How To Shave Your Head With Electric Razor?

For some men, shaving their heads is a way to stay cool in the summer heat. For others, it’s a necessity due to hair loss. It can be tough to know how to shave your head with electric razor, no matter the reason.

In this blog post, we’ll show you a step-by-step guide for beginners to follow. We’ll also share some tips and tricks to make the process easier and more comfortable for you.

So, whether you’re thinking of shaving your poll for the first time or want to improve your technique, keep reading!

What Do You Need To Prepare?


To ensure safety and comfort during the process, you need to make sure that you have prepared these required tools.

Here are things that are necessary before getting started:


A steady hand mirror will help you check up on what angle works for your skin type, avoiding the case of limited visibility that leads to bad shaving or causing small scratches on your scalp.


If your hair is longer than 1cm, you need scissors to cut it off. This is what makes the shaving process faster.

Electric Shaver

shavers foil metal layer

It’s better to use a new, rust-free, and strong enough razor. The one designed specifically for shaving hair on your poll will give the best results and be more comfortable than using any manual shaver.

Aftershave Lotion

When you’re done shaving, it’s a good idea to apply an aftershave lotion on your head. This will disinfect and moisturize the scalp and tighten up any pores that may have been left open by all those razor bumps!


Take a shower

You had a better shower because water opens up favorable pores with an electric razor’s ability to pull on the roots easily.

Afterward (post-shower), when the skin has opened up more allowing easier access by the blade – this allows softness in comparison as well!

Furthermore, after taking one, make sure your skin feels refreshed and easy on any sensitive skin around this area since we all know how important hydration can be!

Cut long hair

As we’ve mentioned before, you need to remove your hair when it’s longer than 1cm. The first step in cutting hair should always begin at the top – cut long strands until they are short enough for you to shave!

Then, take hold on either side near an earlobe carefully cut away pieces around these areas ensuring safety by covering up your ears.

Now it’s time to get rid of all your hair on the back. Start by cutting narrow strips below, then move up towards the top. Move the scissors up while doing so.

When you finish cutting, use your fingers to sense how much work has been done. If there’s still room for more precision in shaving hair off of an area, then do it according to how you feel most comfortable!

Get your head wet

Here are the steps you need to do after cutting your hair short:

  • Soak your towel in warm water.
  • Squeeze it gently but not too much to keep the fabric wet.
  • Wrap it around your poll tight with a firm pressure before letting them rest on top for about 5 minutes while getting yourself ready with all the listed above tools and products.

Once the towel has been removed from your face, you are ready for a thorough shave. The stubble on this area will absorb all of its water and open up pores to ensure that no hair is left behind when finished with shaving!

How To Shave Your Head With Electric Razor

Step 1: Choose the trimmer mode of your electric razor

Take it to the top with the trimmer section and get down to stubble. Likewise, on both sides, trim hair until you’re satisfied – make sure they are all neatly cut off with a sharp blade!

Once completed, move to the back, then do what feels right – trimming those areas which may have longer hair left. Use fingers during these steps on difficult areas like around the ears or neckline where long strands may need extra attention.

Step 2: Choose the vibrating head mode of your electric razor

This process repeats the same steps and technique as above, starting from the top to the sides, then the back of the head. You only have to switch to vibration mode.

Start at thicker areas, moving towards thinner patches until it’s completely shaven— grasp with your hand to check smoothness when going over each patch individually.

vibrating head mode

The whole process needs patience, don’t hurry if you don’t want your head to look weird because of the uneven clumps of hair.

Thing You Should And Shouldn’t Do

You should

  • Clean the blade thoroughly before and after the process. A blade left with dirty hair will not work smoothly and efficiently. Not to mention can make you infected if there are a few small cuts during the process.


  • To reduce cuts from getting irritated by hairs growing in different directions, try wetting or lathering up with aftershave/moisturizer after the process.
  • Protect your head from sunburn. If you want to go out in the heat, apply high SPF sunscreen and wear a hat or other clothing covering it up!

You shouldn’t

  • Do everything too fast! You must keep a consistent speed throughout the process and do each section of your head at least once.
  • Press too hard! Especially at step 2. A good electric razor can do your shaving smoothly; however, the risk of skin irritation from blade contact when you put pressure on one area too heavily can sometimes happen.
  • Don’t try without a mirror if you are new to electric razors or have never used one before.

Final Thoughts

Shaving your head can be an exciting, nerve-wracking experience, especially for a beginner.

I hope you found the article helpful and informative in your quest on how to shave your head with electric razor. Please feel free to reach out anytime; we’re here to help answer any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the process.

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