Should A 13 Year Old Shave Pubic Hair?

When entering puberty, adolescents (from the age of 10 for girls, from the age of 12 for boys) will start to grow hair on parts of the body. These include areas that are quite awkward and hardly discuss with other people for advice on whether or not to seek hair removal help.

This situation could physically and emotionally affect adolescents, sometimes causing fear and anxiety. Based on an email sent to us last week, a young reader had asked for our answer to their question on “Should a 13 year old shave pubic hair?”. We gladly answer this concern in today’s blog. Read on to find a detailed explanation of this issue!

Should A 13 Year Old Shave Pubic Hair? The Public Perspective 

There is no correct answer to whether you should shave your pubic hair at age 13 or not. Particularly, this answer varies from place to place, depending on culture and individual’s perspective.

For example, in Asia, shaving the pubic area is a quite sensitive topic, and most parents wouldn’t want to chat about this issue with their children at such a young age.


Should 13-year-olds Shave?

In contrast, in Western society, parents will have a more liberal attitude in these matters.

In our opinion, we think a 13-year-old should shave their pubic hair for the following reasons:

Personal Hygiene

First, hair in the intimate area appears to create a non-sticky layer of skin in the groin area. This interstitial skin does not stick to each other, especially in the hot season, to reduce infection and inflammation of the skin.

When pubic hair grows too dense, it will cause the private area to become cypress, a condition for bacteria to grow and penetrate inside, causing inflammation.

Besides, excessive pubic hair that is not trimmed or is not properly cared for is also favorable for pubic lice to develop. This species of lice specializes in living in the pubic area; they can bite, suck blood, and cause uncomfortable itching for patients.

Moreover, excessively thick also facilitates personal hygiene. In many cases, it is the cause of pants rubbing, damage, and inflammation.

Therefore, if you are young and inexperienced in body care, shaving the pubic area will help you keep it clean and avoid unwanted diseases.

Self – confidence

As mentioned, the appearance of sensitive hair makes young people, especially girls, feel negatively self-conscious about their appearance.

So, cleaning up the hairy areas may help you gain more self-confidence.

Effects On The Skin

However, shaving pubic also has certain negative effects on your skin. To be more specific, the skin of the intimate area is used to pubic hair, so when shaving, this part of the skin is inert, or it is rubbed with clothing, which can cause lesions, itchy pimples, and irritation.

To add in, pubic hair has the effect of preventing bacteria and dirt. If the protective “gear” is removed, it is obvious that the intimate area will have a higher risk of infection. This risk is especially higher for women.

Social Judgements   

Social Judgements

Social Judgements

Social prejudice is ubiquitous. Although hair growth occurs in boys and girls, most boys won’t care much about those hairs. On the contrary, they might think that it will increase their masculinity.

This concept is completely different with girls, as females tend to keep a clean and neat appearance. Still, not every individual has the same perception about pubic hair. Same as the distinctiveness in making decisions of fashion style, ideal type of boyfriend and hairstyle, it’s a matter of personal taste!

Some choose to wax if they wear bathing suits, while others regularly wax pubic as part of their beauty routine.

Nowadays, modern society has a more open view of pubic hair removal in both sexes. So whether to “clean up” the sensitive part or not depends on each person’s personal preference.

Some Problems To Notice Before Shaving

Some Problems To Notice Before Shaving

Some Problems To Notice Before Shaving

If you decide to shave the pubic hair, here are the notes you should know:

  • It is not easy to do pubic removal at home. The private area has very sensitive skin mucosa. Thus, with just a small incident, you not only cannot remove hair thoroughly but can also hurt your skin, causing adverse effects on your vaginal health.
  • Although shaving the pubic area will provide a quick hair removal effect, this action will stimulate the hair to grow back faster, and this new hair will be harder, thicker, and denser than the original.
  • In most cases, shaving the pubic will cause an itching sensation as the hair begins to grow back.
  • As pubic hair has the job of protecting the private area from external rubbing, shaving incorrectly will accidentally injure the private area, making the skin of this area more sensitive than usual.

Pubic Hair Shaving Tips for Teenagers

You can refer to the following tips to shave safely:

  • Clean shaving tools
  • Wet the hair
  • Use a moisturizer, shaving cream, or lube to reduce the risk of irritation
  • Hold the skin tight and shave slowly, gently in the direction of hair growth.
  • Rinse the razor after each use

To avoid skin inflammation or vaginal infection, both boys and girls need to clean the intimate area.

It would help if you bathe daily, clean the intimate area, especially the pubic hair growth area, with a mild antiseptic solution.

Pubic Hair Tips


You can also trim pubic hair when it’s too thick and dense. In addition, it is highly recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothes and avoid tight underwear.

Do not forget to pay attention to choosing underwear with airy, stretchy, sweat-absorbent material that fits the body for comfort movement.

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, should a 13 year old shave pubic hair? It all depends on your decision, as shaving can bring both disadvantages and advantages.

After reading through the article about the opinion of should or should not shave the pubic hair, we believe that the correct answer lies with you because you should do what is right for yourself.

Thank you for following this article. See you next time!

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