How Long Do Electric Razors Last?

The shaver is an inseparable product for all men to get rid of shaggy facial hair. Men use the shaver a lot since they have to keep their beards clean all the time. Recently, many men have altered the traditional shavers with electric ones as they suppose the latter is more durable. Is that right? How long do electric razors last on average? How can they extend their lives? Let us show you all the tips and tricks!

A lot of men adore using electric shavers instead of traditional ones.

A lot of men adore using electric shavers instead of traditional ones.

How Long Do Electric Razors Last?

Surely the first factor affecting the electric shaver’s lifespan will rely on the materials’ quality. It is best to shop products from reputed brands to ensure product quality.

Overall, the more reputable the brand, the more assured you are about the quality of the product. For high-end shaver products on the market, they can last up to 7 years. Meanwhile, the average type can last about five years, and the lowest ones only last approximately three years.

Cutting-edge electric shavers from famous brands are often high-cost, yet what you get is well worth what you spend. For illustrations, high durability, diverse designs, excellent performance, safety, and water resistance, and so on are available on electric shavers.

The second factor that impacts the shavers’ a lot is how well each owner maintains the machine. Uninformed use or improper maintenance can both make it difficult for your shaver to work perfectly.

There are many kinds of modern electric shavers in the market.

There are many kinds of modern electric shavers in the market.

How To Lengthen Electric Razors Lifespan?

As mentioned earlier, many factors can affect the life of an electric razor, and the leading reason is the quality of the product and how you use/maintain it. You need to understand how to take care of the entire machine and pay attention to its other parts, especially the blade.

In general, after each use, your shaver will accumulate a lot of dirt. If you only clean it through the speaker, it will cause bacteria to multiply, affecting the quality and life of the machine and even your skin.

There are many tips and tricks to improve the life of your razor. You can find out right here:

Clean The Blade After Every Use

Surely after shaving, your dead skin and hair will be stuck in the blade a lot. This causes the razor to dull faster. Therefore, thoroughly rinse the blade with warm water after each shave to remove all residue. This also helps your blade work more efficiently the next time you use it.

Otherwise, every week you should use a specialized brush to gently clean because sometimes just rinsing under the faucet cannot remove all the dirt.

Freshwater could not get rid of all dirt from shavers after use.

Freshwater could not get rid of all dirt from shavers after use.

Lubricate The Razor After Each Use

Your blade can work more smoothly if you put special oil on your blade. From there, hair trimming will also be more effective.

Furthermore, specialized lubricants are capable of protecting metal parts from harsh conditions and rusting.

Store Your Electric Shaver In The Suitable Place

You’d better store the shaver carefully. Placing it in an environment with too hot or too cold can reduce the shavers’ performance and lifespan. There are even some products that cannot operate efficiently in extreme temperatures.

If you do not have a suitable shaver space, purchase a separate box to store your razor instead. This is also quite good to prevent the blade from being damaged by extreme weather conditions or unintended force.

Alternatively, you can also use a specialized protective bag from the bubble wrap or the elastic band to save your electric shavers.

Alter The Blade Regularly

Typically, it would help if you changed grooming tools such as combs, shavers, etc., every six months to keep the best performance of the machine.

The shaver will make the machine work less efficiently if you do not replace the blade for a long time. As a result, the electric shaver will consume more power during the shaving process and shorten its lifespan.


How long do electric razors last? Now you know the life of the shaver will depend not only on the quality of the materials but also on the care taken by its owner. This product comes into direct contact with your face, so it’s best to buy good-quality shavers from reputable brands. Then take good care of them to prolong their life. Hope our post has brought you useful knowledge.

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