Can You Use The Same Razor For Face And Pubic Area?

Many individuals always want to keep things organized and look their best, so shaving is necessary.

Rather than purchasing two razors for the beard and pubes, you may consider simplifying the possession by getting only one to save money. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone.

As such, can you use the same razor for face and pubic area? Does it cause any harm if you shave both beard and pubes with the same razor? 

Do not skip any part of this post because it will all contain various information such as instructions, tips, etc., that you should take into account when making your ultimate decision!

Is it ok if you use one razor for both facial and pubic hair? 
Is it ok if you use one razor for both facial and pubic hair?

Is There A Distinction Between Your Facial And Pubic Hair?

It is essential to find the answer to this question because their nature will affect whether you need two razors for your beards and pubic area.

Fortunately, despite similarities and dissimilarities between these two, facial and pubic hair is quite similar.

On the one hand, the hair follicles on your beard and in your pubic area have a very striking resemblance. And its shape also influences the form of the hair emerging. 

The hair follicle’s angle that is comparative to the top layer of the skin will determine the cross-sectional structure of the hair. The shape of beard and pubic hair is more oval than that of head hair.

The inner core of the hair, apart from its shape, is similar. Every hair on your body has the same structure. Specifically, both hair types are made up of the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla.

Furthermore, many people may mistake pubic hair and beards for the same thing because of the way they feel. It is the consequence of all of the preceding parallels. Beard and pubic hair can be bushy, curly, wiry, and appear unkempt.

On the other hand, these two types of hair are not entirely identical because they come from distinct parts of the body. Their beards seem thicker and more rigid than their pubic hair for most men.

In addition, the terminal length of these two varies. Pubic hair can grow from half an inch to 1.5 inches long. 

Meanwhile, an average person may grow approximately 12 to 36 inches of facial hair before it reaches maturity and falls out. As a result, the terminal length of pubic hair is shorter than that of beard hair.

However, these differences are not too significant. That is why we can come to the conclusion that your beards and pubic hair are basically the same. 

Can You Use The Same Razor For Face And Pubic Area?

As we mentioned earlier, your facial and pubic hair is quite a resemblance to each other, so of course, many people assume that we can use the same razor for both hair types. It is like the way we utilize the same soap on your body and your face. 

However, it is not advisable to use one razor for face and pubic hair for the same reasons that you probably keep a different soap: Do you need something that has only impacted your groin and armpits to work up to your vulnerable mouth part? 

Also, it is not that easy to get a high-quality razor that may work well on both your beards and pubes.

Also, using the same razor for both hair types is not good at all due to the following reasons:

  • First, there is a significant issue that you may encounter, which is the risk of bacteria and skin problems.

Indeed, razor blades can transmit warts, jock itch, and folliculitis due to nicks and cuts. Because these nicks and cuts are so small, we do not always notice them. 

Shaving causes microscopic skin gaps that enable organisms to transfer and distribute the infection. Moreover, the viruses causing herpes and hepatitis may stay on razor blades or even in the moist conditions between blades, despite being commonly spread through physical touch.

In other words, once you utilize the same trimmers for your face, the viruses and bacteria from the shaver may likely move from place to place and end up causing skin damage such as irritation, acne, and itchy. 

  • Second, these two hair types require different razors for the best results.

A regular razor without multiple-size guards may suffice to use on your face. However, because your balls have more curves, you should choose ones with a variety of guard sizes for the private area.

  • Finally, the razor’s blade will dull faster if you use one razor for two parts.

As a result, we highly suggest using two different razors for sanitary purposes and the best outcomes.

Don't use the same razor for face and pubes
Don’t use the same razor for face and pubes

What To Consider When Picking A Razor If Using For Both Face And Pubic Area?


If you intend to use a single razor for simplicity, you should be concerned about its blades. Shaving an additional area causes your razor to become blunt faster, so choosing ones with long-lasting blades is essential. 

Moreover, the razors coming with self-sharpening blades are frequently recommended. If you use fresh and sharp razors, the risk of skin infections such as irritation, itchy,  razor burn, and razor bumps may be reduced even if your skin is sensitive.

