Can You Bring An Electric Razor On A Plane? The Rules You Need To Know

People who enjoy a close shave could be perplexed about whether razors are on a flight. In terms of shaving equipment, there are some restrictions on what may be carried in carry-on luggage, so can you bring an electric razor on a plane? Laws limit what may be brought on the airplane and how it should be packed for individuals traveling with many shaving-related items. Let’s find out with us!

Can You Bring An Electric Razor On A Plane?

An Electric Razor

Can You Bring Electric Razor On Plane

Assume you have purchased aircraft tickets for your much-anticipated vacation or work trip. You’ve arrived at the airport and are receiving your bags checked. Your belongings, however, are being thrown away by security officers. That will put your patience to the test.

Remember that these precautions are implemented to safeguard the safety of tourists. The airport screening procedure may be made faster and easier if you know what things are allowed and what amounts on the plane.

According to a USA Today’s article, they are permitted in carry-on luggage. The batteries that power your handy dandy electric razor are also okay to bring in your carry-on luggage, luckily.

One of the primary reasons at is that we prefer to travel light, and electric razors may be large, so avoid lugging along a heavy piece of equipment in your suitcase.

Perhaps bringing batteries or an extra charger for electric razors is a great idea for you – which is great and is within TSA guidelines.

Regardless of what you opt to bring, electric razors are a good choice due to their lack of sharpened blades and ease of use.

Which Razor Cannot Bring On A Plane?

Straight razors

Straight razors aren’t allowed on planes

Straight razors aren’t allowed on planes, and safety razors aren’t allowed until the blade is removed beforehand.

Those used to the accuracy of a straight razor may be disappointed to learn that these products are completely prohibited since they are considered sharp objects on board a flight.

Even though it is widely known that an agent’s authority determines if or not an item violates the regulations, be assured that this one is clearly marked as contraband and will probably almost be confiscated.

If you want to bring a straight razor once you’ve arrived, try getting it shipped to your accommodation or where you are living.

If you wish to carry a sharp razor or a knife on an aircraft, check it in your baggage!

The Rules For Bringing An Electric Razor On A Plane

Proper Storage

Next is how to store your razor properly.

Because electric razors don’t have sharp ends, you may hold them any way you like, but it is best to package them securely; thus, they don’t get damaged during transportation. To protect inspectors and luggage handlers, any other sharp objects should be covered safely or protected.

Liquids Rule: 3-1-1 

Shaving cream

Shaving cream

Be aware of the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule for gels and liquids if you’re traveling with shaving cream, aftershave lotion, or cologne. These products should be kept in a bottle with a capacity of 3.4 oz. or less. Bottles containing gels or liquids could be stored in a quart-sized zip-top bag made of transparent plastic per person. These items must be stored in a filtering bin to run via the X-ray system.

Avoid The Hassle Of Security 

If you’re unsure about the capacity of your bottles, the TSA suggests checking them. Your things will be seized if you have an abundant supply of gels or liquids. After being shaken in luggage, several tourists have claimed that their electric razors have switched on throughout transit. To avoid this, replace the batteries before going on vacation.

Sharp Objects

Delta Airlines does not accept straight razors in bags, makeup, or baggage, according to TSA regulations. Nevertheless, scissors with blades shorter than 4 inches, such as clippers and nail scissors, are allowed.


You are probably no longer wondering about the question can you bring an electric razor on a plane after reading this article. The answer is yes.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, electric razor is suitable for air travel due to its lack of sharp points. Furthermore, individuals traveling with shaving-related products should be aware of the laws governing what may be carried on board and how to pack. We hope our article has helped you gain insightful information on planes’ regulations regarding electric razors. Thank you and have a safe flight!

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