How To Remove The Blades From A Disposable Razor? Step By Step Guidance.

If you are still pondering how to remove the blades from a disposable razor properly, this article can arm you with useful information to take apart the blades from the razor’s handle easily without causing any unwanted consequences.  

Disposable razors are so convenient that they can be used for various purposes besides shaving such as being budget-friendly so they are always on the shopping list of many gentlemen regardless of the dominance of electric razors.

However, the withdrawal of these razors is that they get blunt easily after a few shaves and you have to get rid of them. Besides, you can recycle them. Still, removing the blades from the shaving head is extremely necessary regardless of your intention although it is a time-consuming task.

Despite the thin and small size of the blades, they can provoke a lot of imminent threats when being handled recklessly.

Therefore, knowing how to remove the blades from a disposable razor is necessary and vital for the sake of safety. If you are looking for steps to do this task in a precise way, this article can help you out.

What You Should Prepare Before Taking Apart The Blades From Handle

It’s nearly impossible and quite hazardous if you try to remove the blades from the shaving head with your bare hands. Thus, you need assistance with the tools and this is the list of equipment you should have in order to successfully take out the blades without hurting yourself.

  • A matchbox or lighter, as well as a candle
  • Mini needle-nose pliers or a tweezers
  • Work gloves (to keep your hands safe, however, they are optional if you think it is unnecessary)

About the job of each piece listed above, you can find out in the next section.

Step By Step Guidance To Remove Blades From A Disposable Razor

Partly Melt The Shaving Head With Lighter Or Candle.

First, you should light up the candle using a match or a lighter. Then keeping the razor over the flame for a few seconds can partly melt the plastic. The plastic head generally melts in about 20 seconds.

Light up the candle
Light up the candle

You can use the lighter or a match to heat the plastic around the blades. However, in order to hold a match or a lighter around 20 seconds might end up burning yourself if you are not careful. Therefore, safety is first, and use the candle.

If you want to remove the blades, you must do this procedure precisely on both ends of the razor.

A quick reminder that you shouldn’t overheat the blades because your blades may be covered with melted plastic which will make your task become messy.

Put the razor head over the candle
Put the razor head over the candle

Remove The Blades With The Help From Needle-nose Plier Or Tweezer

After heating the plastic on the shaving head, it’s time for the needle-nose plier or tweezer to do its job. Carefully grab the blade and pull it out one by one.

Don’t grab and pull all the blades at one time as the melted plastic can stick these blades together and you have to take them apart later.

While pulling the blade out, if you feel a little constraint, you might need to reheat the plastic. After finishing taking out all the blades from the razors, you might wrap them with a thick cloth and what to do next is up to you.

We highly recommend you wear a glove in order to guard your hand against the cut from the blades if your hands are a little bit shaky. However, if you are not in that situation, that’s fine to do it with bare hands.

Use needle nose plier or tweezer to pull out the blades
Use needle nose plier or tweezer to pull out the blades

Reason To Remove Blades From A Disposable Razor

You might ask why we should involve ourselves in such a time-consuming task. Below are some reasons you should do this. 

For Safety

We are all aware that the sharpness of these blades is not a joke even if they get blunt.

Therefore, if you do not take the blades out of the shaving head and dump them into the trash can right away after using them, they might cause danger for those who pick up and categorize the trash.

The consequences might exceed your expectations. They might not just get some nicks or cuts from the old blades, these cuts or wounds can swell up and cause inflammation as the blades are a home for various harmful bacteria and germs after a long time staying with other junks.

Recycle & Reuse

Besides caring for the safety of staff who pick up and categorize the trash. This action also helps these disposable razors get recycled which means you will somehow save our planet by doing so.

Furthermore, you can get these blades recycled by yourself. You can drop them off at the pharmacy or drugstore. Or you can find any free recycling programs such as TerraCycle to give them these separated razor blades and handles.

Besides, if you are skilled at creating stuff and have enough equipment for that, you can melt the blades and make some decorations or use the plastic handle to create a work of art.


Is It Possible To Take Apart Razors From Shaving Head Without Using Fire?

Yes, It is possible to remove the blades of disposable razors without heating them.  Using a paper knife, remove the plastic components, and then unscrew the blades off each one.

Yet, this will need more work and might be risky. As a result, for reasons of security, you should stick with the suggestions listed above.

Can I Reuse Disposable Razors?

Razor reuse has distinct effects based on the hair, face, and frequency of shaves that each individual possesses. After each usage, you may clean and sharpen the blades of your razors so that they can be used a few more times.

If your shaving routine is not too dense, let’s say only three or four times a week, your disposable razors can serve you perfectly for a month. That’s the situation when you have fine hair. If your hair is thick and coarse, you may need to replace the razor more often.

How To Maintain The Sharpness Of The Disposable Razors?

Below is the procedure to prolong the lifespan of your disposable razor.

Keep The razor dry and clean

After each usage, give your razor a good scrub with a soft brush and some soap. If your tool has been cleaned, immerse it in alcohol to destroy germs and remove any water droplets from the blade. 

Once you’ve finished cleaning it, be sure to wipe the razor with a soft towel before storing it somewhere dry, with a low moisture level.

By doing this, you’ll be able to preserve your blades free of germs and rust.

Sharpen and Lubricate The  Razor Blades

Sharpening and oiling your disposable razor on a regular basis can help it last longer. And in this step, you might need a assistance from your old pair of jeans.

Shave 15 to 20 strokes on the surface of your old jeans in a reverse way of how you normally shave. After that, lubricate and protect the blades by applying 1 or 2 droplets of baby oil on them.

How Long Can A Disposable Razor Last?

Disposable razors can be used from 5 to 10 times at most. Using a dull razor blade increases your risk of becoming injured or infected.

How Can I Know That The Disposable Razor Is Blunt?

As a general rule, if you experience more cuts than normal or if the razor tugs your hair instead of shaving them and takes more strokes to accomplish an entirely clean shaving, it is an indication that your blade is getting dull.

It’s not only because a worn blade won’t provide great shaving experience that you should replace it. Skin infections and skin irritations may be caused by dull blades. You must throw away the razor if you encounter these symptoms.

Bottom Line

We hope that with all the information we have accumulated in the article, you already understand how to remove the blades from a disposable razor without harming yourself, as well as what are the benefits of this task.

The blade removing process is not complicated at all, still you need to be careful as you have to work with fire and sharp objects while trying to pull these blades out of the handle.

As always, we appreciate hearing from you and looking forward to your comments and inquiries. Please spread the word about this post amongst your social network if you found it useful. Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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