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As pubic hair is more sensitive than the hair on other body areas, choosing a tool that provides the most comfortable and safe hair removal process is extremely important.

Flawless is promoted as the gentlest and most effective pubic hair removal tool. Yet, is flawless truly providing the most comfortable and safe hair removing process? This article will help you answer the question “Can you use flawless on pubic hair?” by providing all useful information about this tool!

Can You Use Flawless On Pubic Hair?

The Finishing Touch Flawless Shaver is an impressive device. By its sleek and gentle appearance and packaging, many people will assume that it is lipstick, not a razor. While Flawless falls into the category of beauty products, it gently removes hair from upper lips, cheeks, and, of course, pubic zones.

Some might say that incorporating 18 karat gold plated over Flawless’ metal parts is a bit of an overkill for PR, but the precious metal has its own purpose. Aside from making the razor looks high-quality and luxurious, the gold serves to be a hypoallergenic component so that consumers with metal allergies can safely use the product as well.

The Finishing Touch Flawless Shaver is plated with gold.

Despite the sharpness and efficiency of the blade, it is safe to the touch. You can press it directly on your skin without fearing that the blade will cut the skin surface and cause infections.

So yes, you can use the Finishing Touch Flawless Shaver to take out your pubic hairs, no matter how sensitive you might feel in that particular patch of skin. This reasonably priced product has you covered for sure!

Moreover, the product’s packaging is discrete and attractive enough to be passed on like lipstick or any beauty product of the sort. Aside from classic Black or White, there are also three pastel colors on the product’s casing to choose from Sea Glass, Blush, and Lavender.

How Do You Use Flawless On Pubic Hair?

Flawless is very easy to use as any type of rotary shaver. Here are the steps on how to use Finishing Touch Flawless properly:

  • Lightly wash your pubic region with mild and gentle soap. Doing this will make your pubic hair softer and easier to remove. Afterward, pat your pubic region dry with a soft towel.
  • Turn on Flawless by flipping the switch on the side of the device. The device’s light will automatically turn on as well.
  • Gently press the device on top of the skin you need to shave. Move it about in a circular motion, so the hair gets an even treatment.
  • Use the light to inspect unshaved patches of skin. Specifically, you can press Flawless on the same area multiple times to ensure the hair is completely cleaned.
  • The shaver’s body will feel a little warmer after usage, and this is completely normal.
  • Once you’ve finished your shaving, you can use the included brush to clean in and between the blades. Still, do not use water to wash the product since it is non-waterproof.

After a few usage times, you will recognize that the device is not going as strong as it used to. This is a sign of a depleted shaver’s energy source. You will need to buy AA batteries from your supermarket, convenience stores, or hardware stores in this case.

Simply unscrew the gold-plated tops of the machine, and replace the AA batteries inside to use it as normal. This should allow the product to get back on its feet and work as usual for another couple of months.

Other Tips To Consideration On Using Flawless

Honestly speaking, Finishing Touch Flawless does what it promises to do: It provides the skin patch with a smooth finish. So if your pubic hair is thick and bushy, you will need to trim it before putting Flawless in use, or it will not work properly. You won’t have to do this for other hair types on your body (peach fuzz, mustache, etc.) since those tend to be thinner.

However, you will not have to repeat the pube trimming steps after the first encounter. Flawless is made specifically for daily use and maintenance, so whenever you feel like your pubes are itching you, put Flawless right to work. There are no prior preparation steps to the shaving process to maximize convenience, and you can carry the sleek and small device anywhere!

Be sure to use Finishing Touch Flawless every day, or at least every other day. Doing this would help the hair stay short and thin enough for Flawless to work on in the long run. You will have perpetually soft and smooth skin, rather than having clear surfaces for a few days until the fuzz starts making its way to your pubes all over again.

As a side note, please keep in mind that Flawless is non-waterproof, so please avoid involving water in the shaving process as well as while cleaning the machine. Before you use Flawless on the skin, be sure that the surface is dry. If water gets into the shaver’s inner workings, consult the manufacturers and help you repair the product.

In order to prolong the product’s lifetime, you should change the blades every three to six months to ensure safety and hygiene. Particularly, this is to prevent your skin from encountering rusty or dirty blades and potentially scratching yourself. The replacement heads are sold separately, and you can easily find them at the same place you purchase the hair remover!

In Sum

That is the full answer to the question of “Can you use Flawless on pubic hair?” Once you know how to use the device properly, you will say goodbye to waxing and plucking. We hope that you won’t need to worry about irritation and pain with this powerful product while shaving! Lastly, please be mindful to avoid water getting into the electronic part as Flawless is non-waterproof!

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