last long with perfect precision and cutting performance.

Overall, it seems to be a perfect trimmer for men, except for the unclear description. Most users have to spend hours to know how it works at first.

Another issue is poor battery performance. The battery can go dead so easily that you might need to recharge almost every week.


  • Multiple attachments and length settings
  • Washable attachments
  • 70-minute run time
  • Long-lasting blades with excellent performance


  • Unclear instructions
  • Poor battery health

3. Meridian Electric Below-the-belt Trimmer 01 – Best Trimmer For Sensitive Balls

If other trimmers mentioned are multi-functional, meaning you can use them for all parts of the body, this Meridian electric trimmer was meant for the lower part only, especially below the belt.

It has a hygienic, replaceable, and rust-resistant ceramic blade, combining with extra sensitive technology. That’s why it can work smoothly but still prevent snags or nicks, regardless of the coarse hair.

Another great thing, it is waterproof and shockproof so that you can use it either during your shower. The polycarbonate cover helps you increase maneuverability and comfort for users.

Despite being built specifically for “down there,” it can work effectively in other areas whose hair grows, either with or without two adjustable trim guards to achieve your perfect length.

When fully charged, it can run for 90 minutes, which is enough for a few times.

Its blades do not get dull easily, making it great for both wet and dry shaves. Just remember to go slow, especially when the skin is too sensitive, as it can get caught easily. Fortunately, you will realize right before it causes actual damage.


  • Extra-sensitive technology
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Great maneuverability and comfort
  • Can work in other areas


The blade can get caught

4. Philips Norelco Dual-sized Body Trimmer BG7030/49 – Best For Convenience

The superior design with a dual-sized handle allows users to trim or shave all body areas, including the sensitive zone with just a tool. You can conveniently switch between trimming and shaving and also control five different hair lengths without attachment changes.

Indeed, it is a great solution for shoulders, abs, chest, back, underarms, legs, and even balls. The innovative shaver can move in 4 directions for comfortable and close shaves, working just fine in gliding around your balls.

The round tips of blades are designed for safe and smooth skin contact while avoiding cuts and nicks. Meanwhile, the rubber ergonomic grip provides you with better control and handling during use.

The advanced lithium-ion battery offers maximum power, lasting longer than other rechargeable batteries.

Fully charge it in an hour, and you could use it for an 80-minute run time. There is also a light to indicate the power status.

However, you must note that this trimmer was not born to work for a beard or face. It is a body trimmer and can be used for parts below the neck only.


  • Dual-sided handle
  • Convenient operation without attachment changes
  • Safe and smooth contact with skin
  • Rubber grip for better control
  • Long cordless run time


Cannot work for beard

5. Cleancut Intimate and Sensitive Area Shaver ES412 – Best For Both Sexes

Made in Japan, where artistry and quality are among the best, the Cleancut ES412 shaver deserves to be the best out of the best. It has still been one of the first and the leading personal shavers today, beating many big names in the industry.

Cleancut ES412 shaver is a personal device, which is suitable for both men and women. It is perfect for sensitive areas, including ladies bikinis, men’s groin area, underarms, and face.

The Ultra Fine Cutting Head amazingly trims hair near the skin without pulling, nicks, pinching, or razor burn. It is a great upgrade of the PS335 model, which also cuts hair perfectly but leaves a little stubble.

That is because its motor has enough torque, allowing it to trim hair easily while it still runs slowly enough so as not to grab hair and rip it. In particular, the blades are all carefully assembled to move under the foil easily.

The only problem with this product is the plastic and metal construction. It is not durable and is easy to be broken into pieces. You had better be cautious when using it.

However, plastic construction is the secret behind its moderate price, making it the best affordable trimmer for balls in this list.


  • Great personal device
  • Compatible with both men and women, use
  • Perfect for sensitive areas
  • No nicks or razor burns


Not very durable

6. All Purpose Gillette Styler I00093292 – Best For Utmost Maneuverability

Next, let’s take a closer look into another promising pick for the best trimmer for balls – All Purpose Gillette Styler I00093292. Gillette hypes it for its amazing ability to trim evenly, edge precisely, and shave closely in “down-there”.

This trimmer features advanced technology for even trimming and utmost maneuverability. Accompanying with the trimmer itself are three different combs settings with the length of 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm for your desire.

Besides, it comes with a ProGlide razor to comfortably reach the best closeness at uneven and curved zones of your balls.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the cartridge, you can see the precision trimmer for making crisp, defined lines and smooth finishing touches.

Unfortunately, we still find a minor minus point about it. In terms of power, its power supply is simply from a AA battery. That means it lacks the charging capability.


