How To Clean Electric Razor With Alcohol? A Thorough Guide For Everyone

You don’t know how to clean electric razors with alcohol? Do not miss this article as with all useful information in this article, you will know how to do it properly. Let’s go!

Maintaining the sharpness of an electric razor is always the priority of the owners because it directly affects the shaving experience as well as the closeness after shaving.

Therefore, customers are paying more attention to endure the shavers’ sharpness and performance as long as possible. For that reason, They are fanatically searching for the optimal ways to cleanse their shavers. 

Tap water, cleaning station, or liquid soap are commonly used for cleaning shavers. Besides that, using alcohol is also an effective way to clean electric razors, and you might have overheard this method before but have no idea whether it will work.

Thus, this article will guide you how to clean electric razors with alcohol properly. Keep scrolling down for more!

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Electric Razor With Alcohol?

Alcohol is well-known for its efficiency in terms of cleaning and disinfecting. Therefore, when we dip or soak our electric razor’s blades and foils in the alcohol, all the components of the shaver head will be cleaned thoroughly. 

Moreover, alcohol also disinfects and kills most of the germs, bacteria, and microbes residing inside the shaver’s head. 

Therefore, it can cause different types of disease and other infection-causing microbes such as coryneform bacteria, streptococcus pyogenes, and staphylococcus aureus when they land on your skin surface.

Besides that, it also extends the life of the razor, prevents rust, slows down the oxidation process on the blades by washing away grime and oils. 

In addition, alcohol evaporates just quickly when it is exposed to the air so you don’t have to spend too much time on the cleaning process. 

What You Need To Prepare Before Cleaning Electric Razor With Alcohol

Below are the most common devices and materials you should have before cleaning your razor with alcohol.

Aside from alcohol, you’ll need to gather a variety of cleaning products, following the type of your electric shaver.

Razor manuals are the finest source of information on what you need to get. 

When it comes to caring for your razor, most manufacturers include instructions that detail the specific methods you should follow and the specific items you should use.

Rubbing Alcohol

First and foremost, find yourself a bottle of rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. You can easily purchase one in the supermarket or drugstore.

The optimal product you should buy is the one with 70% of isopropyl alcohol because it is an effective agent to disinfecting razor blades with its ability to kill various types of common bacteria such as influenza, coronavirus, and E.Coli.

A bottle of rubbing alcohol
A bottle of rubbing alcohol

In addition, alcohol also does a good job in terms of removing grime and oils.

According to Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, the rubbing alcohol containing 70% isopropyl alcohol is better for killing germs and bacteria as the amount of water in this product allows alcohol to infiltrate cells and destroy bacteria.

If you don’t have much time for this task, consider using liquid with 90% of alcohol or above as these fluids will evaporate in a short amount of time.

If you aren’t uncomfortable when cleansing with alcohol, these are alternative methods that you should give them a try:


Vinegar can disinfect your razor blades as effectively as alcohol because it has antimicrobial properties. Besides, It is safe and leave no noxious odor after cleaning 


  • It’s chemical-free, so you can use it when your kids and dogs are around. 
  • It eliminates dirt and grease efficiently while also disinfecting.


  • Not as strong as other cleaners like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Not everyone can stand the sour smell of vinegar.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This fluid is an antiseptic which is used to treat small wounds, burns and scrapes. It can be used for mouthwash to clear the mucus and treat mild mouth sores.

Therefore, you can use it to clean your razor blades without worrying about the hazardous effects on your health and surroundings.

Yet, it is ineffective against microorganisms compared to isopropyl alcohol.


  • Safe to use
  • An excellent disinfectant
  • Do not harm the surrounding environment


  • As hydrogen peroxide is a mild acid, it can help the formation of rust.
  • It can be fatal if you swallow a specific amount of this substance.

Shaver Cleaner Spray

With the help from this spray, dead skin or debris can be removed completely. Furthermore, it also slows down the wear and corrosion of the cutter.

Although it claims to sterilize the razor, it does nothing in reality. When used in combination with another sanitizing agent, this method yields superior results.


