Do You Use Shaving Cream With An Electric Razor?

Shaving not only beautifies your image in the eyes of others but also is a sign of proper care and concern for yourself every day. Using a shaver is gradually becoming a preferred alternative to the traditional shaving method with the strength of convenience and safety. However, do you use shaving cream with an electric razor? Let’s find out in this post today.

Do You Use Shaving Cream With An Electric Razor?

Shaving creams are a useful and incredibly convenient invention that we highly recommend using with your razor.

Our skin is very sensitive. If we put too much pressure, we will leave scratches right on our faces. Some people’s skin is so delicate that they will have a very uncomfortable red rash after shaving.

You should use shaving cream

You should use shaving cream.

Shaving cream is actually a foamy solution, used as a lubricant mainly on the skin (especially the face and legs). They help prevent razor burn or razor discomfort. Key ingredients include surfactants, solvents, humectants, modifiers, lubricants, and cosmetic ingredients.

Tips on How To Get A Nice Shave

Let’s find out some ways to get a nice and nite shave, shall we?

Be Prepared 

The most important step to get started is to choose the right shaving cream. The selection is also based on the following factors: The hardness of the beard, the texture, and the nature of the skin. If your skin is too sensitive, a foam with less fragrance and chemical ingredients is a safer choice.

One thing that certainly few people notice is the exfoliating before shaving. You should use natural cleansers that help exfoliate and also avoid scratches and infections during the shaving process.

Ideally, you should shave after bathing or use a warm towel to cover the area to be shaved. The warmth will help open the pores gently, and the skin and beard will become soft and moist. Then, shaving will be made easier, and avoid the damage caused by the razor.

Apply a little moisturizing oil to your skin, do you use shaving cream with an electric razor? Yes, it seems a bit feminine, but the outcome will surprise you. Then, take some shaving cream, create a lather with a little warm water, and use a specialized brush to apply it to your face skin.

Be Efficient and Careful 

To get a neat and sharp shave, you need to do it properly and effectively.

First, it is necessary to determine the exact direction of beard growth. You need to use your hands to swing it back and forth in front and behind where the beard grows. If you notice that your pores and beard are opposite to the direction of your hand, that is the direction of beard growth.

When shaving, glide the knife gently since pressing too hard can cause cuts, irritation, and redness. It would be best to stretch the skin and shave in the direction of the beard.

You should be careful when shaving

You should be careful when shaving.

For a close shave, you can shave against the beard. Regularly rinse the razor blade under warm running water between shaves to prevent excessive clumps of the beard and foam from sticking to the blade.

The chin and lips are the hardest to shave and the most prone to injury. Treat these delicate areas of your face by allowing the shaving cream to absorb longer to make the beard softer. You can also curl your lips over your teeth to stretch the skin and make shaving easier.

Shave the sides of the sideburns properly so that they are symmetrical. Make sure you don’t miss any hair – even in places like under your nose.

Use High Speed

High speed is also a deciding factor. It can both save you time and keep your beard from getting messy. There’s nothing worse than having to go to work with a face that looks like you’re a kid in need of a shaver for the first time.

You should prioritize setting the speed for the shaver at around 13000 CPM. This is just the right amount to achieve the effect without scratching your face. Furthermore, the longer you take, the hotter the razor will be. And remember, your skin is delicate, so you definitely don’t want to get a razor burn.

Clean Properly After

After shaving, wash your face thoroughly with cold water and dry with a clean towel. If you accidentally cut the skin, use disinfectant and then use a tissue to absorb the blood. You can use ointments with aloe or green tea extracts that will help prevent the skin from drying out and soothe the wounds when shaving.

In addition, guys also need to moisturize their skin after shaving. Dry skin is very prone to irritation. When irritated, the skin can become red and ingrown hairs, causing itching, discomfort, and loss of aesthetics. It would be best to use a light lotion or body oil. You should choose skincare products from reputable cosmetic brands from major corporations to ensure the best results.


Use a moisturizer for a perfect look.

You shouldn’t use products of unknown origin or with harmful ingredients to avoid causing allergies. In addition, coconut oil is also a great choice if you are looking for a natural option.

You also need to pay attention to cleaning the shaver to avoid infection if there is an open wound or acne. After each shave, wash off excess cream and hair from the blade regularly. Rinse under warm water to warm up the blade, and vice versa, dip in water to clean the other side of the blade.


Do you use shaving cream with an electric razor? Definitely YES.

We highly recommend you to use shaving cream with an electric razor. This will help you avoid any problems like itching, redness, or infection. If we shave incorrectly, it will lead to many harms and bad effects on the facial skin.

We hope you are satisfied with the answer and thank you for reading.

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