Can You Cut Yourself With An Electric Shaver?

In numerous scenarios, shaving with hand razors may disappoint us due to cuts and wounds. Indeed, these items feature sharp and open blades that readily cut your skin. 

Therefore, many people tend to look for an alternative to a hand razor; one which they come across is the electric shaver. However, the topic of “Can you cut yourself with an electric shaver?” emerges.

This article will provide you with the correct answer as well as other helpful information.

Can You Cut Yourself With An Electric Shaver?

The answer is yes. Although the electric razors never make contact with your skin, they are relatively sharp and can sometimes grab irregularities due to the not perfectly flat skin. 

Furthermore, because electric shavers do not produce a close shave, residuals will remain from cutting over pimples or other minor bumps on your skin or from the razors’ faults. As a result, people tend to push too hard on the skin, causing nicks and cuts to occur occasionally.

However, the good news is that using an electric shaver is still safer than other types of razors. Outside the knife head of the electric razor currently on offer is a stainless steel knife net coating, which protects the razor-sharp blade inside.

So, once you shave your beard using an electric device, the blade does not clip off till it reaches the knife net covering. Therefore, you will not have to be concerned about the electric shaver’s blade scratching your skin.

However, it is also why the electric razor may not clean your beard well, and several residual beards may remain.

You can hurt yourself with an electric shaver.
You can hurt yourself with an electric shaver.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Shaver?

An electric shaver is a device using electricity to remove your hair. It can be corded or cordless, and when cordless, it may be battery-powered or rechargeable. Using an electric shaver is beneficial in the following areas:

Ingrown hairs are less likely to occur

Several skin types profit from one close blade but do not immediately contact them. If you frequently get ingrown hairs while using a three- or five-blade shaver, an electric one with a spacer between your skin and the blade may be for you.


Because the blades of the electric shaver are not as open as those of a manual shaver, the possibilities of being cut are low. In addition, the foil found on the electric razor works as a layer between your skin and the blade, allowing for a close shave.

Additionally, since electric shavers do not shave as closely as manual shavers and your hairs are trimmed cleanly and straight, it will cause less danger of them curving back into your skin and getting ingrown.

As a result, when your skin has acne or razor pimples, an electric razor may be a safer and better option.

Simple to use

Using an electric razor is a quick and easy way to cut your facial and other hair. When rechargeable batteries charge it for continuing use, all you have to do is turn it on and perform what you want to do. 

Also, since it is adaptable, you may trim on the go and do not have to pause. If you select a suitable electric shaver, you may use it for the entire body if you keep it clean; otherwise, you may need to purchase each kind separately to support parts of the body.

In addition, unlike typical razors, you will need to execute pre-shave processes, which you can just perform in your bathroom or at the sink. 

However, you may shave right away with an electric razor if an electrical outlet is nearby. Also, the electric shaver prefers dry shaving; however, you can use it for both wet and dry shaving. 

Simple to clean

Failure to wash the razor blade might result in dirt and hair accumulation, diminishing the blade’s efficacy. Fortunately, cleaning an electric shaver is simple. 

It may go with a cleaning station to ensure that the shaver is clean after use and to enhance the cleaning process for another time you need it. If there is no clean and recharge station, simply use liquid soap and wipe under running water if your product is waterproof.

Besides being simple to clean, an electric shaver does not require rinsing after every stroke, making it simple to use.

Smooth shaving

An electric razor will provide a smooth cut by pulling your facial hair up and trimming it as short as possible.

The majority of modern electric razors include a double-action function in which the first circular blade pulls the hair, whereas the second follows behind and removes the hair from its root. 

The razor you get from an electric shaver will leave the face with a clean-cut and no hair left behind when the work gets complete.

No need for foam and water

It is because the cutting pattern of the electric shaver is different from that of a razor blade, which utilizes friction to remove hair while going up or down on your face. 

However, an electric razor cuts the hair using its blades’ circular movement, which happens in the protective casing and without causing any harm to the skin.


You can bring the electric razor wherever you want as a valuable personal device to have with you. You can quickly put it into any travel luggage, giving you peace of mind that the need for a little basic hygiene is feasible and close at hand. 


