Can You Shave Pubic Hair With An Electric Razor?

These days, many people might have their mind-boggled by whether it’s possible to make their private area more comfortable without all the hair and itchiness. Thanks to technological advancement, they have also thought about using electric razors to trim pubic hair at home.

But can you shave pubic hair with an electric razor? This article will answer the above question by guiding you through how to use electric trimmers properly and provide some tips on things suggested before and after the trim.

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Can You Shave Pubic Hair With An Electric Razor?

Yes, you can use electric razors for trimming pubic hair in your private area. While some may question the effectiveness of electric razors for their removal, many others have considered it one of the best solutions for convenience and safety. However, you must follow the correct procedure to optimize the use of your electric razors and avoid unwanted results.

It is suggested that you shave every 3 days on average. The regularity of the shave may allow you to control your hair growth and prevent you from frustration afterward. Indeed, it matters more the way you shave it than how often you do so.

Therefore, doing some research and following some common shaving steps may help you with more satisfying results. If you are convinced to shave your bikini area, the below steps are recommended.

How to Shave Pubic Hair With An Electric Razor (4 Essential Steps)

Step 1: Shop for an electric razor

The pubic area is very sensitive, so it is crucial that you pick the electric razor with the right size and the right blade. You may or may not be familiar with the operation of electric razors, yet it is said that the use of one is very similar to that of other trimmers.

You can easily purchase electric razors from electronics stores or shop online. Either way, you should go through the product description, preferably with the seller’s guidance, to see if it suits your needs.

Using electric razors is safer than shaving manually with other kinds of trimmers. Female consumers generally are too nervous about shaving their pubic hair with usual razors because it is the part of their bodies that is a little far to reach, and these razors can be too sharp not to leave cuts on their skins.

That is when electric razors come in handy. The blades are covered by the shaver heads that prevent deep contact between the blades’ edges and the skin. This part of the electric razors is also detachable for cleaning and replacing, which is suitable for the sanitary purpose of hair removal in your private area.

Step 2: Take a bath or shower

Now that you have purchased an electric razor, make sure that it is only used for shaving pubic hair in your bikini area and not for any other parts of the body for better hygiene, and you are ready to go.

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The first step in this process is to wash your pubic area. It is because your bikini line needs to be clean and wet during the shave. It is suggested that you don’t dry trim your pubic hair without softening it by adding some forms of hydration. Indeed, you should either wash it in water or clean it with a warm wet washcloth.

At this step, exfoliation is recommended for your pubic area using any kind of skin scrub to produce a more even surface ready for shaving. These skin scrubs should be any regular skincare brand products, which work just fine on your pubic area. Again, a loofah is useful for deeper cleansing.

Step 3: Shave your pubic hair using shaving foam

You should first wash or clean your bikini area and then tailor the shaving process using shaving foam. Fragrance-free shaving foam products are recommended for your pubic hair. These products are said to avoid irritation and skin sensitivity-related side effects in this sensitive area.

Now that it is all set, apply the product of your choice to the surface of your pubic area. Ensure that you aim for the parts you would like to shave and not too close to your vagina. These shaving foam products may not be entirely harmless for your inner parts.

Remember to shave in one direction for better shaving results. It is best to shave in the direction of hair growth so that it doesn’t hurt and is thoroughly shaved. Shaving against the grain will leave your pubic area with ingrown hair and itchiness.

In addition, keep in mind that razors only work on hair that is less than a quarter of an inch long. Hence, you must trim before actually shaving them. Unlike these usual razors, electric razors’ functions can avoid this inconvenience.

Step 4: Take care of your pubic area after the shave

After removing all unwanted hair from your bikini area, you should add moisturizers to your shaved skin surface. This step is very crucial to vitalize the skin in the pubic area after such dramatic change.

It is also helpful to take care of the area between the shaves. A daily cream supplement is highly recommended and suitable for hair removal in female bikini areas. This should be any regular skin product that complements your skin.


A skin care cream of a familiar brand of your choice that you often use for your body should be fine for your pubic area. Taking care of your shaved skin area is as important as your skin preparation before the shave, so make sure that you pay attention as much.


All in all, shaving pubic hair with electric razors is a popular choice among females, especially with the advance in technology nowadays. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have managed to answer “Can you shave pubic hair with an electric razor?”, as well as grasp more valuable tips and advice on shaving your bikini area.

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