How To Use A Bikini Trimmer?

Do you have a bikini-line dilemma? Do you find it difficult to shave in the shower with a razor blade? Have you tried waxing and found that your skin is too sensitive for this type of hair removal or do not have time for monthly appointments at the salon?

A bikini shaver can be used to alternative traditional shaving or waxing. In this blog post, we will give some tips on how to use a bikini trimmer correctly so that your skin stays healthy and other things you need to note in the process!

Now, let’s get started!

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use A Bikini Trimmer

We have tested the procedure below for safety and effectiveness. Therefore, you can rest assured with this hair removal process if you are a beginner.

  • Get your machine ready.

To avoid any chance of an interruption, make sure that your electric trimmer has enough battery level before using. Or you can charge it for fifteen minutes before every process.

It’s also best practice to clean its blades and oil them (if necessary) so they run smoothly each time you use them and ensure better performance from start to finish.

Get your machine ready

Our top pick for this type would be cordless models since their easy handling makes them ideal tools for your grooming experience.

  • Pre-cut your hair (if needed)

Only follow this step if you notice that your bikini hair is long. It’s a good idea to pre-cut your bikini hair with scissors. Doing this will make the process go faster and reduce any mess because of long hair.

Make sure only use clean scissors for accurate cuts every time as well – just like what we recommend when cutting anything else about yourself, especially on such a sensitive area.

  • Have a bath

Before removing your pubic hairs, make sure that the area is soft and wet. The hot bath will help soften them for easier shaving; it also opens up those follicles we need so much when close-shaving!

Soak 5–10 minutes in a warm tub filled with lukewarm water or apply some conditioner (if desired) before patting yourself dry completely.

  • Exfoliate your skin

After this, you should exfoliate first. This will remove dead cells, which prevents ingrown hairs by removing bacteria on its way out of our bodies as pores as well, and it will also give a closer shave.

Exfoliate your skin

Nevertheless, if this is your first time on the razor blade – you should skip out on doing so, or else you might feel pain or, even worse: have a rash!

  • Use shaving cream (for wet shaving)

If you prefer a wet shaver, apply shaving cream made specifically for this area. For dry ones, make sure the bikini spot is dry and pay attention to the device you use because it will affect how efficient your groomed look turns out to be in terms of time spent on the grooming process.

  • Get started!

Let’s get to the main step after you’ve already prepared everything needed: turn on your trimmer and do it! However, you could shave your hair in the opposite direction of their growth out of habit and end up with an embarrassing stubble disaster.

To avoid this problem, we recommend pulling your skin taut before each use so that when gliding over curves of varying heights during shaving sessions, everything slides smoothly from top-to-bottom.

Great preparation will prevent you from getting stuck on any bumps along the way – which will give better results for your smoother skin.

Remember: never push down hard on an electric razor as this can create nicks or cuts, which could lead to infections – always glide over the top of the area being shaven instead.

  • Have a 5-minute soak

It is important for the newly trimmed hair not to curl inward, which leads to ingrown hairs, so soak back 5 minutes, then pat yourself off with a towel or cloth!

Make certain that your skin stays clean and any other items used during the process – which should be cleaned using warm water, too, since they can cause bacteria into open wounds if handled improperly afterward.

  • Skincare after shaving

You can prevent rashes by applying baby oil after finishing. Unfortunately, this will only work for people with dry skin.
At the same time, a sensitive one is best applied through lotion or an Aloe gel due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, which soothe irritated areas from redness caused by shaving hair follicles.

Skincare after shaving

We recommend shaving daily to prevent unwanted buildup on your body that may lead to more serious problems down the road! We also advise against using anything other than an electric razor because of its performance and sharpness.

Other Things To Note

Avoid using men’s aftershave.

Because the intimate area is a particularly sensitive part, use only products specifically made for it. If you think men’s aftershave cream works, then you may see some irritations afterward.

Select suitable machine

It’s important to buy the best trimmer for your needs. Should you can’t decide yet, look at models that can work in both dry and wet conditions, so this will always be an option no matter what happens!

For protection against damage from water – which may cause malfunctions of electronic parts- get one whose exterior is water-resistant since most people use their bathroom sink every day anyway without issue.

Don’t be hasty

Remember, everything you do directly affects your skin and body, so take it slowly and as carefully as possible.

Trimming your pubic hair takes some time and practice. You may find that it’s not as easy at first, but with patience, you’ll get better!

Help your skin adjust.

Have you ever wondered why preparing so many steps before shaving is so important? That’s because your skin needs time to adjust and get used to its changes. So please do not skip any of the skincare steps mentioned above for the best results.

Use a mirror

Keeping a mirror handy and checking yourself in the reflection is important. Since this area can be difficult to see without help from on high or below (depending on where your bikini line falls), using one will allow you peace of mind!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never shaved before or if it’s been a while since you last did, we recommend starting with electric machines as they are more precise than manual ones and allow for quick clean-up.

With that said, there is no right way to groom down there- do what feels best! We hope this post has helped answer any questions you may have about how to use a bikini trimmer and will help make the process of your next grooming session a breeze.

If it didn’t, feel free to reach out and let us know what else you would like to learn!

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