Does Shaving Make You Look Younger?

Is shaving anti-aging? Check this article out to see if you can stay younger and age gracefully if you include shaving in your groom routine!

There are many myths out there when it comes to shaving. There is a mistaken belief that shaving will fade away tan, yet the opposite has been proven to be true.

Another misconception is that shaving makes facial hair thicker. It turns out that it does not change hair thickness or its growth rate in reality. 

Today, we’ll debunk another hair removal myth – does shaving make you look younger? A youthful glow is everyone’s dream (we bet you’re not the exception), so we also bonus some effective tips to help you reverse or pause the clock a bit in the least! 

Does Shaving Make You Look Younger?

Yes, shaving your facial hair can make you appear younger than your actual age, according to research. Shaving gets rid of the beard, stubble, or mustache that are often associated with aging.

A beard can add 10 years to a man’s real age. A mustache is believed to make a man appear 5 years older and a light stubble can push his appearance fast forwards 3 years. 

a bushy beard can add up to 10 years to a man’s perceived age
a bushy beard can add up to 10 years to a man’s perceived age

In addition, shaving does more things under the surface to give you a younger look. This grooming practice is known for its exfoliating effect – pull out layers of dead skin cells and unclog the skin pores. All of these contribute to healthier, more radiant, and youthful skin. 

Why Shaving Makes You Look Younger?

Remove Dead Skin Cells

One of the culprits that can make a man look older is the build of dead skin cells on their face. They can make the skin surface appear duller, drier, more leathery, and older.

The longer dead skin cells hold on, the more likely degradation in the skin happens, which can lead to issues like dandruff, rashes, and itchiness. 

As you get older, the skin will gradually lose efficiency at shedding these dead cells. The presence of facial hair also has the same effect, no matter which age you’re at. Shaving is a way to exfoliate your skin. The blade not only whacks off the facial hair but also scrapes away these dead cells.

shaving scapes away dead skin cells, which prevents skin issues and helps skin stay healthy and youthful
shaving scapes away dead skin cells, which prevents skin issues and helps skin stay healthy and youthful

Open The Clogged Pores

Dead skin cells can also clog the pores when not removed. So when you shave, you’re eliminating these cells and unclogging the pores simultaneously. This clears up your skin and gives it a fresher, brighter look.

However, the benefits of cleaning and unclogging skin pores do not stop there. Your pores are responsible for channeling the sebum produced by glands to the skin’s surface to lock in moisture and hydrate your skin. 

When dead skin cells or product buildup get trapped inside, pores are less competent to do this job, leaving a hydrated, older-looking skin. 

Feel Light And Comfortable

Not all men view a beard as a matter of pride or a confidence boost. Some just feel extremely uncomfortable sporting a heavy beard or stubble.

The longer the beard grows, the more weight they feel, along with discomfort and awkwardness. With a few razor strokes, you can easily lift this weight off and help your face feel way lighter and more comfortable.

Helps Beauty Products Go Into The Skin Better

According to most dermatologists, youthful appearance is mainly determined by the health and look of your skin. If you want it to look good on the outside, you should nurture it from the inside.   

Moisture plays a vital role here, which helps your skin look more lively and become firmer and more elastic. With facial hair getting in the way, any moisturizer you use will have a harder time penetrating the skin, which largely defeats its purposes in the first place. 

When you smoothen the skin by shaving, this barrier is lifted, and the water content in a moisturizer can seep into the skin better. All the serums or nutrients meant to rejuvenate your skin also work at their best on the clean-shaven face. 

facial hair deters skincare products from seeping into your skin
facial hair deters skincare products from seeping into your skin

Easier To Manage

Of course, you can still keep your beard, but it is important to keep it well-groomed to prevent it from adding a handful of years to your real age. 

However, keeping a fresh, awesome-looking beard is no mean feat. There are plenty of things to master, from styling to maintenance tips. 

Most importantly, your beard calls for a whole different routine and choice of products from your hair. You cannot treat the two things the same way, which can be a bummer when you’re short on time.

Therefore, if you feel it’s too much of an uphill battle growing and maintaining a beard, you’d better go beard-less. 

How To Look Younger

Commit To A Fresh, Neat Look

Facial Hair

A clean-shaven face tends to give the impression of youthfulness. Yet, if you still wish to grow your beard, keep it short on either side and long on the bottom. This styling lends a more youthful and hygienic look to your face. 

With age, the texture of the facial hair also gravitates towards the coarser side. To prevent this, it is highly recommended to use beard oil everyday or every other day so that you can feel your hair softer and healthier.

Apply oil to your beard after you’re done showering and conditioning it. 

Eyebrows, Ear And Nose Hair

Unwanted hair on your face can also add ups to your perceived age. If there’s any freakingly long stray hair in the eyebrows, use a pair of brow scissors to trim or pluck them off with tweezers. 

unwanted hair on your face can also add ups to your real age
unwanted hair on your face can also add ups to your real age

Attention-seeking ear hair or hair that protrudes out of the nostrils also contributes to the unkempt look. You can have your barber remove them while you’re having a haircut.

