How To Clean An Electric Razor In The Most Effective Way

Although it’s a necessary task, many users don’t know how to clean an electric razor. That’s why this post can be of great help!

Electric razor or electric shaver is one of the most useful tools for men, which is more and more favored thanks to the ease of use and high efficiency. However, improper cleaning and storing methods can cause your product to break faster, even if it’s of premium quality.

For that reason, we want to reveal to you a detailed guideline, so you can follow and do it step by step. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Type Of Electric Razor

First, you need to understand this tool. There are 2 main types of electric razors: Rotary electric razors and electric foil razors. Each type has a different design with its pros and cons that you should take a look at.

Rotary Electric Razor

Rotary electric razor

Rotary electric razor

This rotary type has an outstanding design that is different from the conventional ones, so you can easily recognize them. There are 3 to 4 rotating heads that create the rotating motion to remove all beard from your face.

Men who have their beards grow quickly are keen on this type as you can save time when using this. With a wide surface contact area along with high performance, you can easily use this tool every time you feel the beard grow a little and cause discomfort.

One more advantage of these razors is their efficiency. While a traditional item can’t work well at small crannies or snooks of your face, the rotating type will help you solve it.

Lifting the hair then cutting it inside the rotating head is the main mechanism. It’s advisable to move the shaver in a circular motion for a more comprehensive and effective cleaning.


  • Best for fast-growing beard which usually develops in different directions unevenly
  • Remove thick beard without any entanglement
  • Save time thanks to a large contact surface


  • Not an ideal choice for beard styling
  • For sensitive skin, don’t press it to your skin to avoid getting irritation

Electric Foil Razor

Electric foil razor

Electric foil razor

True to its name, foil razor includes layers of foil covering its blades. As usual, it’s designed with a dual blade placed parallel with a groove in the middle.

You can make closer shaves thanks to the flat contact surface. The result is compared to being as effective as using the traditional tool with shaving gel or cream.

When using a foil razor, you can reduce the risk of irritation as you don’t need to press the blades to your facial skin. It’s also easy to control as you don’t need to move it in a circular motion.

The cleaning task isn’t too complicated as it’s straightforward to do. As the blades are easy to disassemble and reassemble, so you can save a lot of time compared to a rotary electric razor.


  • Straightforward to use and control
  • Suitable for different types of skin
  • Reduce the risk of irritating
  • Easy to clean and store after use


  • Doesn’t work well at facial crannies and nooks

How To Clean An Electric Razor

Now you have had some primary information about the electric razor. Let’s jump into the cleaning process.

We classify cleaning tasks into 2 main types: daily cleaning and deep cleaning. There are some differences between them, so make sure that you read it carefully to clearly understand the processes.

Daily Cleaning

You should take the daily cleaning after every time you use it. This is a necessary step you should do to prevent the blade from getting dust and being dull. Moreover, daily cleaning will reduce the task for each deep cleaning time.

One note for you is reading the manufacturer’s introduction to have more information and make sure that you are doing it in the right way.

Take Apart The Cap

You have finished shaving your beards, then turn off the tool and plug it out. Disconnecting from the power source is a prerequisite for your safety so ensure that you did it well.

With a rotary electric razor, there are 2 types of cap you should know. Some items come with a cap attached by a hinge, and you can disassemble, and you can open the nap by lifting a small edge.

Others include a removable cap, and you can take it apart. Find the angle, then lift the lid with the upward direction to detach it. For those who use an electric foil razor, you need to pull it off.

Remove The Hair From Razor Head

Remove the hair from razor

Remove the hair from the razor

After taking the cutting part out, gently tap it to remove the beard inside. You can tap in on the sink or other surface but don’t put too much force to avoid breaking the foil (foil razor) or its cap (rotary razor).

Some high-end items provide you with a specialized brush. You can utilize this accessory to completely sweep out the dust and other debris.

If your tool includes shaving gel or cream, you should rinse it underwater for a few seconds before tapping. After that, reassemble the cap again to come to the next step.

Apply Soap And Turn It On

Rinse your tool under running water, then add a bit of soap or conditioner. Spread the soap carefully to clean all the crannies and nooks of the razor.

Turn it on and leave the shaver for about 10 to 15 seconds to clean itself. You’ll see the foam that covers the cutting block, and some dust can be pushed out.

Rinse Under Water

While your razor is still running, rinse it gently and carefully with warm water. Rinsing should be about 10 seconds or longer to avoid the leftover soap causing rust on the metal details.

In the process, you can stop and tap it gently, then rinse again. This step supports removing soap that is stuck in some corners of the cutting block.

