How To Lubricate An Electric Razor Properly?

Electric razors are highly effective, quick, and secure for many individuals to use throughout the years. But not everyone knows how to lubricate an electric razor properly.

It will be the ideal shaving tool for when you do not like to use mechanical shaving foam or gel or are concerned about the expense. It is further excellent when you desire long-term effects; upkeep is required to enjoy this advantage.

Not only helps clean, lubrication is an important component in extending the lifespan of your shaver and maintaining maximum performance.

So how and when to lubricate an electric razor properly? All you should know about it is right here.


An Electric Razor

Electric Shaver

Why Is Lubrication So Important? – The Benefits Of Lubricating A Blade

There are several reasons why you need to lubricate your electric shaver on a regular basis. To grasp why lubrication is necessary, first learn how an electric shaver performs.

When applying a foil clipper, one or several blades are concealed under super thin foils pierced by very tiny cracks. Hairs on the face enter the perforations and have been shorn off as you put your shaver on your skin. This hair may get inside the razors, and if it’s not thoroughly maintained, it may cause engine wear.

When heat accumulates in the equipment, the active elements of the blades may be put under strain.

The blade can overheat and cause irritations and damage to your skin. Washing your blade and applying the proper lubrication regularly will help you retain a fine shave while also keeping you healthy, comfortable, and safeguarding your shaver. Following are several of the advantages below:

  • Minimizes heat generated by the tension between the razors and foils, enhancing shaving comfort. This reduces the possibility of knife burn, inflammation, and acne.
  • Extends the lifespan of the foils and blades, so you won’t need to change them less frequently.
  • A sufficient amount of oil and less friction increase the shave’s smoothness. If you frequently use your shaver, the abrasion that happens when the razors and foils come into contact will progressively reduce its efficiency.

In certain circumstances, the blade may chew or cut through the foils. Therefore, you must change them before this occurs to avoid major injury.

  • Lowers the strain on the engine: A lubricant, in most cases, helps the cutting components to slide across others with the least effort.

As a result, the engine will not have to struggle to ensure the components are moving. Also, the majority of the system would be utilized to shave with the lowest power waste material of energy.

Structure Of An Electric Shaver

Structure Of An Electric Shaver

How Frequently Should You Lubricate The Razor?

The regularity that you oil your razor depends on the producer’s instructions and how frequently you use and wash your shaver.

  • Every once in a while: If you don’t regularly clean your razor with liquid soap, lubricating it once or even twice every week will suffice. In this situation, spray lubricants are more useful since they assist you in wiping other parts.
  • When you wash your shaver: Lubricate your trimmer before and after each cut, particularly if you wash it with soapy water. Soapy water would most likely remove any lubricant from the blades. As a result, it is best to apply several drops of oil after washing and before trimming.

How To Lubricate An Electric Razor Properly?

Now you know why greasing is essential, it pays to learn how to apply lubricants to your device the right way.

Use Lubricants With A Low Viscosity

The first choice is to use lubricants that have a variety of purposes. Hair clipper oil and sewing machine lubricants are two examples of light oils. They are great for moisturizing shaving razors.

Some manufacturers include a tiny bottle of lubricant in the package, although this is uncommon.

Foil Shavers 

Foil Shaver

Foil Shaver

For foil shavers, add a single drop of oil to each foil and the clipper, which can get warmer than the foils during usage. It is critical to understand that even a small drop would go a long way and that a single dropper on each cutting surface will likewise endure a long time.

Switch on the shaver for a few seconds after applying the lubrication to let the oil distribute evenly throughout the foils. If needed, gently massage the foils with tissue paper to absorb any excess oil.

Rotary Razors 

It is not required to disassemble the shaving unit for rotary razors; simply place a few drops on each shaving head, turn on the unit, and let it run for a few seconds before using.

If your electric razor comes with a vacuum line, there is no need for additional lubrication because the cleaning solutions generally function as a lubricant.

Spray Lubricants

Spray lubricants are a quick and convenient method to clean and lubricate your shaver. They also help eliminate skin oils and mineral deposits caused by hard water.

We recommend using a brush to wipe any hair or debris gathered on the blade before spraying. If you frequently use shaving foam or gel with your razor, it is advisable to clean it before proceeding with the lubrication. In that case, hot water and a little liquid soap is preferable.

When washing your razor, it is equally critical to stick to the instructions. Because the manufacturer created the razor, they know what is proper for their product. Last but not least, make sure your shaver is dry before using a lubricating spray.

Foil Shavers 

Spray on the foils and blades and hold the can from 2 to 3 inches away. After spraying, leave the shaving head behind and run the shaver for some beats to completely spread the lubricant.

Rotary Razor 

When using a rotary razor, separate the blades from the shaving head, then spray the blades and the inner portion of the combs. Ensure that you reassemble the blades in the same way they were originally installed since failing to do so will impair the functionality of your razor.