If you want to do it yourself, use a dedicated trimmer or grooming scissors (those that don’t have pointed ends). Never pluck or wash, especially with your nostril hair. 


Maintaining a rejuvenating, neat look for hair is not necessarily demanding, except for regular visits to the salon for haircuts. However, if your hair runs into any of these problems, things might take extra effort:

  • Gray hair

Gray hues are often stereotyped as aging, and for good reasons. A person with salt-and-pepper hair can be perceived as many years older than you’re otherwise.

We recommend using a color camouflage service at a hair salon to cover grays. The blending process usually takes no longer than 10 minutes, and you can step out of the store looking at least 5 years younger. 

  • Baldness and receding hairlines

For these issues, the best solution is to go bald or at least go shorter. We recommend turning to a pro for advice since they can assess your scalp, hair type, and head shape to make a reasonable decision. 

If your hair shows signs of thinning, falling or receding but not to the point to say your parting words, color camo can be a remedy. This treatment creates the illusion of depth, volume, and fullness in your hair. 

Take Care Of Your Skin

Wear Sunscreen

A study has shown that daily use of sunscreen has anti-aging effects. Apply sunscreen to your face every time you spend time outdoors, and your skin will thank you! 

Apply Retinoids

Retinoids are the most popular ways to rejuvenate your skin. They boost collagen production, making your skin firmer, more elastic, and thus look younger. They can also soften and smoothen out wrinkles, fine lines, and even pigmentation. 

However, skin peeling with retinoids is quite a long-term commitment, as it will generally take up to 12 weeks before you can see any noticeable change in your skin. 

retinoids help smoothen wrinkles and fine lines
retinoids help smoothen wrinkles and fine lines

Use Moisturizer

Do not skip moisturizing your skin if you want to look as young as you can in the years to come. You should choose the right moisturizer for your skin type and have SPF properties of at least 30. Apply your moisturizer after shaving or showering to get the best results. 

Go For Professional

Botox And Fillers

These treatments can help you reverse the clock slightly without downtime or surgery.

  • Botox injections help improve skin elasticity, which is what we usually see in those with more youthful skin.
  • Fillers are also a common choice to rejuvenate your look, especially if you want to restore lost facial volume in areas such as the eyes and cheeks. 


Dermaplaning essentially works in the same way as shaving. Its main benefit is to exfoliate your face skin and remove the pesky fine baby hair (also known as vellus hair). It leaves your skin more youthful and brighter. 

While there is no downtime needed for recovery after the treatment, dermaplaning must be administered by a certified dermatologist, and the effect only lasts around 3 weeks on your skin. 

dermaplaning helps skin look more youthful and more radiant
dermaplaning helps skin look more youthful and more radiant


Does Shaving Age Your Face? Is Shaving Anti-Aging?

No, shaving does not age your face but makes your skin look younger for all the above reasons. Shaving your face can also mean deducting a few years from your perceived age or even your real age. 

However, from an anti-aging point of view, there still lacks evidence that shaving helps with slowing down the aging process. So, no, it cannot be regarded as anti-aging. 

However, all the inconvenience and hassle of shaving can easily be precluded by its benefits, and we highly recommend this grooming practice if you want to look more youthful and vibrant. 

Does Shaving Reduce Wrinkles?

Shaving does little to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from taking shape but does nothing to reduce your face’s existing wrinkles, slacking, and sagging. It simply cannot reverse the clock in this regard. 

Many people stumble on the old-aged misconception, however. They think shaving is why men have fewer wrinkles and lines than women. It turns out that shaving has no role to play here, but hormonal sets and biological differences do.  

Why Do I Look Weird After Shaving My Mustache?

It’s not uncommon to feel weird and look different after shedding your mustache. Due to its sensitivity, the skin in the top lip can induce a weird feeling when it comes into contact with the razor that it has grown unfamiliar with for years. 

Shaving can cause swollen skin in this area, which is a clearer indicator of the change on your face, and you feel differently.

A bushy, puffy mustache covers your jawline and makes your face look bigger and perhaps more mature. After getting rid of it, your face becomes smaller and somewhat like a baby’s face. 

The last reason why you feel weird about your freshly shaven face is the sensation of the mustache hair gives.

Your movements and air motions stir these hairs even without your awareness. When the hair is removed, and the sensation is gone, it can create a disagreeable and unpleasant feeling. 

Final Thoughts

Does shaving make you look younger? You can expect to shave away some years off your biological age with frequent razor strokes.

Shaving is an affordable way to maintain a younger appearance. Yet, if you want to look as young as possible, it is essential to neatly groom your hair, look after your skin, and use professional treatment if necessary.

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