Merkur VS Muhle: Which Brand Is the Better Option?

Merkur vs Muhle are two excellent choices for wet shaving. But, which one is better, or do they have the same quality? This blog will answer that question for you!

There are many outstanding razor brands for us to choose from, but people can think about Merkur and Muhle first for many of their features for wet shaving. But, which one is the better one?

This article will compare Merkur vs Muhle to make you see their strengths and weaknesses clearer, so you can pick the one that suits you more. 

First, let’s take some time to look at their brand history and know how they have grown from the beginning until now!

Merkur VS Muhle
Merkur VS Muhle

The History of Merkur VS Muhle


In 1896, Emul Hermes – a passionate person who had dreamed of creating a safety razor company, completed his dream and founded Merkur. So until this point, this company has more than 100-year history. 

Originally, he wanted to name his company after this name – Hermes. Unluckily, that name was taken by another company. After that, he decided to use the idea of the name “Mercury” to name his company. 

This is the reason why you can still see the “Mercury” symbol in Merkur products until this day, 126 years after. 

One of the biggest milestones of this company is that it was taken over by another company named Dovo in 1996. Nowadays, Dovo is one of the most powerful companies in the safety razor marketplace.  

To this day, Merkur products are known for great quality safety razors for beginners and those who love wet shaving. Their products are known for being convenient and easy to use. 

Besides, people also love them as there are many different models, staples, and accessories for razors. 


Muhle is not a century-long company like Merkur, but its history has been through ups and downs throughout three generations. 

The company was founded in 1945 by Otto Johannes Müller. His first product was shaving brushes, and many customers loved them. 

However, in 1949, a fire destroyed the company and killed the founder. His son – Hans-Jürgen Müller – took over the company and has grown it into a big and powerful company. 

In 1972, Hans sold the company but bought it back in 1987. In 2008, his two sons became the company’s owners and have grown it till today. 

At the moment, Muhle has exploited their products (mainly razors and shaving brushes) for around 36 other countries.

The company is now a reliable brand for men who want to find trustworthy safety razors. People also love them for the unisex shaving products and their designs.

Merkur vs Muhle Overview – Why People Love Them

Merkur and Muhle all focus on creating qualified razors for wet-shaving. In general, people love them for their products, but there is some difference on why people pick Merkur or Muhle:

Merkur – Offer High-Quality Safety Razors for All Types of Users

Have you ever complained about why it is too hard to do wet shaving, especially since you are a newbie?

If the answer is Yes, you are definitely not the only one, as most people will find it hard to do this shaving technique painlessly when they first started. 

In this case, you will need to learn how to apply the right amount of force while shaving and determine which angle is the best, etc.

Fortunately, Merkur comes with razors that are really easy to use, even for beginners. Their products are variable, and any users will find the type of safety razors they need. 

If you are a beginner, you will find using the safety razors, especially the two-piece model they produce, to shave easily and less painfully. Three-piece razors are the better suit for more experienced people. 

Besides, Merkur also offers razors with slant bars for those who want to cut their stubble cleanly.

If you want to fine-tune the shave’s closeness, futur safety razors from this brand will work better for you. They also create travel razors for those who love to travel.

With many types of razors, users who have different hair types like thin, dense, short, or long, will be able to find a suitable razor from Merkur.

Not only for men, but women can also find their shaving best friend from Merkur. They have some elegant and handy shavers that will more meet women’s tastes and needs.

Besides razors, you can also find blades and razor stands from their selling site. 

Muhle – Have All Shaving Products You Need to Create A Shaving Kit

While Merkur focuses mainly on creating razors, Muhle is known for razors and shaving brushes. They also create many other shaving-related products that you will need. 

Muhle is doing a better job for shaving brushes as it was what the founder of the company made when he first started the business. Their brushes are made of the best badger hair – which will help the brush to absorb the water easily.

If you do not like to use products with animal hair on it, the company has another option for you to consider – brushes with synthetic hair. This brush model is strong and can give you an extra soft feeling while shaving.

They also have a huge collection of different types of razors with closed-comb, two-piece, or three-piece. 

When it comes to quality, you will feel like you are holding some high-quality product when you shave with their products. Like Merkur, they also have mild shavers that get along with beginner wet shavers.

Also, you can find healthy ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, or Vitamin E in some of their other products like soaps, lotions, creams, and balms. 

Merkur VS Muhle: Which One is Better?

Both Merkur and Muhle have loyal users and fans who are happy with the quality they bring for different reasons. But in this section, we will give some preparation based on our opinion. Here is what we think:

The Variety of Selections: Muhle Wins

Muhle’s razors can come with elegant designs for different users’ tastes. From their selections, you can find ones with wooden, resin, or steel handles. As the company started with shaving brushes, their brushes are also excellent.

If you are interested in cartridge razors, you can get one from them. They have been making them for a while and have received positive feedback from users.

Merkur, on the other hand, focuses mainly in manufacturing razors, so their collection is not as diverse as Muhle. Before, besides razors, Merkur only offered two other products: razor blades and razor stands. 

Fortunately, at the moment, you can find more non-razor products like shaving accessories, post-shave care products, beard care, shaving cream, etc from Merkur. 

But even though the company is trying to add more products on their shelves, they cannot beat Muhle in this field. 

Shaving Products: Muhle Wins

As mentioned above, Merkur put most of its energy into creating razors. Still, Muhle also provides you with a big selection of different types of razors, designs, and other shaving products. 

You can find shaving tools, lotions, creams, ointments, soaps, etc., from both Muhle and Merkur. However, Merkur still does not have as many shave care products as Muhle and their products’ quality is not as good as Muhle. 

Craftsmanship: Merkur Wins

When it comes to craftsmanship, razors from both brands have amazing quality. Their products are made for wet shaving, and all of their product parts like blades, razor heads, brushes, etc., are doing a good job. 

However, if we have to pick a winner, then Merkur is doing a slightly better job, partly because they have been doing the same job for 126 years at this point.

Also, they might do a better job as they focus solely on creating razors, blades, and some razor stands. Muhle also pours their energy on other product types. 

Product’s Price – Their Price Are Similar

Merkur and Muhle’s most renowned products cost a similar amount of money. In general, their products are more pricey than other regular brands. 

Design – Muhle’s Designs Meet Modern Taste More

You might be more likely to hear that people think Muhle’s designs are more elegant if you ask around. They even have different designs that look pretty different from each other, so the users can easily find the designs that interest them more. 

On the other hand, Merkur razors have strong designs that give you the feel of the past. For this reason, those who love mid-century style razors will love Merkur designs more. 

However, we still think the majority of users will like Muhle’s modern designs more. 

Our Final Pick

If we talk from many different angles, we think Muhle is doing a better job at giving users a more convenient and good feeling while shaving. They have a big collection of razors with different styles and types that different people may need. 

Another reason for us to pick it is that it is not only a razor-making company, but they also create products to help you have the best shaving experience from start to end. 

While using their shaving care products, you will not only get the quality you need but also give your skin the right care with natural and helpful ingredients. 

However, this is only our choice. If you only care about getting a razor with better craftsmanship and nothing else matters for you, then Merkur is a more suitable option for you. 


Which one do you think is better for you with all of the information provided? Merkur vs Muhle

Even though we picked Muhle for many factors, we must say that both brands are reliable and have outstanding products. So, the final choice still depends on your personal preferences.

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