Manscaped Vs Meridian: Which One Is Better for Trimming Private Area?

If you care about trimming your private area, you might already have heard of Manscaped or Meridian. These two trimmers are well-known for their quality, but which one is better if you need to pick one?

We will compare Manscaped Vs Meridian by discussing their similarities and differences to answer this question. You can then make your own decision on what trimmer to pick. 

Reason Why You Should Pick Private Trimmers for Your Private Area Instead of Regular Trimmers

Some men might think there is no need to pick a private trimmer as we can just use regular trimmers instead, and we disagree with this opinion.

Before discussing whether Manscaped or Meridian is better, let’s first see how much regular trimmers and private trimmers differ. 

The Blades

Private trimmers are made for trimming more sensitive skin areas like the pubic area and balls, so their ceramic blades are designed to give users the gentlest feeling possible. 

While trimming the hair with a private trimmer, you can instantly know that it is much harder to accidentally cut your skin using it than regular trimmers. 

However, it does not mean you can carelessly trim your hair without caution. We suggest you use private trimmers for your private area and do it with enough focus to ensure there will not be any issues. 

The Purposes

Regular trimmers and private trimmers are made for different purposes, so the way they are made is also different. People’s regular trimmers for their beards and faces have cords to work better with facial areas. 

But if you use these trimmers for your underpart, they might cause some bad injuries. 

Instead of using regular trimmers for the private area, it is a much better idea to use private trimmers. They are cordless, so you will have a much nicer experience trimming down there.

Safer for Your Skin

If you need to trim both your facial and pubic hair, then it is better to use two trimmers instead of one. Using one trimmer for both areas might transfer bacteria and skin diseases from one area to another.

Manscaped vs Meridian: At a First Glance

Key Feature Manscaped – The Lawn Mower 3.0 Meridian Electric Trimmer – Below-The-Belt Trimmer for Men
Size Smaller Bigger
Weight 4 Ounces 4.23 Ounces
Stroke per minute 7000  6000 
Blade width 1.25” inches  1.5” inches 
Safety and nicks Good Better
Noise level Quieter Quiet
Rounded blade’s tips Yes Yes
Price of Replaceable Blades $20 $20
Guide combs 1 comb type of 2 to 3.5mm 2 comb types of 3 to 6mm and 9 to 12mm.
Cleaning brush Yes Yes
Battery’s Length  90 minutes 90 minutes
Charging Dock Yes No
Type of Battery 600mAh Li-Ion, Rechargeable  Lithium-Ion, Rechargeable
Designs – Color 1 (black) 2 (sage and onyx)
Travel Pouch Not Included Not Included
Waterproof Yes Yes

Manscaped Vs Meridian: Brand and Product Overview


Manscaped was founded in 2017 by Paul Tran, Josh – his son, and his long-term investor – Steve King.

It is one of the leading grooming companies that create products for men’s underpart grooming. Users know about this brand’s trimmers as their quality is high. 

Besides trimmers, the company also has other grooming tools and post trimming products. These products allow users to easily and safely trim hair in sensitive groin and difficult-to-navigate areas. 

The company also offers accessories like anti-charfing boxer briefs, T-shirts, travel bag, shaving mat, ball-care products like ball wipes, ball toner, and ball spray.

 These products are made to give men the most comfortable time trimming below the belt to keep them dry and fresh the whole time. 

At the moment, you can buy Manscaped’s products in more than 30 countries worldwide, like the US, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Singapore. They are also easy to find on international resellers platforms like Amazon. 

Besides selling their product, this company also tries to do something for the majority of their products – males. They have been a partner of the Testicular Cancer Society for a long time to raise awareness about testicular diseases. 


Meridian was founded in 2019 – only four years after Manscaped. The owner of this company belongs to Eurazeo Brands. The company is based in California. 

Similar to Manscape, Meridian focuses on men’s private grooming products. The three most famous products of this company are private trimmer, complete package, and ball sprays. 

Many people have chosen the complete package because it has everything they need to groom the underpart. . 

They have great services and products to offer to their customers, so they have many loyal fans on social media, especially on their official Instagram account with 12,700 followers. 

The company is also featured in magazines like Men’s Health, Swagger Magazine, and GQ Magazine. 

Meridian Vs Manscaped Comparison 

The Similarities


There are many similarities between Manscaped and Meridian.

First, they are both waterproof.

Users will have the best time using it in the bathroom or wet area without damaging the trimmers. Even if you soak them in water, they will be fine. 


The two trimmers are both betterypowerd and comes with a light indicator to let you know if it is active, inactive, or if you need to charge it. The batteries can also be charged quite quickly. 

Precision-Based Shaving

Trimming and shaving the underpart, especially the testicular area, can be hurtful if we cannot be in control about how much we can shave. 

In this field, both Manscaped and Meridian are doing a great job  by allowing you to decide beforeward where and how much hair you want to shave. 

Ceramic Blades

One of the reasons it feels so much better to trim your pubic hair and underpart area with these two trimmers is that they both have ceramic blades. This type of blade will give you a gentler feeling than a standard trimmer and reduce the chances of you cutting your skin.

These ceramic blades are aslo replaceable and the baldes can be included in your package, depending on your order details. 

Suitable for Sensitive Skin Areas

Everything from the designs, the blades, the technology, material, etc, are used to minimize damaging sensitive skin. 

Work Great with Coarse Hair

Trimmer from the both brands are made to work well with coarse hair as pubic and testicle hair is coarse.

Unlike many regular trimmer, these two can shave any area you want without getting stuck in. 

