How Does An Electric Shaver Work? The Ultimate Explanation For You

Lots of people use electric razors every day, but not everyone understands how this tool operates. If you want to find out “how does an electric shaver work?” and their mechanisms to get the most out of them, this post will give you the best answers.

Please read carefully to see what kinds of information you missed about electric shavers and ways to find the suitable one for you.


Electric Shavers

How Does An Electric Shaver Work In General?

To begin with, we will see how an electric razor finishes its tasks in general before heading to more detailed info.

Many users switch from the usual to electric razors as there is a fundamental difference between these two types. Instead of manually using shaving blades, you will have a small electric cutting tool performing actions like scissors with electric shavers.

More specifically, there is a hole in the electric shaver, and after the shaver’s blade cuts your hair, the hair will go into that hole. Between your skin and the tool’s foil, a small engine will oscillate and move in a circuitous move to help the blades operate properly.

There will be no irritation with this feature when using an electric razor, as the blades can’t contact your skin directly.

However, can you guess where the electricity comes from to run through your shaver? Depending on which type of electric razor you choose, you can plug the tool or use batteries to provide the electricity for it.

Besides, most shavers’ newest versions can work with rechargeable batteries to power the devices so you can get greater convenience when choosing them.

Also, it would be smart to pay more attention to your safety when using the electric razor. Please consider the quality before the price as a good, high-quality product will offer you useful water-cleanable and water-resistant functions.

Also, remember that most electric shavers are dry versions. As a result, you need to use lubricants or water with your razor to get the best outcomes.

And that’s how every electric razor works, yet there are two different kinds for you to choose when buying an electric shaver – foil shavers and rotary shavers. Keep reading to see and understand exactly about your razor’s operation.

How Does Each Type Of Electric Razor Operate? – Foil And Rotary Razors


Rotary vs Foil

You can get impressive results with any type, but there are still differences in the performance between foil and rotary electric razors.

Our tip is to buy a razor after considering some factors like personal tastes, hair type, and daily routine, etc., to pick a suitable electric razor for you.

Foil Shavers

When you turn the foil razor on, its blades will move back and forth to cut your hair under a foil screen. Simultaneously, there are special holes and perforations on this screen to let the hair fall through them.

There are four straight shaving blade lines with foil shavers, and they will start cutting the hair falling through the perforations or holes. With this mechanism, the tool can work closer and more safely with your skin by lifting your hair then cutting it.

Although the number of foils is also different in different foil shavers, their design style is the same. Manufacturers typically align these foils on top of each other and use them to cover the blade.

Here are some signs for foil shaver users:

  • Love shaving with great perfection
  • Straight facial hair
  • Want to clean the razor frequently
  • Extremely close shaving
  • Want to shave every day

Rotary Shavers

There are also foils inside the rotary shavers, but the springs are responsible for holding them. The springs will make the foils pivot and contour on your face while you are shaving.

The location of rotary shavers’ blades is the same as the foil ones. There are foils in the spinning wheel, and the blades stay underneath them. When the hair enters the perforations and holes, these blades will start cutting.

After that, the hair will fall into the shavers’ hollow spaces, so they can’t contact your skin directly, and you don’t have to worry about irritations after shaving.

If you have thick and long hair and don’t want to shave too frequently, a rotary shaver is a perfect choice. This tool will help you have a clean and fresh start every Monday morning. Here are some signs for rotary shaver users:

  • Hard-to-shave neck area
  • Not-too-sensitive skin
  • Multi-direction hair growing
  • Love the rotary shaver’s quiet engine (unlike the foil razor)
  • Long and thick hair

As you can see, rotary razors seem to have more advantages than the foils one with their mechanism and style:

  1. There is less noise than foil shavers.
  2. You can easily shave in any style you want, such as up-down, side-to-side, or circular motion.
  3. Rotary shavers are perfect for long and thick hair.
  4. Rotary shavers can precisely follow your face shape as they have circular blades. These blades can flex and spin automatically; hence, you can easily shave your neck and face.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found answers to the question “how does an electric shaver work?” in terms of the typical electric razors’ mechanism and each type’s operation. We believe that with all the information about foil and rotary razors, you can choose the perfect product for yourself.

Thank you for reading!

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