Regarding traditional razors, they are cheaper than electric shavers. However, they require you to spend additional money on other things, such as shaving cream, water, or soap. Despite that, they seem not to last long. 

On the contrary, an electric shaver is only costly when you buy it since you must purchase the gadget. Yet, that is the only thing you have to spend money on to achieve a clean shave since electric razors do not rely on lotions or soaps

After spending this money, you may believe it to last for several years. Foils and blades may need to be replaced yearly instead of a manual razor, which requires new cartridges in a few days. Therefore, your electric razor seems to be more economical in the long term.

An electric shaver is good for you and your skin with many benefits.
An electric shaver is good for you and your skin with many benefits.

Why Is Your Electric Razor Cutting You?

Although it is not usually for you to get cut by an electric razor, it does not mean it is 100% safe. In fact, several reasons may cause your razor to cut you.

Put too much pressure on your skin 

Several reasons causing you to put too much pressure on your skin when shaving using an electric shaver:

First, its foil and cutting blade condition is a reason. It will become challenging to shave if it is dull, resulting in too much pressure being applied.

Second, once you push your electric razor against your skin and pull it firm, you create an uneven area for the blades to go over. Because of the uneven area, nicks are more likely to occur. 

Third, a dead battery can have difficulty operating the engine and trimming the hairs, causing you to go over the similar region several times and put too much pressure. Tugging and pulling may also occur, which increases the likelihood of cutting yourself. 

Furthermore, using too much force leads the blades to remove hair below the surface of the skin, leaving you more prone to ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Not properly cleaning your razor after each usage

Indeed, not every electric razor includes a cleaning and charging station. Instead, this is typically a benefit of the more costly models.

If your shaver does not have one, we recommend a manual cleaning after use to maintain your shaver in good working order. 

Otherwise, dead skin, grime, and hair will impair the effectiveness and cleanliness of your razor, making you use more force to shave and then increasing the risks of cuts and nicks.

Fortunately, you can practically clean all the electric shavers with a small amount of liquid detergent and running water. So guarantee to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cutting too long hair

If your beard is too long, you should cut it using a basic beard trimmer before shaving with an electric razor.

Because electric razors are made to cut your short facial hair when your whiskers are excessively long, they can just pull them, which is quite uncomfortable and can result in a few severe nicks.

As a result, working with lengthier facial hair remains one weak aspect of electric razors.

Using an inappropriate shaver 

Several electric razors are better and more appropriate in certain situations than others. Besides, many are ideal for your sensitive skin, a few for working with thicker hairs, others are compact and light and excellent for traveling, etc. 

To illustrate, assume you have a two or three-day beard with rough stubble and varying growth patterns, you will undoubtedly want a more robust and modern electric shaver.

Therefore, remember to research before purchasing one. Also, keep in mind that the greatest shaver is indeed the one that appropriates for you, your specific requirements, and your budget.

Not lubricating the razor

It is essential to lubricate your electric shaver for a clean and comfortable shave, for prolonging the length of your razor’s blades and foils, as well as for avoiding cutting yourself. 

You will need to lubricate it yourself if your electric shaver does not with an automatic cleaning station that lubricates the cutting elements.

Clipper oil or a light, highly refined mineral oil can be used. It only requires a single drop on every foil. 

An adequately oiled shaving unit has many advantages, including reducing the heat produced by the friction of the blades and foils, extending their lifespan, and enhancing the effectiveness of your razor.

As a result, you need to lubricate your razor after each soap-based cleaning or once per week.

Alternating between electric and conventional shaving

In fact, a razor blade removes a tiny skin cells layer, whereas an electric razor does not. 

Hence, after shaving using a blade, the body develops new scar tissue, which takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to remove. You can not get the best outcomes cutting with an electric shaver during this period. 

Therefore, it is strongly advised to stick to an approach for at least three weeks before attempting something new.

How To Not Cut Yourself With Electric Shaver?

Although getting cut by an electric shaver is rare, you should still pay attention to the shaving technique to minimize unwanted situations.

Before shaving

It will help if you take a warm shower to soften the hair follicles and make them easier to cut, allowing for a smoother shave.

To eliminate dead skin, thoroughly wash the part where you will be shaving using a cloth and body wash or soap. To eliminate any moisture, carefully dry out your skin using a towel.