  • Slow down the wear and tear
  • Remove debris and dead skin effectively


  • Quite pricey

Brushes With Soft Bristles

You can buy some soft-bristled brushes at any convenient store or supermarket. However, I prefer using the old toothbrushes as it can save you some dollars.

If you’re using a foil shaver, a soft-bristled old toothbrush is considerably safer and more efficient. 

It’s best not to use any items that are too abrasive on foil shavers because the foil head is quite sensitive and can be damaged if it contacts any hard object.

A quick reminder is that you should cleanse the old toothbrush before using it to clean the electric shaver as it might be a home of various germs and bacteria.

Paper Towels Or Microfiber Cloths

These items will help you absorb all the liquid remaining after cleaning. If you have a budget to buy a microfiber cloth, that’s fantastic as it can suck all the liquid out of your shavers in a blink of the eye. If you don’t have one, don’t worry as a paper towel is a great alternative.

You should prepare some Q-tips in order to clean the edges of the blades more efficiently.


  • You should go through the user guide provided by manufacturers before cleaning as they will instruct you how to cleanse the shavers properly and which materials can be used for cleaning purposes.
  • Kitchen sink or bathroom might be the ideal places for conducting this task as you need the water to clean the shaver as well as the mess after that.
  • Some shaver’s heads can only be opened using a screwdriver. As a result, it’s imperative that you thoroughly inspect the design of this razor before starting.

Clipper Oil

After cleaning the shaver, you should apply a thin layer of clipper oil on the blades.

Although it is not a part of the cleaning process, it is necessary in order to maintain the sharpness and well performance of your shaver.

How To Clean Electric Razor With Alcohol: Step By Step

Step 1: Turn The Razor Off And Then Unplug It

Many customers do not remember to disconnect their shaver, despite the fact it’s an important rule to follow. If you don’t disconnect your electric shaver from the electric plug, high chances are you might get electrocuted.

If your shaver is powered by a battery, you should shut it down before cleaning in order to guarantee your safety.

Step 2: Dismantle Your Shaver

To dismantle different models of electric shavers, follow the instructions that come with each one.

As foil and rotary shavers are the most common types available on the market, we will guide you how to take apart the components in the head of both shavers.

Open the head of the rotary shaver
Open the head of the rotary shaver

Foil Shaver

In most foil electric razors, you can open the foil and the blades easily by gently pressing the button on the head of the shaver. Then, the head and the foil will just pop right off.

Depending on the model, there may be either one or two cassettes included within the foil shaver. You may find out how to remove the cutting cassette by consulting your foil electric razor’s user handbook.

In most situations, It is possible to remove the cutting cassette from the platform with a simple pull. 

Rotary Shaver

If you notice the head of your shaver has three rotating blades which are covered by foils, it is a rotary razor.

A quick reminder is when detaching the blades from the rotary razor, you must handle them with care as the blades are extremely sharp which can create a deep cut in your fingers. 

By pushing a button lying on the side of the razor, you may open its shaving head. Then, carefully pull the head out of the razor. 

After that, placing your thumb and forefinger on the knot at the center of the head, give it a little turn and you can take apart 3 spinning blades along with complete blade assembly and begin the disinfection process.

You should go through the user’s guidebook first in order to prevent any damage you might cause on your shaver during the opening process.

Step 3: Remove The Hair

Depending on the model whether it is water resistant, you can cleanse the debris and hair with water or just dry clean.

Although most of the latest models are waterproof which means they can be applied both wet and dry cleaning, some products are recommended to use wet clean only by the manufacturer and vice versa.

For that reason, you should follow the instructions in the user’s manual to know which way is the most suitable for your razor. 

Dry Electric Razor

With this electric shaver, you just need a brush or an old toothbrush and gently sweep the shaving head until it is clear of hair and debris. Then you might lend a hand from a compact air blower or hair dryer to blow away the left hair or dirt. 

Finally, use a clean towel to wipe off the shaving head components until the dirt is gone.

