How to Use An Electric Razor Safely For You?

There is no doubting the excellent performance of the Shaver. The manufacturer claims that it can handle all types of hair smoothly. It is also a product that many gentlemen love. But is the shaver really the best shaver in every way? How safe is a shaver? We will share with you the most detailed answer in this article!

How to use an electric razor safely for you?

Electric razors are very safe indeed. We can evaluate its safety through the following criteria:

  • Structure
  • The blade works precisely and delicately
  • Safely perform a variety of shaving styles
  • Clever

Every movement of the shaver promises the safest for your skin. It doesn’t simply clean the hair on your face, it also pampers your skin.


Many other shavers on the market are often used for one purpose only. That is shaving and cleaning the hair on the face. Since then, its texture also accidentally causes the user’s facial skin to be injured. Especially the blade system.

A shaver with a sharp blade is an obvious must. But sometimes the improper construction of the shaver can cause the blades to injure the facial skin. This is not unheard of.

After shaving, you may feel a burning sensation in the shaved area. It is due to the microscopic damage left by the shaver on the skin.

Shaver completely overcomes these shortcomings. Its structure makes the blades do not hurt the facial skin. The convenient handle system and special shaver head will protect the user’s skin safely.

The blade works precisely and delicately

Talking about the most important part of a shaver, it is the razor. It is the part that comes into direct contact with the skin of the face. And also the part that cuts off the ugly hairs.

It features super-excellent razor blades with micrometer-precise cuts. Usually, a Shaver will have 5 blades that take turns working. They make very small and continuous cuts. This ensures the gentlest removal of any hair on your face.

It has specially designed blades. It belongs in the form of professional and precise blades. All internal blades are inclined 30 degrees from the flat surface. This design makes it possible for them to cut the hairs at the root.


Shaver features super-excellent razor blades with micrometer-precise cuts

The outer leaves are responsible for removing razor marks. They are also the components that help the inner blades work better.

Through the sophisticated design and operability of the blades. It can handle all the hairs on your face in the smoothest and safest way.

Safely perform multiple shaves 

For ordinary razors or ordinary shavers. You will have to shave wet or use shaving cream or oil to ensure the safety of your skin. Sharp blades can tear your skin at any time in their path.

Not so with an electric razor! It has safety razors with parallel movement at the top of the machine. The blades also move flexibly according to the contours of the user’s face. This makes them versatile with many different shaving controls.

You can do a dry shave or a wet shave with it as you like. Don’t worry when shaving dried strawberries. Its gentle and effective movements will not make you feel uncomfortable. The flexible blade tip won’t hurt the skin either.

With a wet shave, you can rest assured. It has a waterproof design. You can safely use them in the shower.


You can do a dry shave or a wet shave with the Shaver 

In short, it can bring many smooth and flexible movements. The movements are self-confirming to the user’s face without causing any discomfort or injury.


It’s correct! It is a very smart product. Not only does it safely clean all the hair on your face. Its smart sensor feature also makes it one of the modern technology products.

It can sense and detect the density of hairs on your face. From there, give the most suitable power level that it can use. Therefore, it can both clean hair and ensure safety for users.

The thickness or thinness of the hair will regulate its shaving force. This is great. You don’t need to worry about too much force hurting your skin. Or too light shaving will miss the hairs on the face. Shaver will solve all problems safely!

Pros and cons of electric razor

It is a safe product, it brings significant effects on your face. So what is Shaver with pros and cons?


It is a safe product, it brings significant effects on your face

Pros of electric razor

  • Shave hair faster and safer than regular razors
  • No need to perform multiple shaves on the same area of ​​skin
  • Easier to move and use than other conventional shavers
  • It is safe not to use shaving cream or shaving oil
  • Can safely shave dry without water
  • All types of beards can be shaved in different positions thanks to the flexible blade
  • Does not cause scratches or burns on the skin, reducing scars and ingrown hairs
  • Time-saving for users

Cons of electric razor

  • Does not work effectively if the hair density is too thick
  • Can still cause irritation for a few people
  • Loud noise
  • Charge them properly or they will suddenly stop working
  • Machine maintenance and cleaning bumper
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the electric razor save time?

Yes, a shaver will save you time when using it. When using it, you don’t need to switch over and over to shave on one spot. It quickly cleans up after one move. So it saves a lot of time.

2. Can an electric razor be used with water?

You can shave in water with the Shaver. It has excellent waterproof technology. However, you should not immerse it in water. Because it is also an electronic product. After a long period of exposure to water, it will deteriorate.

3. Can I dry shave with an electric razor?

Yes. You can do it. The blades of the Shaver just glide over the skin and remove the hairs. It does everything safely and smoothly. Therefore, you should not worry too much about dry shaving. It is very safe for your skin. But I’d still recommend a bit of a shaving aid though.


Electric razors are a good product with very high efficiency. It can remove all the hair on your face but is still safe for your skin. Its flexible movements also make it suitable for all faces and angles. We showed you how safe is Shaver for you in this article. Hope they will be useful to you!

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