  • Use your dominant hand to hold your electric razor firmest, and your other hand pulls the skin region you intend to shave taut.
  • Gently glide the electric razor over the skin in the hair growth’s reverse direction. In case you use a rotary razor, glide it over your skin in circular, small circles. If your shaver lacks a rotary head, simply glide it over your skin.
  • Do not use too much pressure and go over the same skin area too many times. To avoid cutting yourself during shaving your legs with an electric shaver, stretch out your leg as you reach the knee.
  • Keep moving the shaver over the skin, whereas pushing the skin taut until you have shaved the entire target area. You should also look for neglected hairs by running your hand over your skin. When you skip any, go over the area with the razor again.

After shaving

To eliminate stray hairs, you can wash your skin using warm water with a washcloth.

Using a cloth, pat the skin dry, and do not forget to use a moisturizer. Moisturizers containing alcohol, parabens, or artificial fragrances should be avoided because they irritate and dry your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use An Electric Razor On Your Pubes?

No, using electric razors to cut pubic hair is not an excellent option.

When using an electric razor for the genital area and other regions, it is generally not clean since the pubic is a sensitive area that must be kept as clean as feasible. Using electric razors on your faces and then exposing them to the public is not clean at all. Thus you should not do so.

You must negotiate the pubes because it is a sensitive and intimate area with thinner skin as well as more natural shapes. Electric shaving razors are typically intended to glide against the face’s curves, with greater surface regions and blades to adapt. 

As a result, while electric razors may get the work done quickly, you had better keep patience and spend time purchasing another razor for this area of skin.

Can You Use An Electric Razor To Shave Your Legs?

Yes, you may safely use an electric shaver on your legs.

Using this product, you may adjust it to cut the ideal length of hair that you desire. Also, using it can help avoid razor burn.

Unless you need an extremely close shave, an electric shaver will be a terrific tool for shaving without discomfort, wounds, or nicks. It can shave swiftly because its blades are resilient and sharp. Notably, it may last for long if adequately cared for.

An electric shaver can be used for legs. 
An electric shaver can be used for legs.

Can You Use Electric Razor Without Guard?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. An electric shaver can be used without a guard.

Guards are often available in sizes ranging from 1 to 25 millimeters, designed to draw hair towards the blade, allowing it to buzz smoothly and without tangling.

Using an electric razor without a guard is entirely safe. However, you must be more cautious and expand your procedure to rinsing and using an aftershave moisturizer or tonic.

Do You Use Shaving Cream With An Electric Razor?

To tell the truth, yes or no are both the correct answers.

If you dry shave, the answer is no. Although shaving cream can enhance your shaving experience and provide a closer, smoother shave, using an oil or lubricant on the face prior to shaving is not necessary.

On the other hand, when you use an electric razor for wet shaving, the answer is yes. In that situation, you should use shaving cream to achieve a close shave without irritation. Also, you should get a waterproof razor that you can use in the shower.

When Should You Change Your Electric Shaver?

You should replace it about every six months. Apart from disposable shavers, which are composed of thin and brittle materials and only sustain for several shaves, electric shaver blades are much more robust and may last for months.

Despite that, the answer will all depend on how frequently you shave as well as how thick the hair is. When a person uses the shaver daily, he needs to replace his shaver after four months. However, if another person only uses it once a week, its blades can stay for up to eight months or longer.

Many manufacturers even advise replacing the electric razor every 12-18 months. Nevertheless, you must still inspect the foil and blade on a regular basis and replace them as soon as you observe considerable wear that can lead to worse problems.

Is It True That Electric Shavers Induce Ingrown Hairs?

The answer is yes because no matter what method you use, shaving can cause razor burns and ingrown hairs.

Nevertheless, it will be less of an issue if you utilize an appropriate electric razor and exfoliate the skin frequently.

An electric shaver is better for ingrown hair.
An electric shaver is better for ingrown hair.

If you are a beginner to the electric shaver and unclear about how to use it, we highly recommend you watch this video:

Final Words

Finally, the answer is definitely yes to the title question, “Can you cut yourself with an electric shaver?”. However, do not worry because the electric one is still safer for your skin than a manual razor. In addition, it is more portable and money-saving in the long run. So do not hesitate to get one!

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