Braun Series 3 vs 5? Which One Is Your Best Choice?

Among the electric shaver brands available on the market, Braun sticks out as a prominent candidate thanks to its high-quality products which always bring the best shaving experience to customers. And Braun Series 3  and Series 5 are the two potential candidates on their wishlist. 

However, not everyone can comprehend all the features of both products; that’s why we are here to give you a thorough comparison of Braun Series 3 vs 5  to help you find your best grooming buddy. Let’s go!

Overview About Braun Series 3 And 5

Before jumping into the head-to-head comparison between Braun Series 3  vs 5, we must have some knowledge about the features, models, and components of both series to have a better assessment.

Braun Series 3

In Series 3, there are three separate subfamilies that have different prices and accessories.

Braun Series 3 shavers
Braun Series 3 shavers

Basic Series 3

There are two well-known models belonging to this line are 310s and 300s. The 310s can be used for dry and wet shave while the 300s are dry shave only.

These products are the most accessible ones thanks to their cheap price as some features have been deducted.

They have no trimmer in the rear and low battery life which only lasts 20 minutes when unplugged. With some models being merely used for a dry shave, they can operate while charging.

Unlike other models in series 3 which use a 32b or 32s replacement head, they use a 21b cassette instead. In my perspective, the 21b is not as smooth and pleasant as the 32b when it comes to the shaving experience. 

Series 3 ProSkin

The products in this category are updates of the basic ones aforementioned. They have some extra features like a trimmer on the rear which can be used by sliding, a battery with better endurance, and a more accurate battery level display.

To help customers distinguish between the basic Series 3 with the Proskin, Braun changes the product code from a 3-digit number to a 4-digit number by adding the number 0 after the number 3 . For instance,  The basic series 3 is 310s while the upgraded one is 3010s.

Some ProSkin shavers also have cleaning stations such as the Series 3 Proskin 3090cc.

In general, the Proskin shavers aren’t too different from the basic Series 3. They just have a better design with the rubberized sleeve which allows users to have a tight hold when shaving and the 32s/32b shaving head instead of 23b like the 300s or 310s.

With better design and shaving heads, these Proskin shavers can deal with long strands of hair better.

Below is the table of the most common shavers belonging to the Proskin’s family:

Product Usage Trimmer Clean & Charge Station Accessories
3090cc Dry only Yes Yes Carrying bag
3080s Wet & Dry Yes No Travel bag, charge stand
3070cc Dry only Yes Yes Carrying bag
3050cc Dry only Yes Yes Protective plastic cap
3040s Wet & Dry Yes No Protective plastic cap
3030s Dry only Yes No Protective plastic cap
3020s Dry only Yes No Protective plastic cap
3010s Wet & Dry No No Protective plastic cap
3010BT Wet & Dry No No Protective plastic cap,  5 combs, trimmer head
3000s Dry only No No Protective plastic cap
3000BT Dry only No No Protective plastic cap,  5 combs, trimmer head

There are dry-only versions that can also be used with the cable plugged in, so you can consider choosing one of them if that feature is essential to you. In contrast, the wet & dry shavers must be used cordless for safety purposes.

All products in Series 3 are waterproof so you can let tap water run through them for a better clean. 


The final letter in the shaver code has a function to tell the difference between accessories that come along with the shaver when unboxing. 

The BT stands for beard trimmer which means inside the box, there are combs and trimmer heads. While S means solo and CC is an acronym for clean & charge station.

Braun Series 5

The Braun Series 5 we are talking about in this article is the one that was released in January 2020.

Braun Series 5
Braun Series 5

The new Braun Series 5 uses a 53b cassette which is similar to Series 6. The shaving head of this Series 5 is fixed so you won’t even be able to shave from side to side. However, three cutting parts can still move in separate directions.

Braun also introduced a new system which is Easyclean and it allows customers to clean the shaver without taking out the cassette. The products in Series 5 are equipped with combs and trimmers.

All shavers in Series 5 can not be used while charging and they are waterproof. The battery will last for 50 minutes per charge.

