How To Shave Your Neck With An Electric Razor Like A Professional Barber?

Even though the beard makes men look more attractive and masculine, it is quite annoying when shaving. Especially the neckbeard, as this part of the beard grows very quickly and requires more skilled shaving techniques.

How to shave your neck with an electric razor easily, then? What should you consider when shaving it? If you are curious, let’s dig into this article below for more information!

How To Shave Your Neck With Electric Razor? 

The neckbeard often grows quicker than other sections of the beard and tends to be denser. Hence, you need to learn how to shave properly for a neat look. Let’s refer to the step-by-step instructions below to clean your neckbeard. Scroll down!

Step 1: Prepare The Necessary Tools

First and foremost, it is important to prepare a fitting shaver. If you are confused about which one is suitable, seek advice and suggestions from men’s forums or barbers.

There are many types of shavers on the market, but the two most popular types are rotary shavers and foil shavers.

  • The rotary razor uses a circular motion to ensure a closer shaving. Specifically, this is a common selection because it doesn’t pull your hair and brings a soft shave. The three rotary mechanisms can touch hard-to-reach positions.
  • The foil razor possesses oscillating blades backward steel foils that aid in lifting the hair out of the face instead of cutting it. Even though it helps you reduce shaving time thanks to 3 to 4 blades, this type of razor is quite noisier. Still, the wide tip enables you to shave more space, which is best for fast and effective shaving.

Make sure that you choose a razor that suits your budget and demand the most. Also, make sure your shaving blade is sharp enough. It will help if you replace it at least once or twice a year. Otherwise, the razor won’t work effectively and leads to skin irritation.


Select the best suit electric razor

Step 2: Cleanse Face And Neck Area

During the shaving process, you may cause a few small scratches. If you don’t clean your face or neck area, this will cause your wound to be infected.

Use a mild cleanser and wash with warm water. Alternatively, you can place a warm towel over your beard and keep it on for about 3-5 minutes. The purpose is to remove dirt and soften your beard before shaving.

Cleanse face

Cleanse face and neck area before shaving

Step 3: Apply Alcohol-based Products Or Lotion

Beard hair on the neck is usually sporadic, which means it can grow in any direction. Therefore, alcohol-based goods will help keep the beard upright and easier to strip. Alcohol also helps remove dust and sebum from your skin. In case you have mild irritation with alcohol, you can use products containing vitamin E.

Step 4: Find Out The Growth Direction Of The Neckbeard

Regardless of curly, straight, or coarse neckbeard, identifying its direction of growth helps avoid ingrown and irritation hairs.

Step 5: Strip Your Neckbeard

Use your dominant hand to hold the shaver and the other hand to stretch the area you want to shave. After that, hold the electric razor at a right angle to your face while pulling skin tight with the other hand to make sure the beard stays upright. This will also enable your shaver to contact the skin at maximum range, saving shaving time and reducing skin sagging.

As your shaver is easy to heat up after a shaving period, and the neck skin is quite sensitive. Hence, it is best to start shaving from the top towards your jaw and neck and against the direction of beard growth.

Remember to adjust the stroke direction of the electric razor to assure that you are shaving against the hair direction. The length and angles of the lines are required to modify depending on each area of your neck, either shorter or longer.

For example, you can apply long shaving strokes to the beard in large areas like those in front of your neck. For this area, start cutting from below the chin and forward to Adam’s apple. However, you should create shorter lines underneath the jawline because these are complex areas that require high precision for smooth shaves.

Shave neckbeard

Shave neckbeard with an electric razor

Step 6: Skincare And Shaver Maintenance After Shaving

Applying alcohol-based products to your skin before shaving makes your skin dry out. We suggest you use lotion aftershave to soften the skin and reduce irritation.

Besides, maintaining your electric razor is essential for later use. For razors with detachable blade heads, separate each part for cleaning and lubrication.

Useful Tips For Smooth Neck Beard Shaving 

After we’ve walked you through detailed steps on using an electric razor to get rid of your neckbeard, here are some useful tips for you to obtain a smooth and perfect shave:

  • You must choose the right shaver for your neck area to avoid skin irritation.
  • Always clean and soften the area to be shaved with alcohol, pre-shave lotion, or shaving cream.
  • Shave against the direction of hair growth.
  • Adjust the length strokes depending on the particular areas.
  • While shaving, move your head into a sloping position and lift your chin to straighten out the skin in your neck.
  • Apply lotion on the neck area after shaving and maintain the electric razor.

Shave against

Shave against the hair growth direction!

In A Nutshell 

Now you know how to shave your neck with an electric razor with simple steps! As the neck skin is quite sensitive, you need to shave properly to avoid irritating and hurting it after each shave. Besides, it would be great if you apply all the listed practical tips for smoother and faster shave strokes.

Hopefully, you can succeed with the above step-by-step guide to shaving your own neckbeard!

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