Electric Shaver Vs Razor: Which One Is For You?

Razors have been a familiar friend to men for ages, while electric shavers popped out in many bathrooms much later. Both of them offer their advantages as well as disadvantages. Thus, the debate on electric shaver vs razor has been ongoing for quite some time.

What are the differences between them? Let’s make a comparison to find out the answer in our post.

Electric Shaver: Overview

Electric shavers have recently gained popularity among men. They gradually occupy an important position in many household bathrooms due to their modern, convenient, and versatile features.

What Is An Electric Shaver?

An electric shaver is a device powered by electricity to trim away body hair. It falls under two types: foil and oscillating.

Equipped with a blade-covering foil, the foil shaver offers users a closer shave. Meanwhile, the oscillating uses a sequence of rotating blades to get an even shave but less close.

An Electric Razor

An electric shaver

Pros & Cons


  • Fast and convenient
  • Portable
  • No need for special grooming items
  • Reduce nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs


  • Frequently shaving requirement
  • Noisy
  • Require rechargeable battery or power outlet
  • Need more attention in terms of cleaning

Razor: Overview

So far, most men have considered razors an indispensable item to keep a clean appearance despite the invention of electric shavers. Why’s that?

What Is A Razor?

A razor is a cutting tool with a sharp blade delivering the same results as an electric shaver: remove unwanted hair. This is a more traditional manner of shaving compared to electric ones.

There are two main razor types – disposable cartridge razors and safety razors. The disposable one often comes in multi-blade, such as three and five blades, yet these models can cause irritation and ingrown hairs. Meanwhile, safety razors are a better option as they use double-edged blades to provide a pretty close shave.

disposable razor

A disposable razor.

Pros & Cons


  • Close shave
  • Small and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to replace blades as well as equipment
  • Effortless due to easy cleaning


  • Require grooming products
  • Take time to prepare
  • The blades dull quickly
  • Less versatile
  • Increase the chance of nicks, cuts, and razor burns

Electric Shaver Vs Razor: Comparison

Each item gives you certain upsides and downsides, so it may be a bit difficult to decide which one is better or worse. Therefore, we will provide some details about their differences for you to consider:

Expected Costs

When it comes to the initial investment, a razor seems to cost less as it comes with a lower price. However, in the long run, the electric shaver is the winner in this battle, as you just have to consider the electricity expenditure.

Additionally, a razor requires some grooming products for the shaving process. It means that items like shaving foams, gels, and balms can add up in the price of using a razor. Besides, the blades of razors usually call for replacement as they dull after every 4-5 shaves.

Ease Of Use

The ability to master a shaving instrument varies differently. Both of them require beginners to practice to get a perfect shave.

With an e-razor, you can learn quickly after several uses. Try to keep it perpendicular to the skin and shave against the grain, and you will get absolute results.

the electric razor

Using an electric shaver

Much like its rival, the razor requires some learning effort. It is not easy to get a clean shave finish on the first try without any cuts. Due to the sharp blades, you should pay much attention to the passing of the grain to avoid injuries.

Thus, whether an electric razor or a manual one is easier to use depends on your subjective experience.

Using a razor

Using a razor


In terms of versatility, both electric shaver and razor can perform various functions.

You can shave many distinct areas at varying lengths, such as facial hair, beards, mustaches, and sideburns with the electric tool. In many cases, people also use it to trim body hair.

For a razor, the pivoting head allows it to work safely on the scalp, chest, arms, and groin area, not only intended for facial hair. As a result, the safety razor has gradually grown in popularity with women.


Electric shavers are easily carried and travel-friendly. Some models possess a travel-lock function, which prevents accidentally turning on during transit. In addition, the battery life on most types of electric shaving tools offers more than 45 minutes of operation time. Enough for you to shave regularly in a few weeks.

Razors are quite portable too. The cartridge razor is the smallest item, and you can pack it in your luggage. However, the safety razor is not the same in this situation because TSA bans blades. You may either pay for check luggage expenses or purchase blades at the destination.

Smooth Shaving

Despite offering wet shaves, electric shavers do not deliver as good results as razors when it comes to a smooth finish.

Using a razor helps you look cleaner with smooth skin. Plus, it will take longer for hair to grow back until the next shaving. So it’s a pretty good idea to own a razor if you want a smooth shave.


For a quick trim of a beard, an electric shaver can help you. All you need to do is use the shaver and get the stubble at your wanted length. Then, your total time for shaving takes no more than two minutes daily, and you can go out without washing up after.

When you go for a razor, some preparations are necessary before you start shaving. Items like razor heads, shaving foam, gels, and balms make the process longer. Besides, meticulousness while shaving also takes you a few more minutes compared to the electric device. Thus, between electric shaver and razor, the victor in this aspect is the first one.

Various razors

Various razors

Who Should Choose An Electric Shaver? 

  • If you are supposed to get a fast shave to save time in the morning, the electric shaver is the better option as you need no wetting or lathering.
  • This e-razor is ideal for sensitive skin. While the manual razor runs sharp blades across your skin, the electric one rolls up your skin to reduce the risk of cuts or scrapes.

Who Should Choose A Razor?

  • The razor is suitable for those who don’t mind spending time and effort utilizing a more time-consuming shaving instrument.
  • Those who wish to get a smooth finish should choose a razor. Manual razors can deliver a better result than electric shavers regarding smooth shaving. Be sure that you are confident enough to get rid of cutting or nicking your skin.


To sum up, it’s hard to tell which is better between electric shaver vs razor. Each offers distinct pros and cons, and personal preference varies from one person to another. Therefore, you should consider their differences to find out your best suitable shaving tool.

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