Unlike the previous Series 5 when you had an option to buy a shaver with a cleaning station, this time all models don’t include the cleaning station. However, the good news is Series 5 shavers can be cleaned by the cleaning station of Series 6 or 7.

Here is a table about all the latest shavers in Series 5:

Product Usage Trimmer Charge Station Accessories
5050cs Wet & Dry Yes Yes Body trimmer with 2 combs, beard trimmer, and charging stand.
5049cs Wet & Dry Yes Yes Beard trimmer with 5 combs and charging stand.
5035s Wet & Dry Yes No Stubble trimmer with 4 combs, beard trimmer.
5020s Wet & Dry Yes No Beard trimmer with 5 combs
5018s Wet & Dry Yes No Beard trimmer


The S at the end of the name of the model stands for a solo while CS means charging station. 

The Differences Between Braun Series 3 vs 5

We’ll begin this part by discussing the external design of both Series 3 and 5.

Series 3 vs 5
Series 3 vs 5

External Design

If you take a look at the head of both Series, It isn’t easy to spot the differences between them due to the similarity in design. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll notice several differences.

Within this price range, Braun Series 3 can bring you a solid feeling while holding although their weight is light. The top of the handle narrows somewhat before straightening out.

Furthermore, Braun also includes a nice rubber on both sides to provide a solid hold on the device. The razor will not slide from the palm even in a moist atmosphere.

When it comes to color selections, there’s a wide range of possibilities such as red, blue, or gray.

Ergonomics are a strong suit for Braun’s new Series 5, which is heavier, longer, and more tapered than the previous Series 3. The Series 5’s handle is covered in a thick layer of rubber which prevents it from slipping, much like the Series 3.

One of the most substantial razors on the market, the Series 5 has an impressive amount of bulk. there are no visible gaps between the finish and fit.

Because of its glossy surface, which is more prone to smudges and scratches, more caution must be used while using this Series 5 product.

Display And Interface

The basic Series 3 will have basic battery indication while the latest ones are armed with 3 level light that informs you how much charge is left. However in the Series 5 model, you can see more than just battery life on the LED display.

The LED display will indicate the hygiene status which lets users know when this device needs some serious cleaning. It’s easy to see in low-light conditions thanks to the red and back combination, which gives superb controls.


When evaluating a shaver’s efficiency, speed is crucial. Series 5 is equipped with a 10000 CPM motor which is considered a good speed for a shaver. In contrast, the motor in Series 3 doesn’t have any CPM rating,  therefore it is impossible to compare the speed of two Series 5 and 3.

However, when you put two shavers side by side, the motor in Series 5 is bigger than in the Series 3, which might be a hint to conclude that the speed of Series 5 is better than Series 3.

Battery Life

In today’s fast-paced environment, tiny factors like time spent on shaving also make a big difference! Comprehending this status quo, Braun has made battery life become the strength of the shavers.

Basically, the Series 3 razors will need around 60 minutes of charge in order to have 30-minute usage for the basic model and 45 minutes for Proskin model while the figure for the Series 5 counterparts is 50 minutes for shaving after 60 minutes of charge.

Previous Series 5 on the left and latest on the right
Previous Series 5 on the left and latest on the right

Travel Lock

This feature will keep the razor from being started by an accidental force from the outside when it is carried in the bag or backpack.

This amazing feature is integrated into Series 5 while it doesn’t appear in Series 3. The reason for that is Series 3 razors require great force to turn on. Besides, The plastic cap works like a travel lock when covering the whole start button.


With 5 shaving elements and ActiLift which lifts and separates the hairs so that the blade can cut them off more efficiently, Series 5 can provide a closer and smoother shave compared with Series 3 with only 3 shaving elements.

Furthermore, the answer for the smooth and close shape of Series 5 is the features of  the Shaving head. While Series 5 shaving heads can pivot in 8 different directions, lock in 5 different places, and allow cutting elements to move separately, Series 3 only has 3 directional movements. 

That’s why Series 5 can shave off the long curly hair easily. In addition, That also debunks the myth why Series 3 must need several strokes to deal with long, curly flat hair.

The middle trimmer of Series 5 is superior in cutting lengthy clumps of hair, despite both shavers using the identical trimmer, dual foil system.