Spray Lubrication

Spray Lubrication

Recommended Lubricants

Here are some cleaners we highly recommend:

Remington Shaver Saver Lubricant & Cleaner Aerosol Spray

This aerosol product, like other items, has a positive and a disadvantage. The plus is it is easy to implement. Because it is an aerosol, it is easy to store and uses only a single button push to apply.

It also functions as a sanitizer. The Shaver Saver, on the other hand, has an overwhelming odor. So, if you intend on oiling your shaver on a daily basis, be prepared to flood your bathroom.

Shaver Saver

Shaver Saver

Philips Norelco Razor Lubricant & Cleaning Spray

The Philips spray is another ideal buy for cleaning and lubricating your razors one at a time. For instance, instead of polishing your shaver blades on a daily basis, you might give them a little spray.

The power of the spray will eliminate any remaining hair that hasn’t been swept away, but it will just wet and lubricate the blades. The disadvantage of this spray is that the density of the aerosol is not always as thick as you might anticipate.

So, if you use your shaver frequently, you should ensure it receives an exceptional thick oil therapy in return. That said, the aerosol will work great for the vast majority of individuals.

How Do I Clean An Electric Shaver?

The first thing you should know is that hair trimmings, skin particles, and oil may significantly impair the shaving capacity of your electric razor.

These particles can cause damage to the shaving foils or heads, as well as restrict their mobility, placing additional pressure on the engine. This will most likely cause the faltering to occur faster than usual.

You can avoid these situations by periodically cleaning and greasing your electric razor. Follow these guides to keep your electric razor in good condition:

Daily Cleaning 

You should develop the practice of cleaning your electric shaver after each usage. The frequency of this cleanup is in sync with the growth rate of your facial hair.

Some individuals habitually clean their shavers on a daily or weekly basis, while many others choose to wait until they have had up to three shaves. However, you should not wait too long to give your device some extra oil.

Electric razors are often simple to manage. So, if you have got a foil or rotary shaver, it is quite straightforward to remove the case that houses the rotary blades and foils and softly rub down any clippings or particles lodged inside. You may now remove the cutter block and foils to clean the shaver’s interior.

Many producers advise against brushing the actual foils or cutter blocks since they are sensitive and easily destroyed by the brush. Even a minor warp or dent in the tool can significantly damage your electric shaver’s performance.

Some shavers’ heads can be wiped under water flow. Simply place the shaver’s head under a faucet to rinse any remnants that have accumulated on top of the cutter. Then, on the shaving head holder, push the eject button to release the head and gain access towards the blades.

Self-Cleaning Electric Shavers

If the kind of electric shaver you possess does not come with a cleaning device, you will need to set aside some time, at least once per month, to give your electric shaver a thorough cleaning.

There is no need to worry about the procedure because it takes a little more effort than your regular cleaning.

When you’ve removed the blades, you’ll likely see a construct of particles; brush them off thoroughly. Then, wipe clean all the components of the razor. Keep in mind to be gentle with the foil, if there’s any. Finally, let all of the pieces dry before putting them back together for usage.

After cleaning your shaver, apply a barrel of oil on the edges of foil to keep them lubricated. Oftentimes, a small bottle of lubricant comes along with your new shaver.

As previously said, you may also purchase a washing and lubricating spray that can accomplish both duties at the same time. Braun’s SC8000 spray is a prominent example of a product in this category.

When Should I Replace My Electric Shaver Blades?

Most razors and shaving foils are made to work in order to maintain a clean face. However, this will ultimately lessen the sharpness of the blades and, in certain cases, the stability of the shaving foils. Below are a few warning signs that your cutting system is failing.

When The Blade Is Unable To Cut Close

Once you find yourself repeatedly running your electric shaver over the same place, or if you have to apply more pressure on your skin to obtain the shave’s closeness you’re used to, the blades are crying for a placement.

When The Shave Becomes Hotter Than Usual

That’s an indication of wear on the foils and blades, which may produce excessive friction when they rub against each other. The high heat will reduce the efficiency of your razor.

When Your Hair Is Pulled Out

Shaver Hair

Shaver Hair

When your facial hairs are pulled out and yanked during shaving, it is time to replace the blade frame. Once you notice that symptom, consider changing the cutting components of your electric razor.

The length of time it takes will depend on numerous factors, including how frequently you shave, the thickness of your facial hair, the shaving technique you employ, how thoroughly you clean your shaver, and the performance of the cutting device.


Eventually, using an electric razor lubricant should not be complicated, but it must be handled on a regular basis.

The lubrication and cleaning process will not only maintain your shaver in good working order but will also allow you to get the most out of it. This will result in a fantastic, pleasant, and close shave for years to come.

Hopefully, this article has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about how to lubricate an electric razor properly.

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