Do Electric Razors Get Dull? And How To Maintain Their Sharpness.

Since the time spent grooming and shaving has been restricted due to the fast-paced life, people are looking for a device that can provide them a neat and clean appearance in a nick of time and an electric shaver is their top choice.

Thanks to the high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology applied when manufacturing the electric razors, the sharpness of these blades are significant and can satisfy the most fastidious customers.

Do Electric Razors Get Dull?

Yes, your electric razors will get dull after they are used for several months. A cutter that is continually being used will ultimately be dull and it is inevitable.

The foils and blades of your electric razor will gradually wear down over time if you shave or trim your hair on a daily basis as each time you shave, the hair will create minuscule chips on the surface of the blades.

Day by day, the amount of tiny chips increases and blunt the blades.

The Consequences Of Shaving With Dull Electric Razors

The dull blades will increase the amount of time the shaver needs to shave off your hair.

Furthermore, these razor blades will irritate your skin as they will tug your hair and apply extra friction and stress on your skin surface. As a result, you will no longer have the great, smooth, and close shaving experience as usual.

Moreover, you also increase the risk of developing skin irritation, redness, rashes, razor burn, or even cutting yourself while shaving with these blunt blades. In some situations, these cuts will get infected if you do not provide proper care.

Another consequence that will annoy you is the post-shave experience is not as comfortable as it used to be. When shaving, you may notice that your skin is less smooth and that you can sense the stubble that is left behind.

If you keep using the dull blades, the shining and sleek appearance will disappear due to the development of rust. And a rusted blade is a perfect environment for Clostridium tetani, a type of bacteria that causes tetanus. 

Blunt electric razor under microscope
Blunt electric razor under microscope

Tips To Maintain The Sharpness Of Electric Razor

Shave With The Grain

When moving the shaver along with the growing direction of the hair, you only need to gently press the shaver against your skin to shave off the hair, which means the blades don’t have to excess too much effort into doing their task. Therefore, the sharpness of these blades will last longer.

Wet Shave

When applying water, cream, or shaving soap before shaving, they will weaken the hair follicles and strands which means the blades can shave off the hair easily without going back and forth to the same spots several times. As a result, these razors can sustain their sharpness longer.

Priming The Facial Skin With Hot Water Before Shaving

The hot water will make your facial hair porous and brittle which means you only need to apply a medium force on the razor to achieve the smooth and close shave as usual. Moreover, the hot water also softens the skin which lessens the friction when contacting the razor. 

Therefore, the blades can last a few more weeks before being thrown into the garbage bin

Grease Your Razors Frequently

Make sure you lubricate your shaver as frequently as possible to maintain the optimal performance of foils and cutters. The oil will reduce the friction among different components which will minimize wear and lower the temperature while operating.

With this simple action, your blades will serve you well for a few months before they have to be changed.

Lubricate your shaver
Lubricate your shaver

Cleanse Your Shaver

If your electric razor is clogged with hair, grime, dead skin, and other nasties, it will work poorly. Every usage of your shaver should be followed by a thorough cleaning which is recommended by the manufacturer.

It’s not a science rocket to cleanse your razor, just hot water, liquid soap are sufficient. If your budget can afford a cleaning station, that is a better option since this device can take good care of both lubrication and cleaning

Use Your Shaver Gently

Mechanical shocks may readily damage cutting components, notably the foils. A knock on the hard surface or the use of heavy cleaning tools might harm them, so be careful not to do so.

For instance, do not use the provided brush to clean the foils as they are delicate and can be easily damaged. When traveling, always remember to put the protective cap on the electric razor and lay it in the carrying bag, and zip the bag carefully. 

Cleaning the electric razor
Cleaning the electric razor

When Should You Replace The Blades?

You should check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the appropriate time to replace the blades. If you can’t find the handbook, you should replace the blades and foils every 12 to 18 months.

However, in reality, you might need to change your cutter sooner than expected as there are many factors that might affect the lifespan of your cutters, and below are some of them:

  • Your shaving routine.
  • The coarseness and thickness of the hair
  • How often do you clean your shaver
  • The blade and foil’s quality.
  • The usage of pre-shave powder includes minerals (the shaver will wear down quickly if you use it more frequently).
Rotary razor blades
Rotary razor blades

Signs Your Shaver Blade Needs To Be Replaced

How can you tell the exact time to purchase new blades and foils? If that is the case, there are several things to look out for:

  • The quality of your shaver begins to deteriorate. This is an indication that the blades have dulled, and you’ll need to shave more often to achieve a close shave.
  • The pulling and yanking becomes a little more intense. When the shaver begins pulling on the hairs, it’s typically because the cutting block has worn out.
  • The shaver’s head heats up to an uncomfortable level. That means the friction created during the shave is enormous which is the result of the blunt blades.
  • Shaving is less enjoyable. This occurs as you need to press your shaver harder on the skin as well as go back and forth a spot to shave off the hair. 

Is your shaver showing one or more of the following signs? If so, it may be time to replace the shaver components.


We hope that with all the information provided in this article, you already have the answer to the question “Do electric razors get dull?” as well as what to do in order to maintain their optimal performance.

Basically, you don’t need to exert a lot of effort to maintain the efficiency of your electric razor. Just remember to clean it after shaving with soap and hot water. Furthermore, you should notice the sign of the dull blades so that you can save yourself from getting cuts or skin irritation

As usual, please leave any additional questions in the comments area. Also, if you find this information helpful, please share it with others since sharing is caring.

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