When shaving with Series 3, you can sense that it can deal with short hair excellently but suffers from longer strands. Although the hair is pretty straight, these lengthy hairs are usually left behind.

In contrast, Series 5 can handle that problem without any hassle thanks to its powerful motor and better blades. Another point for Series 5 is its sensitive skin protection since it accomplishes the job quickly, which applies less stress and heat to the skin surface. Therefore it is a great buddy for sensitive skin.


Using the Series 3 model is a pleasant experience as long as the stubble isn’t more than 24 hours old.

If you don’t have a habit to shave every day, you might spend more time and strokes to get the clean and smooth shave you expect. Also, the intermediate trimmer isn’t as effective at dealing with lengthy hair follicles.

On the other hand, Series 5 models with the better and more powerful trimmer, they can easily shave off flat-lying hair. Furthermore, lengthier locks of hair are no match for them as Series 5 can shave in a nick of time. As a result, you can feel stress-free if shaving daily is not your habit.

Series 5’s devices are also great choices for anyone who has sensitive skin thanks to their powerful trimmer and 8 directional movements.

Both shavers work well for a dry shave, but for better results, you should use a quality shaving cream or pre-shave gel if you notice any pain.

Foil head of Series 3 vs 5
Foil head of Series 3 vs 5

Pros And Cons of Both Razors

Braun Series 3


  • Reasonable price
  • A perfect match for thin and fine hair
  • Used for both wet and dry shave


  • Inconvenient for shaving the jaw and neck.
  • A small number of options
  • Battery life is not impressive.
  • Shaving head is fixed and doesn’t pivot

Braun Series 5


  • An easy-to-clean system
  • The design is visually appealing as well as excellently ergonomic.
  • A precise trimmer and five different beard attachments are included with the package.
  • Indicators of battery life and the state of cleanliness


  • Quite pricey
  • The manuals are quite difficult to understand
  • The power button is not too good in terms of quality

Final Verdict

Series 3 shaver will be your best buddy if:

  • You are looking for an inexpensive razor that provides a good shave.
  • Comfortable shaving is what you are craving for.
  • You have time to shave and clean the shaver daily after usage.
  • You want a razor that is novice-friendly.
  • You don’t really care much about the closeness after shaving

However, you should pick up a Series 5 shaver if:

  • You want a big update for your current shaver.
  • You have sensitive skin
  • You’re willing to invest a little more money in order to get the smoother and closer shave as well as other convenience features.
  • Your facial hair grows in an odd direction, with many flat-lying strands.
  • You desire for experiencing a top-of-the-line electric razor at an economical price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Upgrade From Series 3 to Series 5 Make Sense?

For those of you who presently possess a Series 3, upgrading is a no-brainer. As in Braun Series 5, you’ll find more of everything you like in the Braun Series 3. 

This Series 5 is even better than Series 3 in moving smoothly over your face. With Series 5, you can shave more without worrying about the battery life. You get a superior middle trimmer and receive a better shaving experience.

Additionally, the display on Series 5 gives you more information than on Series 3. Every feature and advantage of Series 3 has been improved upon in Series 5.

Why Should I Buy Clean & Charge Stations For My Braun Shavers When They Can Be Cleaned By Tap Water?

Cleansing your shaver using the Clean&Charge Station is much more sanitary than doing so beneath the sink, according to our research.

Furthermore, It can provide you with a few minutes of spare time which is extremely valuable when you are in a rush or late for a meeting.

Can I Use A Cleaning Center From My Braun Series 3 With Series  5 And Vice Versa?

Unfortunately, the Cleaning Center of each series has its own functions and features so you can not use them interchangeably.


We hope that with all the information provided in this article, you already have an insight view about the two shavers: Braun Series 3 vs 5.

If you are a novice in using electric razor, Series 3 is a great option as you still have a great shaver with a tight budget. Still, if you have sensitive skin and want a product with cutting-edge technologies to make your shaving experience unique and comfortable, Series 5 might be your best fit.

As always, feel free to ask any further questions in the comment section. Also, if you think this article is useful, please share it with others as sharing is caring.

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