Wet Electric Razor

Using the toothbrush to brush away the hair stuck in the blade housing, the blades, and the shaving head. 

Then wash them in lukewarm water. If you want to, you can wipe them with detergent. Dip the toothbrush into mild liquid detergent and gently scrub the shaving head and blades.

Brush the head of electric razor
Brush the head of electric razor

Step 4: Apply Alcohol To Disinfect

Using alcohol and disinfecting spray are the two common ways to disinfect your shaver. Below is the process of both methods which will be explained thoroughly.

Disinfecting spray

The greatest part of using disinfecting spray is that you can hit two birds with one stone. Beside disinfecting the blades, it also cleanses them. Therefore, if you have a dry shaver, it is your savior. 

You just need to place the components of your shaving head on a paper or clean cloth and spray this product on them.


Apply a sufficient amount of rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip or a towel to dampen it, and then wipe the blades, the foils, and blade housing slowly and carefully.

You should pay more attention to the corner of each component as these are places where germs and bacteria reside the most. Therefore, it might require you to wipe back and forth several times to disinfect thoroughly.


Feel free to use rubbing alcohol to clean your shaver if it is waterproof. If your shaver is not water-resistant, do not worry as alcohol can evaporate within a nick of time.

Step 5: Put All The Components Back To Their Position

The razor must dry completely before it can be reassembled. You don’t have to worry if there is some alcohol left on the components as it will evaporate quickly. If you still feel the damp on the blade surface, wipe them gently with paper towels and clean cloth.

When reattaching the shaver, handle the sharp blades with caution to prevent any unintended injury.

Step 6: Lubricate Your Shaver

The aim of this step is to disperse the lubricant properly circulated through the blades and the shaving head and each part is well coated with it.

The lubricant on the razors may have been removed during the cleaning procedure. 

As a result, you should apply some clipper oil on the surface of the blades. The oil will prolong the sharpness of the blades resulting in a more comfortable shave.

You can use the oil that comes with your electric shaver when purchasing, or buys a small bottle online or at the convenience store. Just trickling a few drops into the blades in order to keep it well lubricated.

You should clean your electric shaver at least once a month in order to prevent the spread of bacteria when shaving. To make things easier, you may disinfect your shaver as part of your regular monthly cleaning routine.

Lubricate the electric shaver head
Lubricate the electric shaver head


Can I Use Distilled Spirit Or Liquor To Clean My Electric Shaver Instead Of Rubbing Alcohol?

Yes, you can, but the effect won’t be as great as using rubbing alcohol. First, let’s talk about the ingredients of distilled spirit and liquor. 

While the main ingredient of rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol, liquor or spirit contain ethanol alcohol which is safe to drink.

Both types of alcohol can be used for eliminating germs and bacteria if the concentration of alcohol is around 70 percent. However, most distilled spirits only contain 40 to 50 percent of alcohol.

Therefore, you can use distilled spirits or liquors as temporary alternatives when you can’t find rubbing alcohol.  

How Frequently Should I Clean My Electric Razor With Alcohol?

It depends on how often you shave with your electric razor. If you shave on a daily basis, you should use alcohol to clean your razor once a week. As a bonus, the shaver will last longer as germs won’t be able to develop on it.

However, if you can spot any stain or dirt on the blades, you should sanitize them with alcohol immediately.

What Are Consequences of Shaving With A Dirty Electric Shaver?

Shaving with a filthy electric razor can lead to skin irritation, razor burn, and pimples. In addition, the shave won’t be as close as it used to be and you will have a high a chance to cut yourself while shaving. In the worst-case scenario, these cuts will get infected and cause inflammation.


We hope that with all the information provided in this article, you already know how to clean electric razors with alcohol properly  as well as what materials and tools you should prepare for this task.

In general, rubbing alcohol which contains 70% of alcohol is what you need to buy. Other tools and materials can be found easily at your home. 

Your thoughts and questions are welcome as always. You may also spread the word if you find this material useful. Thank you for your reading and have fun while shaving!

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