Can Aftershave Balm Be Used as Lotion? 

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Can Aftershave Balm Be Used as Lotion? 

Yes, it is possible to use aftershave balm as lotion. Aftershave balm is also used to moisturize and soothe the skin, like lotion. 

Aftershave balm does not have alcohol, so it is less harsh on your skin as with the effect of lotions is to moisturize and soothe, and prevent the skin from drying. It also has a creamy-like texture, similar to lotions. 

Yes, aftershave balm can be used as a lotion
Yes, aftershave balm can be used as a lotion

Is it bad to put on lotion after shaving? No. 

When you shave, you expose your skin to water for a while, and this causes your skin to actually lose moisture. Therefore, by applying a lotion, you can keep your skin hydrated. 

Moreover, after shaving, you can encounter razor burns. A lotion can help soothe the skin so that you do not feel any itching and irritation or observe redness. So, you should put a moisturizing lotion on after shaving.

Can Aftershave Balm Be Used as Moisturizer? 

Yes, just as it can be used as lotion, it can be used as moisturizer. 

Most aftershave balms are made of humectants and hydrating agents. There are proteins and oils serving as emollients that work together to lock moisture in the skin, as well.  

But it is essential to note that aftershave balms are different from moisturizers in which balms hydrate and soothe the skin in the short term. They concentrate on instant relief, while moisturizers do this for the long term. 

Moisturizers’ key function is to moisturize and its other functions are secondary, while it is the other way around for aftershave balm. Moisturizers help hydrate dry skin, whereas aftershave balms soothe irritated shaved skin. 

Therefore, while aftershave balms do deliver moisturizing effects, they cannot be as effective as moisturizers in doing so. It is still best to use aftershave balms and moisturizers as two separate products based on what they are intended for. 

Can You Use Aftershave Balm Without Shaving? 

Yes, using aftershave balm without shaving is an option, if you are going after its moisturizing effects, as they contain ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E oil, and shea butter, all which works together to hydrate and nourish if you use the balm in a regular skincare routine. 

However, if you are expecting it to make you smell nice, as with a cologne, it may disappoint you. 

Not all aftershave balms are highly-fragranced. They tend to have a very light or subtle scent. Plus, typically, the scent does not last for long. 

If you want a stronger and longer lasting scent, then you will need to look for an aftershave lotion. But note that you should avoid ones with artificial fragrances, as they can cause allergic reactions, which may then lead to skin irritations. 

Is Aftershave Balm Good For Skin?

Yes, it is. That is why aftershave balm is a part of many shavers’ routines. But this also depends on its ingredients. 

Traditionally, aftershaves are alcohol-based. Their key purpose is to disinfect the skin, prevent cut infections, and limit skin irritations. 

Examples of these include isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol, which is similar to what you would find in a sanitizer or household cleaner. 

A characteristic of these alcohol-based aftershaves is a post-application stinging sensation. From this, they can cause further damage to the skin over time.

Today, aftershaves are also available as a lotion, gel, paste, and balm. If they have natural ingredients, such as jojoba oil or coconut oil, and moisturizers, like aloe vera, they prevent bacteria from getting into cuts on the skin and hold moisture at the same time. 

Aftershave balms are one of the more recent sub types of aftershaves. Luckily, they either have no alcohol or very little alcohol. 

As such, they do not cause a stinging sensation when they are applied. In most cases, they are formulated with humectants and hydrating agents to moisturize the skin. 

Other benefits of aftershave balms include: 

  • Lessen inflammation, itching, and swelling 
  • Reduce ingrown hair
  • Stimulate skin tissue regrowth. Therefore, helps cuts and scratches heal quicker
  • Close pores to keep bacteria, dirt, and chemicals out. Therefore, minimize breakouts, razor burns, and bumps
Aftershave balm has several benefits for the skin
Aftershave balm has several benefits for the skin

How To Use Aftershave Balm? 

  1. Shave as you normally would. 
  2. Rinse the areas that you have just shaved with cold water. Be sure to rinse off all the shaving cream, gel, or lotion. 
  3. Pat the areas dry with a fresh towel. Make sure you are not rubbing them with the towel, as this can irritate or damage the skin. 
  4. Pick up a small amount of aftershave balm. About the size of a dime is enough. 
  5. Rub the aftershave balm into your hands and spread it evenly in both.
  6. Rub it onto the areas gently and evenly. Do this from the top to bottom. 

Note: You should also apply it to your neck, as it is prone to ingrown hairs.

What is the Difference Between Aftershave Lotion & Balm? 

Is aftershave balm lotion? No. 

Despite both being sub types of aftershaves, aftershave lotion and balm are two different products.

Aftershave balm and aftershave lotion are different
Aftershave balm and aftershave lotion are different

Lotions and aftershave balms differ in terms of function. 

Aftershave lotion, also commonly referred to as aftershave splash, is a fragrance applied to soothe and smooth shaved skin. Aftershave balm does the same, but on top of that, also moisturizes and replenishes the skin. 

Typically, people choose lotions to tighten the pores on the skin, while balms are selected to reduce razor burns, 

Compared to lotion, aftershave balm is typically less harsh on the skin because it is either free of alcohol or contains a low alcohol content. 

Lotions contain more liquid, and coupled with the lower percent of alcohol, they are runnier (in terms of consistencies) than their aftershave balm counterparts. Balms are more similar to gel and are creamier. 

In addition, it may not be as fragrant as lotions. Therefore, it may be more fitting for people who are interested in fragrances. 

If you want to get a strong scent from the aftershave, want it to last long, and do not expect it to need a cologne application, then you should go for an aftershave lotion. 


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