Electric Wet Shaving: Why Not Giving It A Try?

Unsure how to prepare your skin, how to get absolute results, or how to avoid common blunders before shaving? When you begin electric wet shaving, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Our ultimate guide on how to wet shave with an electric razor will show you the way. All about this shaving technique will be discussed in this content. Let’s dive right in to learn tricks and tips and master your skill!

What Is Wet Shaving?

Wet shaving is the process of removing hair from the wet skin with a sharpened edge and water. Basically, it’s just about shaving with water and some lubricant and skincare products.

A  traditional wet shaving starter pack often contains a safety razor, a shaving brush, and shaving cream/soap. Modern wet shaving kits also contain those components, but developing technology and shaving knowledge have provided users with a wider range of options.

Electric Razor Shaving

Electric Razor Shaving

The Ultimate Guide To Mastering The Art Of Electric Wet Shaving

Make sure your electric shaver is fully charged, then you can follow this detailed guide to master the art of wet shaving!


The first step in wet shaving is to wash your face carefully to remove dirt and oil and open your pores. This preparation helps bring you a closer shave.

Wash your face and neck gently with warm water and face soap. Make sure you don’t apply hand soap or shower cream to your face, as they may eliminate your skin’s natural oils. Don’t forget your neck; it’s important as well!

You might use pre-shave oil at this stage since it can minimize skin swelling and cushion the hair follicle before shaving. We recommend products composed of natural ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, or palm oil.

Lather Up

Unlike traditional shaving, using electric shavers doesn’t require the cushioning effect because no razor blade is touching the skin. Using too much lather will negatively affect your results. Additionally, ensure that your lather is more watery than normal wet shaving with a razor.



Prepare lather in a bowl, cup, or even directly on your face. Though you can utilize a brush for this lathe, we recommend using hand/palm and follow these easy-to-follow guides:

  1. Wet your hands, squeeze a dollop of shaving cream (about the size of an almond), and gently massage them together. One tip here is that soft cream tubes would best benefit this process.
  2. If the lather seems too dry, add a few drops of water. The perfect lather should be extremely thin, smooth, just a bit pasty, and creamy. You won’t want your electric razor stuck with lather.
  3. Apply a thin layer of lather to your face. A thick covering will obstruct your razor’s performance.

And now, it’s shaving time!

The Shaving Process

Shaving process

Shaving process

First and foremost, shave against the grain of the beard or facial hair. This step will assist you in pulling the hair follicle projecting from the skin out of the way and allows the razor to cut lower down the follicle. As a result, it brings a closer shave.

Though the electric razor is prone to speed up the shaving process, you should take it slowly and gently.

You can reapply some lather/water to any area that requires repeated passes, but don’t go overboard, or the razor will clog. A thin layer is better to redo any area. Stop shaving when you get your favorite smooth skin.

After Shaving

Once finished shaving, take a few extra minutes to do your aftershave routine. Use cool water to wash your face. Make sure to get rid of any hair or lather that may appear appealing or irritate your skin.

We suggest using an aftershave product that contains components like Vitamin A, aloe vera, or witch hazel, which can replenish your skin’s natural oils.

An aftershave product

An aftershave product

Now, don’t forget to take care of your shaver! The dirtiness of the razors can affect the shaving process and cause problems with your skin. Generally, you should apply one or two drops of oil to your electric razor.

You can also refer to your razor’s manufacturer’s instructions for the best maintenance and washing techniques.

Why Is Electric Wet Shaving A Great Experience?

Wet shaving provides a unique experience that dry shaving could never achieve!

Reason #1: Make Skin Healthier

Use waterproof electric shavers, and follow pre-shave and post-shave steps with cream and cleanser. This will do good for your skin as it will get more pliable, younger, and healthier in the long run.

Also, electric wet shaving helps remove dirt and debris from the skin’s top layer, which acts as the exfoliation step.

Reason #2: Travel-friendly

Wet razors are significantly smaller, lighter, and easier to transport. Moreover, a single charge should be plenty for your entire journey! Hence, it’s perfect for travel lovers!

Reason #3: Bring A Different Experience

Doing this slowly can allow guys to spend time to escape from their busy schedule, go through the stages of shaving prep, and use high-quality lotions or soaps to enjoy a luxurious and peaceful experience.

Reason #4: Save Money

If you want a nice shave without having to pay for an expensive barbershop-like experience, the electric wet shaver is the perfect choice for you! Compared to going to the salon, using an electric wet razor at home has a much lower long-term cost.

Pros & Cons

Here is our quick rundown of this shaving method’s pros and cons. Let’s take a look!


  • More economical
  • Unique experience
  • Beneficial for the skin’s health
  • Convenience
  • Exfoliation


  • Require water
  • Not a close shave
  • Time-consuming

Wrapping Up 

Hopefully, this article has provided you with a basic grasp of electric wet shaving. Now you understand that this shaving way is worth trying for the closer shave and unique experience it brings!

Keep in mind to clean your electric razor regularly, as dirty electric razors harm your skin’s health.

Enjoy your time shaving!

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