How To Use An Electric Razor On Legs

As the beauty world is getting more automated, it is no surprise that people have started using an electric razor for their body hair as well. Today, let’s take a look at how to use an electric razor on legs, and give yourself the best shave the industry can offer!

Why Should I Use An Electric Razor For My Legs

With an electric razor, you have the power to do so much more than making your hair problem go away. But when using a traditional razor, your leg will be smooth, yet not for too long. Some have remarked that leg hair may come back even sharper and stronger after shaving with a normal tool.

Electric razors allow you to control the shape of your hair and the speed at which it grows, giving you peace of mind. You’ll rest better knowing that you don’t have to shave as much.


Image 1. You will not have to shave your legs as much with the electric razor!

Aside from that, you should know that a person only needs to buy one electric razor and use it for many years. You can replace the blades if needed. That does not happen too often either since most mechanical devices are installed with pro-sharp blades already. These blades also mean that your skin will not get irritated in contact with them, and you will have fewer burns and cuts!

And last but not least, it takes way less time to prepare for the process of shaving your legs if you choose an electric razor. Most of the time, you will not have to apply shaving cream to soften your skin before you use the razor to shave. The sharp blades also mean that you will spend less time dealing with the aftermath of shaving, like allergies, because there won’t be any!

How To Use An Electric Razor On Legs

Electric razors on the current market come in two kinds: Dry razors and wet razors. The only difference between these is that the former doesn’t require you to apply a gel before shaving, and the latter does.

Let’s look at how to use both these kinds of razors to find you the perfect match!

1.The Dry Shave:

Step 1: Lay down a layer of newspaper, so you don’t have to collect small hair later. Hairs can clog up your sewers if you’re not careful.

Step 2: Gently wash your legs with soap and warm water. This will allow your skin to be moisturized, soft, and ready for the shaving session.

Do not be impatient! You will need your leg skin to be dried completely for the razor to work its magic, or you will be hurt.


Image 2. Please wait for your legs to dry completely first.

Step 3: Hover the razor from your ankle upwards. Please remember that you’re not supposed to press the blades directly on your leg as it will cause the blades to cut into your skin directly.

You will need to hover the razor from your ankle to your thigh because you will not be able to control the razor as well as when you move it the way it is designed to. Rotating the handle will let you have a clearer look at the razor in action. Plus, you will get to see where the razor misses!

Step 4: Rinse your legs and dry off with a towel, or simply run the towel over your legs if you’re feeling confident that a towel is clean enough.

Finally, as an optional step, you can use a moisturizer to make your leg skin even smoother.

A side note: Dry shaving is extremely effective at removing the hairs from the roots to give you a more lasting shine. It also can tackle hairs that grow at an awkward ankle that you usually have to cut separately with its sharp blades, so you will never have to worry about that again!

2.The Wet Shave:

Step 1: Spread newspapers on your floor, so you don’t need to collect hair clippings.

Step 2: Same as before, wash the legs with warm water and let the skin dry on its own. Then, you will need to apply your shaving gel for the hair to perk up and get easily shaved.


Image 3. The shaving gel will give you more ease in your process.

Some people have heard of the rumor that you will have to leave your legs dry for the gel to foam. Those rumors stem from the misunderstanding between shaving gel and shaving cream, as gels do not foam and therefore don’t require water on the surface.

In this case, we use shaving gels in place of shaving creams because they do not cause as much clogging to your razor blade. Trust us when we say that you don’t want to disassemble an electric razor to solve this complicated problem.

Step 3: This step is different from dry shaving razors since you will have to hover circularly instead of upwards. A wet razor is not designed to be dragged, so moving the razor in a circle will be more effective.

As always, while you are hovering about, you can check for unshaved hair patches to run over again.

Step 4: Rinse the hair and the gel off with warm water. You will be tempted to wipe your legs with a towel, but that will render your leg drier than it should be. After you can touch your skin without having to wipe your fingers, you can start to moisturize with a solution or substance of your choice!

Now that you have the smooth legs of your dream, you can safely sport your summer shorts or head out to swimming pools without feeling self-conscious anymore! Although the practice is not at all required anywhere, having shaved legs can boost your confidence greatly, so why not try it and see how it goes?

Outro: Those are the two ways on how to use an electric razor on legs! Now that you’re armed with this guide and your trusty razor, you will never have to be afraid of wearing shorts or skirts again. But should you run into any problems, let us know and we can find our solutions together!

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