How To Trim Moustache With Electric Shaver

How to trim moustache with electric shaver? We find that this is the most commonly asked question among gentlemen who grow a mustache. Even though trimming is not a difficult task, it requires some techniques to obtain a perfect mustache.

Do not worry anymore, as this article will give you detailed instructions and some useful tips to trim your mustache effectively!

How To Trim Moustache With Electric Shaver? 

Required Tools for the Procedure 

Required Tools for Mustache Shave

Required Tools for Moustache Shave

The way you care for your look speaks of how well-groomed you are. So, before moving to the main part of trimming your mustache, the first task is to gather the necessary tools in advance. By doing so, you will not need to run around looking for anything you need during the trimming procedure.

Here are some necessary tools for your trimming process:

  • An electric trimmer or razor for shaving, edging, and haircuts
  • A comb to brush and straighten bristles
  • Scissors for trimming excess hair
  • A mirror
  • Conditioner or shampoo to wash your mustache before cutting it

There are some debates regarding a razor or a trimmer, which is preferable for a mustache and beard. To be more specific, the trimmer is better at sharpening the look of a thin mustache. On the other hand, the razor is mainly used to shave and give you a neat look. The option will depend on you, as both of them are capable of shaping your beard.

Moreover, though some people suggest applying shaving cream as a required step, we do not consider the cream necessary for mustache pre-trimming or even after the process.

Continue reading to look at details of the main task!

Directions To Shave Moustache 

After collecting the necessary tools, stand in front of the mirror with good lighting. Bad visibility will quickly spoil the edging motion and the desired length. So, remember to turn on the lamp and trim your beard carefully.

First of all, it would help if you patiently shave the mustache little by little. Or else, you will ruin your look in the blink of an eye!

The first step is to wet the area around your mouth evenly. Commonly, the beard sticks out in one direction while the mustache bulges in a different way. So, we consider it essential to rinse them with shampoo and use balm to lubricate them. Follow this trick; your hair will be more softened. Don’t forget to dry the hair, as you could not get a neatly shaped mustache with wet hair.

Wash the beard first

Wash the beard first!

As mentioned previously, it would be best if you use an electric razor to shave a beard with a gradual contraction in length. Now, comb and straighten the bristles with your prepared comb to see the actual size of your beard. If you plan to cut and trim the hair without combing, you probably find excess inches of beard protruding around your mouth.

Next, use a trimmer or scissors to shorten the mustache across the upper lip. At the same time, remember to hold the comb to get rid of the excess hair. If you want your mustache to look symmetrical, follow our specific guidance below:

  • Concentrate on the lip line
  • Do the cuts from one end
  • Then, move the amount to the middle of your mustache
  • Repeat the procedure on the other side

Now, you have to cut off the extra hair. It is pretty simple to do this task with a trimmer and scissors. Remember to trim the irregularities under your nose-first. Otherwise, your appearance probably gets spoiled. Then, do the same process again with your beard.

The next step is to adjust the thickness. To do this, use a replaceable nozzle trimmer. The device is so reliable that you do not have to be afraid of a densely-cut adjustment. To control the volume of hair, slowly modify the nozzles. It may take you a long time to get the procedure done, but it brings you a better result.

Double-check the uneven and extra to finish the process. Make sure that you look thoroughly again to check whether the edging aligns appropriately or not. If you notice any excess bristles, use scissors to cut them neatly. And finally, lubricate your beard and mustache with shampoo or conditioner.

Tips And Tricks

Tips and tricks on trimming mustaches

Tips and tricks on trimming mustaches.

First of all, always keep in mind to wash your beard before trimming to soften it. But do not forget to avoid trimming your facial hair once it still keeps an amount of moisture!

If the beard and mustache remain wet while you trim them, there may appear some extra inches with different lengths. As a result, your facial hair will look like a mess after getting dry. Remember to comb your hair right after drying it so that you can see its proper length.

To keep your mustache looking neat and well-groomed after the trimming, be mindful of washing and brushing it frequently! Simultaneously, conditioning is also an essential step. Using beard shampoo or beard conditioner helps to make your facial hair soft and clean.

The final note for you is maintaining the areas where the beard does not grow clean-shaven; this habit gives you a more neat look. Last but not least, to get a flawless mustache, you should also get rid of all stray hairs around the mustache.

Final Thoughts

How to trim moustache with electric shaver? Now, you have your answer! Note down some pocket tricks above, such as pre-trimming washing, using a beard shampoo, and maintaining a clean-shaven look for unbearded areas!

We hope that you are content with your appearance when looking at yourself in the mirror. If not, drop a comment in the box below and share your problem with us. We are always willing to help.

Lastly, we thank you for reading our article!

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