  • Even trimming and ultimate maneuverability with an advanced technology
  • Comes with a set of a trimmer, a ProGlide blade for a refill, three different length attachments, and an organizer
  • Compatible to all Fusion blades for interchangeable use
  • Affordable
  • Features precision trimming for defined lines and smooth finish


Lacks the charging capability

7. Panasonic Body Hair Trimmer ER-GK60-S – Best For Impressive Design

Another outstanding trimmer is the Body Hair Trimmer ER-GK60-S from Panasonic. The true selling point is its simple yet extremely effective nail design, which allows you to torque and turn in every direction you want.

Moreover, the V-shape blade head will allow the teeth at the base to get into all nooks and crannies, enabling you to tidy the hard-to-reach areas while trimming your pubes and balls.

It outperforms many competitors on the market, whose bulky head is pretty difficult for trimming uneven and non-flat surfaces.

It comes with totally four different length options, especially the 0.1mm one with the bare head.

In addition, some people are nervous about being hurt when trimming some parts of the body because they cannot observe there. With this trimmer, that will not be a problem because it will prevent all nicks and cuts from hitting your skin with the wide and rounded tiny teeth tips.

We think the only shortcoming is about its battery life. It only offers 40 minutes of use after four hours of charging, which is quite unimpressive.


  • Simple and effective nail design for extra versatility
  • Features V-shape blade head to get hair groomed in all nooks and crannies
  • Comes with four options for different lengths
  • Prevents all cuts with rounded tiny teeth tips.


Pretty short battery life

8. Philips Norelco Bodygroom BG2040 – Best All-in-one Bodygroom

If you are searching for an all-in-one body groom, Philips Norelco BG2040 is an ultimately dark horse for you. It can deal with all parts of your body, from your toe to your head, including the precious jewels as well.

Thanks to the three-dimension pivoting head, it allows you to have a close shaving to the contour of your body; thus, you can have the best experience when trimming balls. That will maximize the comfort of your body’s skin.

It comes with five settings for length to ensure that you will get the expected length for your hair.

This high-end trimmer includes both combs and rounded blades to meet all of your demands, either shaving or trimming. This feature also prevents any cuts or nicks to your skin.

As it belongs to a high-end series, its price may be pretty high to some people. However, believe us, its high-quality performance is worth every single penny.


  • All-in-one trimmer for all parts of the body
  • Easy to hold with non-slip and ergonomic design
  • Five various length settings for the desired length
  • Maximum comfort with a three-dimension pivoting head
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean with water


Pretty exorbitant

9. Bevel Beard Trimmer fr-Hair-03h-483 – Best For Ease Of Use

Are you looking for a premium trimmer for more than only cutting your hair and beard? If yes, this Bevel Beard Trimmer fr-Hair-03h-483 is worth considering.

Compared to a normal trimmer, it has a longer trimmer head, which aims at guiding you along your scalp or face for more precise trim.

With this trimmer, you can make quick and easy adjustments without screwdrivers or other tools needed. All you need is simply to adjust the zero gap and sharpness by using a Bevel dial. And then, you will have a clean and smooth shave without bumps, skin irritation.

With the 360 degree and non-slipping handling, it offers the ultimate control to confidently shave your balls and glide around the curved places.

Besides, this trimmer offers two different methods of using: either with or without a cord. So if you are in such a hurry and cannot charge the battery in time, you can choose the former option. With the second method, you can use it consistently for more than eight hours.

Even better, this Bevel trimmer will offer similar precision and power in all circumstances, even when the battery is running low.

At first, we use it with zero expectations, but it blows our mind with its high performance after using it. If we have to mention its drawbacks, it is only about its pretty pricey cost.


  • Premium trimmer with quick adjustments
  • Easy to adjust the sharpness with a Bevel dial for a clean and smooth shave
  • Ultimate control and comfortability with soft-touch and non-slip handle
  • Used in with and without cordless
  • Easy to clean


Pretty pricey

10. Philips Norelco Bodygroom BG1026/60 – Best For Easy Storage

The last trimmer we want to mention in this article is Philips Norelco Bodygroom BG1026/60.

It comes with a shower cord attachment, making it extremely simple to store. Hanging it anywhere, such as your shower’s faucet, is enough so that you will no longer be frustrated to find a place to store a trimmer.

Moreover, most of its coverage is rubber, so you can ensure that it will not slip out of your hand, which is the main cause of accidental cuts when trimming like other products.

This Philips trimmer is also designed with special skin guards to protect your sensitive balls and pubes when you trim closely.

You know that body hair does not always grow in one direction, which is harder for you to trim evenly. But this trimmer never encounters that issue with the comb and bidirectional trimmer.

As All Purpose Gillette Styler I00093292, we believe its negative point is about its power supply. Running on a single AA battery not only means that it will consume less energy, but it also lasts shorter.


  • Easy to store anywhere with shower cord attachments
  • Easy to hold with rubber coverage
  • Comes with unique skin guards for ultra protection over your skin
  • Includes special comb and bidirectional trimmer to trim hair evenly in all directions and lengths


  • Lacks the charging capability
  • Short battery life

Why Is It Important To Trim Your Balls? 