On the other hand, old and dull blades are not an ideal choice for both facial and pubic hair because the coarse pubic hairs may intimidate and overwhelm them.

No nicks or cuts

When you decide to purchase the same razor on your beards and pubic hair, ensure there are no cuts or nicks. It is due to the fact that nicks and cuts can spread bacteria and potentially trigger skin problems.


When it comes to pubes, no one desires to use a heavy razor. If your desired shaver is bulky and inconvenient to keep for an extended period, it is likely unsuitable for pubic hair.

Hence, you should choose one that is light and compact. As a result, it will become easier to navigate around your pubic area, genital area, and inner thighs.

Guards of various sizes

It is critical to have precise control over your pubic hair’s length. Most perfect razors for shaving pubic hair usually come with various guards and accessories to enable precise shaping and trimming experience.

Using a razor for the pubes is preferred to slightly differ the pubic hairs’ length for clean and predictable outcomes. If you have a happy trail, you may trim the public patch down to almost the same length as the happy trail. You can also simply trim it to your desired hair length.


It is difficult to find a good product that serves two functions. In that case, we recommend that you purchase a razor that is specifically designed for both the face and the body.

Even better, many items come with two blades these days that can be used separately to meet your needs.

Our first top pick is the Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver.

It comes with two blades, one of which for your face and another for your body, including pubes, and can be used wet or dry. 

In this latest model, the skin guard provides an expansive addition that is remarkably gentle on the skin as well as an additional protective barrier when heading into vulnerable parts like your underarms. 

Additionally, the body comb included is best suited for extended and thicker body hair, sheering through with deftness.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly razor, the Schick Xtreme 3 Disposable Face and Body Razors is an ideal option.

It has three blades that flex and adjust to conform to your curves, making it simple to approach difficult areas and get nearer comfortable shaves.

This razor has a Vitamin E and Aloe Vera infused lubricating comfort strip to prevent future skin damage, as well as a guard bar developed with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to enhance skin comfort.

What Are Several Tips For Using A Single Razor For Both The Face And Pubic Area?

Sanitize the razor after shaving

If you intend to utilize your razor conveniently on your beards and pubic hair, the most important tip is to sanitize it. Then, you can remove a lot of grease, bacteria, and dirt by cleaning the blade thoroughly.

When you finish shaving, you can utilize hand wash to sanitize your razor and prevent infection. After that, do not forget to let it dry with a soft towel and store it in a low-humidity environment.

If you desire to keep the razor sharper for an extended time, dip the razor head in medical ethanol, notably after you have shaved your genital area. You can spread a thin oil layer to its head or blade to prevent rusting.

Take extra care of your vaginal region after shaving

Believe it or not, public hair performs an essential function: it protects the penises and vaginal openings from bacteria. 

What’s more, pubic hair helps protect men and women, particularly women, both during and after sex. Also, intercourse cuts may provide a perfect environment for bacteria or viruses. 

As such, you need to take better care of the genital and keep it clean, especially after shaving.

Do not share your razor with anyone

Although the razor can be used on both your beards and pubic hair, letting someone else use it is a different issue.

The most severe danger of using the same razor for your face and a man’s pubic hair is getting bacteria. It can transmit viruses, bacteria, and dangerous diseases such as STDs, blood-borne diseases, and perhaps HIV.

As a result, regardless of who the person is, remember not to let them use your razor. In case you have to share one bathroom with others, take your razor out when you have used it to avoid someone from using it.

Regularly replace the blades

When you decide to use one razor on both your face and pubic area, it means that you will apply it in two or even more places. Therefore, you should regularly change its blade because it will become blunt more quickly. 

When you notice that your razor is no longer sharp, do not attempt to utilize it too hard since it could damage your skin and cause irritation.

Despite popular belief, a blunt razor may be more damaging than a highly sharp razor. Moreover, if your razor is blunt, you will have to use further force to get rid of the hair, which also will potentially harm or trim your skin.

