Does Shaving Make You Look Younger?

For women, facial shaving is not simply about the mustache but also about the fluff and dead skin cells on the face. Although this skincare method is growing in popularity, there are still quite a few questions surrounding it. 

Does Shaving Make You Look Younger as rumored? We will show you the answer now.

What are the Benefits of Shaving? 

The biggest benefit of shaving is the physical exfoliation that regenerates skin cells. Exfoliating removes the dead skin layer, enabling new cells to regenerate and thus invigorates your skin.

Besides, shaving also keeps your pores unclogged, as it helps release the sweat and oil deep underneath your skin. The cleaner your skin gets, the more effective your skincare routine becomes. 

According to dermatologists, this method is safe for most skin types. However, some exceptions still exist: if you have extremely sensitive skin, facial shaving may not be right for you.

Does Shaving Make You Look Younger?

Many people notice a difference in their skin right after shaving, as their skin becomes brighter and smoother. But in terms of clinical effects, does shaving make your skin younger? Unfortunately, the answer is no. 

However, if the judgments are of bare eyes, you will probably look a few years younger. 

Shaving can make you look younger in some ways

Shaving can make you look younger in some ways.

Shaving will spark your confidence. It may not sound too related, but having a bright, clean face without jagged mustaches will do wonders for you in social circumstances. It is the fearless, model-like attitude that helps you look young and vibrant.

Mental comfort is also a prerequisite for beautiful skin. When you’re happy, your brain releases hormones that make your skin glow and minimize the early formation of wrinkles. 

Another reason is that facial shaving removes dead skin cells that prevent contact with skincare products. Exfoliating opens a path for these products to penetrate deeper layers of the skin for more effective care, giving you a healthy, youthful appearance.

Does Shaving Your Face Help With Wrinkles? 

Besides its main ability to exfoliate dead cells and fluff, facial shaving also benefits anti-aging. 

Skin scraping leaves several subclinical wounds in the skin. They stimulate your facial skin’s natural response and cause it to make adjustments such as reducing blood pumping and oil production. 

The regulating process will take place for a while and gradually promote collagen proliferation, an extremely effective anti-aging ingredient. 

Shaving does not help with wrinkles

Shaving does not help with wrinkles.

In addition, science has also proven that regular exfoliation will accelerate the regeneration of skin cells and stimulate collagen production. However, this measure does not bring as considerable an effect for women as men. 

The skin structure of women and men is the same. But women’s skin is more delicate and sensitive while men’s have more hair follicles and active sebaceous glands. Therefore, regular shaving will make the guys look younger and cleaner.

How to Make You Look Younger?

Commit to a fresh, neat look

The first thing you can do to reverse your aging process is regular shaving and grooming. Paying attention to your skin and hairstyle can do wonders for your appearance. 

Your hair plays an equally important role because it will help you look more active and lively. Sometimes, a little bit of change, like cutting your hair short or dyeing a new color, will surely bring about a fresh look.

Take care of your skin.

Having beautiful, flawless skin is the prerequisite for a youthful appearance. You can see it as the most obvious reflection of physical and mental health.  

take good care of your skin for a refreshing look

Please take good care of your skin for a refreshing look.

To achieve the goal, first, build yourself a suitable skincare routine. Finding out what works and what doesn’t will benefit your skin a lot. 

Instead of chasing after expensive or luxurious cosmetics, you should experiment with simpler products to avoid allergies and side effects. Be diligent in using moisturizers and sunscreen every day to have plump, youthful skin.

It would be best to stay away from products that contain ingredients harmful to the skin, such as parabens, preservatives, sulfates, alcohol, or fragrances. You should prioritize natural products that contain anti-aging ingredients, such as green tea.

In addition to taking care of your skin, you should also focus on your daily routine by choosing a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Go for professional dermaplaning

Experts are always the ones who best understand the technical factors to avoid hurting your skin. So, consulting a dermatologist is always advisable. 

They can give you additional supplements or treatments based on your specific condition to prevent bleeding and itching after shaving.  Of course, the cost will be more expensive, but in return, doctors will take care of you throughout the time before and after the procedure.


Will hair grow back after shaving?

Yes. Your facial hair will grow back like before because shaving only removes the top part, not completely removing the pores. However, don’t worry about them growing thick as this won’t happen.

Can A Beard Make You Look Younger?

No, it won’t.

Beard has never been a good choice when it comes to making you look young and active. We still recommend, as mentioned above, commit to a clean, shaved face.

Why Do I Look Weird After Shaving My Mustache?

This is a common question and you are not alone. The human brain has a distinct recognition mechanism. And if you’ve been wearing a beard for a long time, it will take some time for the brain to adjust.


In the end, Does Shaving Make You Look Younger? Scientifically, we have to say it will not work effectively, but it can still change your appearance and make you appear a few years younger. 

We hope you enjoy this post and thank you for reading.

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