Why Does My Pubic Hair Hurt After Shaving?

Shaving pubic hair is one of the daily routines we have every day. Imagine how much humanity would advance if our shaved hair stayed shaved and clean. But reality begs to differ: shaved hair grows back, causes unbearable itching, and makes our life miserable.

Why does my pubic hair hurt after shaving,” you may ask yourself. Keep scrolling through our article, and you will soon find out the answer!

Why Does My Pubic Hair Hurt After Shaving

“It must be that one antique underwear” is the first reaction many people have to pubic pain. Common as it is, your unsanitary clothing is not the only possible cause of your irritation.

The best advice for you is to set an appointment with a health care provider. The doctor will tell you exactly the reasons for your pain and what to do with it.

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair

Pubic hair pain can stem from ingrown hairs – those that curl back into the skin instead of growing outside as normal. They look like pimples and usually leave red, itchy bumps on your skin. Shaving usually leaves out sharp hair tips, which in turn grow inward and cause itching.

Ingrown hairs can happen everywhere on your body, but they are most common in the pubic area since pubic hair is much curlier than normal body hair. The thicker and curlier your pubic hair is, the more the hair will grow inwards.

Luckily, you can avoid ingrown hair by gently exfoliating the skin. This method helps take away all dead skin cells, which are the main factors contributing to the growth of ingrown hairs. Exfoliation also helps prevent irritation, odor, and infection in your sacred region.

Choosing the proper underwear can also help you to improve the situation. Soft materials like cotton and silk are comfortable, breathy, and friendly to sensitive skin.

A small tip for shaving pubic hair is to use a fresh razor, warm water, and shaving cream. Remember to shave the hairs in the same direction as the way they grow. However, if you still want to keep the ingrown hair, you should trim your hair instead of removing it.

Some Other Reasons

Besides ingrown hairs, there are also other factors causing your pubic hair to get hurt after shaving.

The cause of your ongoing itchiness could be pubic lice or scabies, which are tiny insects that live in your pubic hair. To get rid of them, you should make sure your body is always clean by using shampoo or lotion daily.

On the other hand, if there is any pain in the pelvic area or around that region, check for signs of infection. You might be suffering from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – in which case, you should go to the doctor to get treatment as soon as possible.

How To Shave Your Pubic Hair Without Hurting

Shaving pubic hair is one of the most common ways of catering to our body daily. Just like other grooming activities, it’s important to do it correctly to avoid injuring yourself. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the best way to shave your pubic hair.

For starters, you only need a clean razor and shaving cream or gel, all of which can easily be found in any store or supermarket.

Shave cream

Shave cream

When shaving, you may accidentally cut yourself and infect the wound. Choosing a good razor will help you minimize the chances of this happening.

Here is a quick instruction you should follow to safely shave the pubic hairs:

  1. Trim the area. Doing this will get rid of unnecessarily long strands and make shaving easier.
  2. Use a new razor, or sanitize the old one with hot water. The pubic area is especially sensitive, so you’d want to minimize any risk of infection.
  3. Thoroughly moisturize the area with soap and water. The softer and cleaner your skin is, the easier your job will be.
  4. Apply shaving cream or gel to ease the skin and avoid getting irritation or breakouts.
  5. Gently shave in the direction of hair growth. Don’t do anything crazy because you’ll risk cutting yourself down there.
  6. Clean the razor after each stroke. A razor clogged with hair isn’t at its most ideal state to do the job.
  7. Do some skincare afterward. Moisturizing and ingrown-hair preventing products will help ease the newly-shaved skin.

Avoiding Problems After Shaving Your Pubic Hair

The skin around the pubic hair is extremely sensitive. Therefore you need to be cautious when shaving, or else you’ll suffer from rash and white cysts.

The pubic area is vulnerable to excessively humid conditions like warm weather since they enable bacteria to flourish, causing skin diseases.

Worry not because simple solutions exist. After shaving, you should always take additional skincare steps for the pubic area. Normally, it would be best to use some fragrance-free moisturizer like the CeraVe or the Vanicream to help your skin recover after shaving.

In your daily cleaning routine, always make sure that the pubic area remains clean and dry enough to avoid pain and irritation. When taking a shower, you could still use your shower gel as usual. However, right after shaving, please don’t use them because you will get hurt severely.


To sum up, we feel pain after shaving mainly because our pubic hair tends to grow inward after each time we shave. Other than that, some minor factors like a humid environment and excessive hair can also contribute to your irritation.

So why does my pubic hair hurt after shaving? We bet you have got the proper answer now. We highly recommend you all to visit the doctor to check the problem to avoid any unwanted problems later on.

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