How To Trim Beard With Electric Razor Like A Pro

Shaving and trimming have long been a part of every man’s daily routine. Due to its effectiveness and wonderful result, an electric shaver is favored over a traditional shaver. Yet, not every man knows how to trim beard with electric razor effectively and quickly.

So, what is the secret to a flawless beard after a quick trimming with an electric shaver? Read on, and we will find out the answer together!

How To Trim Beard With Electric Razor? 

Switching to an electric razor will surprise you the first time you use it. Nevertheless, its usage is also much easier than you imagined! Just follow these eight steps below, and you’ll have the perfect beard in no time!

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How to trim with an electric razor?

Collect Tools

Tool preparation plays a very important role in the process. Let’s take a look to see what we have to prepare in this step:

  • A comb ( for brushing your beard)
  • A sharp and small scissors (for trimming hair)
  • A hairdryer (to dry)
  • A towel and brush (for removing excess hair after trimming)
  • Beard shampoo and conditioner

After you have fully prepared the following items, you are ready for trimming with an electric razor. Let’s start!

Choose The Style Of Beard

It is best to have a clear direction on what style you will trim for. You can opt for a complete cut for a neat appearance. Or, if you prefer something different, choose a masculine beard style like Baldo, anchor, etc.

If you don’t have an idea, refer to pictures in magazines or on the Internet. There will be beard styles that suit your face and personality.

Wash Your Beard and Dry It

In this step, you need to wash your entire beard thoroughly and apply a conditioner. After taking good care of it, rinse it off with water and use a hairdryer to dry the hair out. Once the beard has been cleaned, the trimming process will achieve the best results.

Comb and Align the Beard

Next, use a small comb to align your beard straight. Note that you need to brush from top to bottom. Only then will the new beard be fixed in the same direction as the original. Besides, the pruning process will also be easier thanks to this action.

Comb your beard


Snip Some Long Hair Away With The Scissors

Before trimming, it is extremely necessary to cut long and dense hair bushes. Why say that? Well, the excessive, bulky volume of the hair will make the blade difficult to trim deeply. In other words, the trimming process cannot be as effective as expected if your beard is too dense like a bush.

However, keep in mind not to cut the hair too low! You don’t want your beard to be asymmetrically balanced after you’ve finished trimming, do you?

Select The Electric Razor’s Mode

Depending on the brand and classification, the razors have different levels of trimming. If you still don’t know which razor’s mode is right for you, choose the lowest level. Then, gradually increase to the mode that you think is ideal for your beard.

Trim Your Beard

To start the process, first, turn on the switch on your electric shaver. Hold the razor with your dominant hand, while your non-dominant hand holds the skin firmly where it needs to be shaped.

Let’s start from the jawline. It would help if you shaved straight up to the top of your facial hairline. Specifically, putting the shaver in the opposite direction of the hair growth will make the blade easier to move.

During this process, make sure you follow the shaver in natural and even contours. Please do not force the razor against the skin as it will cause pain and discomfort!

Trim your beard with the electric razor

Trim with the electric razor

The neck skin is one of the most sensitive skins on your body, so the beard also needs more care than the chin. Please be gentle when trimming that beard.

Consider using the comb guard for safety. In addition, check if the electric razors are specifically designed for beards in the lower part of the jaw.

Remove Leftover Hair

There will be a lot of hair stuck on your face during the trimming process. To remove them, you can use a brush or towel. However, it’s best to take a shower to make sure all the excess hairs are completely removed from your body.

Some Remarkable Things When Trimming Beard With Electric Razor

In the process of trimming with an electric razor, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to:

Choose a well-lit place to trim. Along with that, you should do the work in front of the mirror so that you can see the entire process. Hence, the bathroom is probably the best place.

trimming your beard

A bathroom would be an ideal choice for trimming 

It will help if you use some paper towels (or a large towel) to spread around the sink. That will completely prevent excess hairs from being messily scattered in the bathroom.

Using beard care shampoo and conditioner will make your beard look great. But if you combine it with beard oil, you will help take care of healthier hair strands. Also, shaving weekly will keep them in the best condition.

Double-check the blade before shaving or trimming, as you certainly don’t want to do the task with a dull blade. As electric razors are usually designed to trim without shaving cream, you do not need to use this cream during the procedure.

Never get your beard wet when trimming with the razor. In detail, exposing the electric tool to a lot of water puts it at risk of clogging!

Our Final Thoughts

To keep yourself in the neatest appearance, you should take care of your beard regularly. Although shaping your beard is not a difficult task, following the right instructions will allow you to obtain the perfect result without spending much time.

We hope that you now know how to trim beard with electric razor effectively after reading this article. Now it’s your turn! See you in the next blog.

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