Using a blunt razor does not do you any good because it will rust quicker or have small rust spots, which can be harmful to the body when our skin is cut or bled by it.

You should frequently replace the blade of your razor. 
You should frequently replace the blade of your razor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper way to shave pubic hair?

Shaving is famous for being the most common method of removing pubic hair because it is easy and quick. However, this method has some downsides, such as it has a temporary effect and may cause skin irritation or ingrown hairs.

As a result, it is essential to know the best way to make the most use of shaving without causing any severe problems to your health. Here are what we recommend you to do:

Choose a body hair razor with a set comb length

Your body hair trimmer’s comb length may help you tame full and natural growth not be touched by a razor.

Also, the blade’s length enables you to shave length in small increments, minimizing the risk of pulling when you shave.

Trim the pubic hair

Hair should be trimmed before shaving to avoid clogged blades. Once you skip, your blade will clog more frequently, requiring more washing to clear the clogs.

Shower to make shaving easier

It is because water will soften your pubic hair and, as a result, make the razor glide over your skin more easily.

Lather up with shave gel

While shaving your pubic hair, a good lather will help to moisturize hairs, improve razor glide, and even protect your skin. 

Get a sharp blade

A sharp blade may aid in the smooth glide of your razor through your hair. A dull blade may increase your chances of tugging and pulling, which is likely to cause nicks and cuts. Far worse, dull blades may cause irritation after shaving.

Gentle strokes when shaving 

When shaving, if you push too hard, it is more likely you are to get razor bumps and irritation.

Rinse the blades frequently

Gently run the blades under the faucet, both the back and front sides of your blades, and shake off any excess water. Taping the razor against the washbasin or wiping it against the towel may shorten its life by negatively impacting the blade components’ design. 

You should rinse your blade frequently after shaving. 
You should rinse your blade frequently after shaving.

Pull the skin taut

Unless you pull the skin taut, it may get caught in the blades, causing nicks and cuts.

Reapply shave gel if necessary

To have a smooth shave, you may shave over the same place in various directions. Make sure to reapply shave gel before re-stroking to avoid razor burn in the pubic area.

Rinse, moisture, and dry

Rinsing will allow you to inspect your task while also removing any strands of hair that may have become entangled in the shave gel.

When you finish shaving the pubic area, remember to moisturize because it helps to soothe your skin. Once your hair begins growing back, using a moisturizer as part of the manscaping routine may help avoid dry and itching skin.

Also, do not forget to dry your skin. If you don’t, you may risk irritating your shaved skin by rubbing it.

Following these steps, you can prevent hair causes hair from growing back longer or bulkier to some extent.

If you need an overall picture of the pubic shaving process, spend time watching this video:

How frequently should you shave?

To tell the truth, you do not have to shave daily. That is because razors do not simply cut your hair. Also, it removes a surface of skin cells with each swipe of its blade all over your skin.

There is no standard rule as to how frequently you should shave. It entirely depends on you whether you favor gently grown-in stubble, clean-shaven skin, or a more natural appearance. That way, you may have to pay attention to how the hair grows as well as how the skin feels after shaving.

On the other hand, if you do not want an entirely hairless appearance, you should wait at least 1 or 2 days between shaving sessions to enable your skin to recover.

You can decide how often to shave but you do not need to do it every day. 
You can decide how often to shave but you do not need to do it every day.

Is your pubic hair making you stink?

The answer is yes once you let your pubic hair grow long. In that case, it may make you stink because bacteria can form a line all the way down the hair strand.

Furthermore, pubic hair traps the sweaty scent of your genitals and emits a bad smell, causing unpleasant odors to develop.

As a result, shaving provides you a benefit when it comes to reducing odor. Indeed, eliminating pubic hair means removing the apocrine sweat glands, which will result in an odorless genital.

Final Words

To conclude, regarding the title question “Can you use the same razor for face and pubic area,” the answer is no. Besides, do not forget to follow our tips to reduce any unwanted problems when you decide to do so. What is more, you had better get a suitable razor for yourself.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us!

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