Strokes Per Minutes: Manscaped Wins

Manscaped’s maximum speed is 7000 strokes per minute, while Meridian’s is 6000.

So, when both of these products work functionally, you can cut your hair faster with Manscaped. 

Performance: Meridian Wins

Both of these products can work pretty well when you first use them, and they can both last for 90 minutes. However, some customers have been reported that Manscaped can only last for around 70 minutes, instead of 90 minutes like it is supposed to. 

Besides, Meridian can keep their original quality and performance better than Manscaped after using it for a while.

According to some users, Manscaped can stop working when it is overheated, but Meridian will still work with stability in the same situation. 

Another reason that makes Meridian the obvious winner when it comes to performance is that it can start working right when you turn it on. Manscaped however, needs a little bit longer to start working fully functional during each boot. 

The Size

Meridian – 4.3 ounces – is a little heavier than Manscaped – 4 ounces. Depending on your preferences, you might like a heavier one or lighter one. 

Some people like bigger and heavier trimmer as it can shave a bigger area at once stroke, but many others prefers the lighter ones as it is more gentle for sensitive area. 

For these reasons, we do not judge whether bigger or smaller is better because it depends on your body and preferences. 

Blade Safety Level: Meridian Wins

Generally, Meridian can help you avoid cuts and nicks a little bit better than Manscaped.

Meridian’s blade is more hygienic, sharper, and more dust-resistant. It can also dull slower than Manscaped. 

Their blades allow you to finish your grooming process without cutting your skin thanks to the design and the SkinSafe Technology. 

They do not strongly suggest that you should change your blade every three months, but the blades can still work well and give you a better experience with less skin damage. 

Battery Quality: Meridian Wins

Even though these two trimmers can run pretty smoothly with 90-minute battery life, after a while, the battery quality of Manscaped tends to reduce faster through many customers’ complaints.

In contrast, Meridian’s battery can perform much better. 

The Noise: Manscaped Wins

If you love quiet trimmers, then trimming the hair with Manscaped is a little bit more relaxing for the ears than Meridian.

However, it does not mean Meridian is noisy. Manscaped just does a little bit better in this field. 

The Collections: Manscaped Wins

Both Manscaped and Meridian do a really good job creating a great kit for inner part grooming.

Besides trimmers, they have many products like nose and ear trimmers, blades, underwear, shave care products, grooming tools, etc. 

When it comes to trimming tools and blades, these two brands are quite similar. But Manscaped is doing a slightly better job with more products for formulations like hair care, body care, ordor control products, etc. 

If you check Manscaped’s official website, you can see the company is putting its effort not only on male grooming products, but also personal care products like hair wash, conditioner, body wash, odor control, exfoliant, shaving gel, moisturizers, foot deodorant. 

Meridian currently has some of these products, trimmer, spray, and care package, but not as diverse as Manscaped. 

Even when Meridian is also known for their ball spays, Manscaped – with the slogan of “we save balls” – offers more products for testicular care like ball deodorant, ball toner and refresher, and ball wipes. 

The Pricing: Meridian’s Price is More Straightforward

When it comes to pricing, Meridian is a little bit cheaper. Even though the difference in the price is not significant, many men tend to like how Meridian charges more as it is more straightforward. 

If you buy a trimmer from Meridian, you pay for the product, and that is it. But for Manscaped, they continue to charge you every three months for new blades, which cost $19,99 at this time.

You might need to sign up for this blade-changing subscription and pay every three months. 

So, do you think this process is annoying or not? The answer depends on your needs. 

If you do not trim regularly and feel like the blades are still fine after using them for three months, you might like Meridian more. But if you use the trimmer a lot, then it is not always a bad idea to sign up for the new-blade subscription from Manscaped. 

In our opinion, we like Meridian more when it comes to pricing because we do not feel like it is that urgent to replace blades every three months.

Our Final Verdict

After comparing Manscaped Vs Meridian, we think Meridian is generally a better option in the long run

This trimmer performs better with time, its battery can keep the same quality for a longer time, its blades are safer for sensitive skin, and they do not easily get overheated. 

Manscaped does better at creating quieter trimmers with LED Light on its trimmer head charging dock and runs faster than Meridian.

However, these factors are less important than the things Meridian is doing better, so we still think Meridian is a better option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Meridian and Manscaped trimmer for testicles’ hair?

Yes, you can do that. Private trimmers like these two are made for the underpart area so that they will work well with more curvy areas like testicles. 

With soft ceramic blades, these products will be less likely to hurt your sensitive skin down there compared to regular trimmers. 

Is it safe to use Manscaped and Meridian’s private shaver in wet areas?

These two are all waterproof, so it is safe for you and the trimmers themselves if used in wet areas. You can even soak them in water to clean them without any problem and damage. 

If you love to trim your hair under shower, you can do it with these two trimmers without causing any damage to the trimmer or to your skin. 

Should I charge my trimmer fully, and how long will it take for the private trimmer to be fully charged?

If you charge your trimmer fully before using it, you will have a better time shaving. No one wants to stop in the middle of the shave just because the trimmer runs out of battery. 

Normally, it can take trimmers around two hours to be fully charged. 

Are manscaping trimmers only for men, or do they also work for women?

Both men and women can use private trimmers like Manscaped and Meridian.

Final Thoughts

Manscaped and Meridian are both two great options for those who want to buy a private trimmer.

As we already shared above, we go with Meridian after comparing Manscaped Vs Meridian. After using these two products, this is our and many other people’s opinions. 

However, Manscaped is doing a great job creating a more diverse kit for men’s grooming routine. The decision is on you!

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