How To Shave Armpits With Electric Razor

The hot summer is coming with tank tops, crop tops, and bikinis that might reveal your armpits. Yet, many of you might still be wondering about “how to shave armpits with electric razor”.

No worries because the article below will show you all the proper ways to deal with it and give out some essential advice afterward. Stay calm and check it out!

How To Shave Armpits With Electric Razor 

With a normal razor, it is quite simple to shave armpits. However, when it comes to an electric one, there are some things that you should know to achieve absolute results.

  1. Prepare A Good Electric Razor

The most important part of the shaving section is the equipment. As there are tons of electric shavers on the current market, customers have more choices of products. Purchasing a poor-quality one might get you in trouble for not thoroughly cleaning the hair and also harm your underarm, the very sensitive place in the body.

On the other hand, a high-quality electric razor would bring the best results. It can get rid of stubborn hair due to its effects: smoothness and comfort.

Once you get a suitable electric razor, let’s head to the next step!


Electric razor

2. Thoroughly Clean And Hydrate Your Underarms

Before shaving, you need to rinse that area completely. This way, you can remove any stingy odor, sweat, and bacteria. A pre-shave product or just water can do the good in this stage.

Dry shaving is one of the famous abilities of an electric razor. Still, to enhance the effectiveness of your work, wet shaving would be the ideal choice. Hence, remember to hydrate this area with a moisturizer, wait until the essences totally penetrate the skin, and leave a soft effect on the skin.

3. Use Shaving Gels Or Foams

Even when the underarm is fine after you have supplied it with water, a specialized product for shaving is still necessary. Some people skip this step, but it can lead to darker skin and unsightly cuts later.

Shaving gels or foams are generally made from certified ingredients that help soften the hair from its roots. Therefore, it will be super easy to remove the hair and prevent its regrowth as long as possible. These products can also help avoid acute cuts on the skin and ease friction as well.

Applying cream before shaving

Applying cream before shaving.

4. Shave Your Armpits In Circular Motions.

As soon as the gels are dry, you can start to shave right away. It would help if you shaved your armpits in circular motions. People might advise you to shave in all directions if you use a razor as the blade will approach your skin.

In contrast, an electric razor wouldn’t have its blades directly meet your skin. All you should do is aim for a right-angle position and start going circularly. Nevertheless, make sure to check on your tool’s battery. If it’s dying, you might have to go over the same area many times, which would result in cutting your skin.

After shaving your underarms, washing the area off with water, and drying it with a towel will prepare you for the final steps. Also, don’t forget to clean your electric razor for further usage.

Shaving armpits

Shaving armpits.

5. Be Sure To Moisturize

In the last step, you have to moisturize the just-cut area nicely. As the underarm is very sensitive, it might get flushed after shaving.

To avoid this problem, it’s a must to provide your underarms with essential essence. This way, you can reduce irritation or red burn and even protect your skin from bacteria getting into the hair core.

Undeniable Benefits Of Utilizing An Electric Razor For Armpit Shaving 

There are a bunch of indisputable advantages that an electric razor can bring you when trying to omit hair underarm:

  • Time-saving

Since the electric razor is easy-peasy to tackle, even newbies can do it if they read the instructions carefully. Besides, its strong energy can cut the hair much faster and more effectively, especially with the hard-to-remove areas like the armpit.

  • Money-saving

The traditional ones always require changing the blade or even throw away after each use. With an electric razor, you can use it to remove armpits many times until it is dull and then change the blade.

  • Protect underarm skin effectively

We all know that the underarm skin is very sensitive. An e-razor can deal with it easily because it runs smoothly and glides on the skin, helping minimize the cut and other problems like redness or itching.

Unexpected Side Effects 

Everything has two sides, and an electric razor is no exception. Wonderful functions as it may bring to you, there are still some side effects that you should keep an eye on to get rid of the armpit fully.

  • Not a close shave: An electric razor tends not to touch your skin to get a close enough shave, which might lead to an unclean or difficulties while shaving, especially in places like armpits where hairs are stubborn.
  • Easily result in hair-pulling and irritation: This drawback sometimes occurs due to a lack of experience. Just follow our guidelines above, and you will be safe.

Precautions – What To Notice 

No matter if you are a shaving novice or not, there are several things that you should bear in mind when utilizing this item to cut the armpit hair:

  • Say no to electric razor sharing because bacteria on the blade can be spread, and you might catch an unwanted disease in your underarm.
  • If you shave in the wrong direction, your skin underarm can easily gash and cause redness or irritation. Make sure that the blade is sharp enough, or you might jump into some of these above troubles.
  • The process of eliminating the armpit, the very tough hair, requires quite a lot of energy, so a full battery can help you feel safer and free to use the razor.
  • Clean the shaver after each and every use to prevent bacteria and smell.
  • Remember to shave regularly to have the effect you have always dreamt of!

Cleaning the razor

Cleaning the razor


In summary, it is not difficult to know how to shave armpits with electric razor at all. All you have to do is read the guide mentioned above carefully and apply it to your daily life.

Don’t hesitate; a nice and fine underarm skin is within your reach!

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