Shake It Off And Let Dry

It’s essential to let the razor completely dry before storing it for next use. If there is water standing inside, it’s hard to dry and causes an uncomfortable feeling in the next use. In addition, water will increase the humidity, and the steam can rust your cutting block soon.

It’s advisable to pull the cap out to create a better condition for it to dry. You can first rub it with a clean piece of cloth, and most of the water can be removed.

Reassemble And Lubricate

Your tool is completely dry, reassemble the cap, and it’s time you lubricate your cutting block. Certainly, you can choose the best lubricant you want.

If you’re using a sprayer, spray it on the blades and foils. Remember to wipe the lubricant on the tool body to avoid slipping when holding or using it next time.

Or you can spread it manually if your lubricant is oil or gel. In case you use a solution, soak the blade with that solution for about 5 minutes and let it dry. Don’t forget to put your razor in a protecting case or box to maintain the best quality for longer use.

Deep Cleaning

It would be better if this process is done once or twice a month. Deep cleaning is quite similar to daily cleaning, but there are some extra steps you have to finish.

At the first step, after pulling the cap out, you should take the cutting block apart too. This makes it easier to sweep carefully and deeply all the dust and debris with a brush or specialized vacuum.

One more additional step is to rinse the cutting block separately after adding it with soap. By this method, you can rinse the cutting block deeply and remove the remaining dirt.

How To Maintain Your Electric Razor

Do you want to keep the best quality of your tool for a long time? You need to use and store it properly.

Many people usually focus on taking the benefits of a tool but are regardless of the necessary caring process. Below are some suggestions about what you should do to maintain the best condition of the electric razor.

Clean It Regularly

As mentioned above, cleaning is one of the must-do steps you should take. This step will reduce dust and hair, which are the main reasons that cause entanglement and rust.

After every use, you should detach the folds and blades to remove all the beard inside your razor. Deep cleaning should be done at least once or twice a month.

Charge When Needed

Charge only when needed

Charge only when needed

Not many users know that the way we charge our razor can significantly affect its longevity. Overcharging or leaving it out of battery for a long time aren’t recommended to do.

Some modern products prevent auto charging when you plug the razor in power, but most of the items on the market can’t. That’s why you shouldn’t overcharge it for a long time, as this can lead to overheating or reducing battery life.

Besides, don’t let your tool completely run out of battery. For those whose beards grow slowly, they don’t have to use the razor every day. And sometimes, charging is forgotten until you turn it on in the morning and find it’s too weak to shave your beards.

How often should you charge your electric razor? There isn’t a fixed number for every product, and you should check the user manual to make sure when is the best time to charge. And remember that you should charge when you need only.

Use The Protection Case

electric razor case

Use a protection case

One of the most carelessness you make when using the razor is dropping it. How many times did you drop your tool? With some users, we make sure that it can’t be less than 10 times.

For this reason, the case is really helpful. It will protect your tool from breaking due to strong impacts. At the same time, when you don’t use the razor regularly, dust and debris won’t gun up and cause the blade to rust or dull.

In addition, we usually put the electric razor in the humid place – the bathroom. High humidity can make the stainless steel blade rust soon, even when you use it 3 to 4 times.

Lubrication Is Necessary

An outstanding advantage of using an electric razor is saving time and money on using shaving cream or gel. However, if you want to maintain the smoothness of this tool, you have to lubricate it regularly.

Lubricants make your shaving process faster, easier, and more comfortable. You can make closer shaves to remove the beard from the root to the tip.

You can consider some multi-use oil such as sewing machine oil or choose a lubricant spray for your razor. Keep in mind that you should detach the head part before lubricating.

Replace The Foil Or Blade When Needed

Maybe you don’t know, but a dull blade can cause uncomfortable cuts or lead to infection. So, replacing the foil or blade is essential for more effective results and protecting yourself simultaneously.

According to experts, you should change the foil or blade each 12 to 14 months. For those who don’t have a suitable cleaning method for their electric razors, this period can be shorter; even when those parts are dull, you should replace them.


Finally, you’ve had all the necessary information about how to clean an electric razor. Expectedly, you’ll find it understandable and helpful for you to maintain the best product’s quality for a long time.

To sum up, you should take both daily cleaning (after each use) and deep cleaning(once or twice a month) for your electric razor. Below are the main steps you should keep in mind

  • Take apart the cap
  • Remove the hair inside
  • Apply soap and turn it on
  • Rinse underwater
  • Shake it off and let dry
  • Reassemble and duplicate

Finally, don’t forget to check the useful tips to store and maintain your tool for long-term use.

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