It is a common assumption for men that a rough body links to a masculine appearance that a real man needs. But this mindset is gradually going to change over time for the following reasons:

1. Healthy Body

As people grow up, pubic hair develops to minimize friction. Unfortunately, your hair traps oil and sweat to maintain the moisture levels, making it an ideal environment for different bacteria.

The fact is that you might find those places have moderately strong odor compared to other parts of the body. That is why regularly trimming your balls will do your body good.

Trimming Your Balls

Trimming Your Balls Does Your Body Good

2. Comfortability And Confidence

For several people, trimming inguinal hair is a purely personal preference. That may link to some motivating aspects such as confidence and comfortability.

For them, it is simply a part of the grooming routine. Many people feel much more confident in or even out of the bedroom when their balls are in a state of serenity.

Their Hair Get Trimmed

Many People Feel More Confident When Their Hair Get Trimmed

3. Your Partner’s Preference

Another reason to trim your balls traces its roots from your partner’s preference. According to a study in 2015, women showed their preferences for their partners’ hair to be trimmed, well-groomed, and shaved.

Well, it is pretty easy to understand the reason why. Because pubic hair, to some extent, causes skin irritation and discomfort.

4. Improved Sensitivity

There have been several studies mentioning whether there is a close relation between trimming hair and enhancing a sensual feel or not.

Though scientists still need more evidence to be completely certain about it, we bet that you can realize it from your experience, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that you must have a lot of questions in your mind right now. Let us answer some common wonders first to see if it can solve yours as well.

1. How To Use A Trimmer For Pubic Hair Safely?

Working with scrotum hair down there is indeed one of the most delicate tasks you do in your manhood. While it is easy for you to tackle facial hair, just use a beard trimmer and then slap an aftershave, you definitely cannot do the same thing with your pubes.

Here is the safest way you should follow:

Firstly, trim excess lengths of your pubic hair, if any. You can use either a hair clipper or a trimmer. But for hair that is too long or too hard to cut, you should resort to a precise shaver.

Secondly, warm up your balls and moisten them with warm water. It will soften the remaining hair and dilate the pores so that you could easier shave a tad. However, avoid using cold water, as it does not work.

Then, start shaving your balls. Remember to maneuver the final shave with excessive care. Lightly move it on the skin in the opposite direction that your hair grows.

Finally, apply skincare to your shaved area. Your genetic zone is sensitive; thus, aftershave skincare is essential. Only choose products designed specifically for sensitive skin and avoid ones containing cooling agents or alcohol.

2. What Should I Avoid When Trimming?

During the shave, always be gentle with your pubes and avoid making any aggressive or excessive maneuvers. It is pubic shaving, not an armpit. If you want to do a close shave, do not just trim or shave with a shaver. Try to lightly pull it on your skin for better control and better safety.

Another thing already mentioned, say no to aftershave skincare products containing alcohol or any agents for regular aftershave skin. You should also avoid products with cooling agents like eucalyptus, mint, and other similar types.

In particular, remember to use a trimmer born to deal with your balls. Any facial trimmer, such as the nose or beard trimmer, has no job down there.

Last but not least, avoid rushing, even when you are in an actual rush. Think of how sensitive your genetic zone is, and rushing only causes you painful nicks and cuts, or even more terrible.

Hence, take it easy and give it slowly as great things always take patience. You will have a good-looking scrotum soon.

3. What Kind of Trimmer Is Designed For This Task?

It is all included in our detailed reviews and our buying guide for the best trimmer for balls.

But, to make it short and sweet, the best machine must be waterproof, cordless, and, more importantly, powerful.

It should be from a well-known manufacturer and concentrate on body grooming. It would be better if you have something to use specifically for your “down-there” zone.

Avoid any shaves whose reviews are not satisfactory with dull blades, skin pinching, or hair pulling.

In terms of shaver types, well, it does not matter. Any kind of shaver is acceptable, including foil, rotary, electric shavers, as long as it is an awesome product for your gentle pubic hair.

Machine Must Be Waterproof, Cordless, and Powerful

The Best Machine Must Be Waterproof, Cordless, and Powerful

The Bottom Line

Overall, manscape is as important to men’s life as it is to women. In addition to beauty purposes, shaving leaves you comfort and convenience, which potentially results in greater self-esteem, especially when you have a hot date.

That’s not to mention most girls prefer their boyfriends to get their pubes shaved. Therefore, getting a trimmer would give you a plus point in your partner’s eyes.

Hopefully, with all the information provided, now you are confident enough to choose the best trimmer for balls, which can meet your needs and suit your pocket.

And our manscaped ball trimmer review has come to an end. If you have any experience with trimmers, either good or bad, do not hesitate to share in the comment section below. Other consumers would appreciate that.

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