Why Use An Electric Shaver?

Why use an electric shaver? Using a razor may create many downsides. In particular, it’s time-consuming to foam, shave, and wash off. Occasionally, your facial skin will even be hurt because of the sharp razors.

As a matter of fact, taking another chance using an electric razor is a good idea for men. It is indeed a great and safer alternative to men’s daily grooming. Prior to shopping for the electric shaver, let’s refer to some details of the electric shaver’s benefits below.

Why Use Electric Shaver? Benefits Of Using Electric Shaver

The cutting-edge electric shavers are turning up more and more in the market. Their modern innovations could make up the greatest convenience for all gentlemen, as well:

Electric Shaver 3D model

Electric Shaver 3D model

Electric Shaver Possess A Flexible Head.

A plethora of safety razors with stiff heads may restrict you from parallel motion. On the other hand, an electric shaver whose flexible heads could follow the contours of your face well. For illustration, Arc5’s head moves in 16 various directions and rotates to meet any angle of your jaw and lips. That sounds great!

It Helps You Save Time.

Have you ever got tired of stroking your face with a safety razor? The answer is yes, that’s right? Of course, you must waste a lot of time on foaming, then thoroughly shaving every bit of beard, and eventually, rinsing face and razors with water.

Not only that, sometimes you can’t prevent your bad razors from causing some scratches on your face and swelling due to their sharpness.

It’s time to look for other alternatives. One of the top choices for you is the electric shaver with super-precise movement, trimming your facial hair rapidly and smoothly.

Especially, several state-of-the-art razors possess the stand-alone trimming feature that cleans your face quickly without pain or damage.

Electric Shaver’s Blades Are Far More Sophisticated.

Safety razor blades could be quite good, yet electric shaver’s blades are even more specialized and precise. The inner blades are often angled about 30 degrees (e.g. Arc5) to help trim facial hair at the base. Moreover, the specialized outside leaves can adjust the blades to lift and maintain the exact blade’s angles for cleaning seamlessly and avoiding bleeding or scratches.

Battery Life Ain’t The Pain You Think It Is.

Another incredible feature of electric shavers that could strike an impression on you is their rechargeable batteries. Normally, after just one hour of charging, the battery life of an electric razor can last about 50 minutes. If you forget to plug it in overnight, its three-minute quick charge mode can allow you to shave briefly before returning the device to the charger.

Electric Razors are safer than traditional safety bladers.

Electric Razors are safer than traditional safety bladers.

You Can Use an Electric Shaver Anywhere – Dry Or Wet.

Once owning a high-end electric razor in hand, you can shave in or out of the shower with ease. Its body is waterproof, and the ergonomic handle prevents the machines’ body from slipping out of your hand. You don’t even need to look at any opposite mirror to finish your shave as electric shavers do eliminate the nicks’ risks for you.

Such A Clever Device!

An electric razor is indeed a safety device with amazing functions and ease of use. Besides, it has many smart features, such as a sensor that detects the area to be trimmed or adjusts the intensity based on the thickness of the beard. These are definitely advanced enough that a straight razor is not available.

It’s Environment-Friendly Owing To The Safe Disposal Of Razor Blades.

For safety razors, their cartridges and razor blades should be disposed of properly. In contrast, when recycling and disposing of electric shavers, there is usually no potential danger to yourself or others.

Nonetheless, compliance with local regulations on waste disposal is still the top priority, and please be careful to dispose of expired equipment and devices legally.

Electric Shavers Are Friendly To Frequent Travel.

No matter where you enter the gym center, leave for a long business trip or take a traveling trip, you can carry the electric shaver with ease. Surely, it’s an awesome companion of yours anywhere of its convenience and compactness.

An electric shaver is entirely independent of shaving cream, and one charge is enough to use within your trip. Out of the question, its size is also perfectly workable in your backpack.

Plenty of modern devices even have a travel lock option available to prevent the device from accidentally being activated while staying in your luggage.

You Could Reduce Cuts, Nicks, And Ingrown Hairs When Using The Electric Shaver.

Ingrown hairs can lead to painful, itchy, and unsightly feelings. Straight razors can even cause skin damage while they are handling these ingrown hairs.

However, electric shavers are much less irritating to the facial skin. Your face is always protected from the blade by the foil. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to worry about it scratching or causing pain on your skin.

It’s An Economized Method.

Traditional shavers need water and soap/shaving cream. In addition to costing you time, it also costs a lot of money as you constantly update these side-by-side products. What’s more, the traditional ones’ lifespan rarely lasts long.

While electric shavers cost a bit more, they save money, time and last longer (even years) in the long run. Also, it is entirely independent of soap or shaving cream.

cutting-edge alternatives like the electric shaver!

It’s time to alter your safety bladers by cutting-edge alternatives like the electric shaver!

In A Nutshell

Gentlemen, please pick for yourself the best items and products for your facial skin and your health. Instead of utilizing unsafe and low-qualified razors, switching to a high-end electric shaver is a wise decision.

Why use an electric shaver? You already had the answer! Anyone aspires to take care of themselves with the most modern and safest products day-to-day. Most importantly, using an electric shaver could reduce some of your worries, especially for those with sensitive skin. It may take you a bit more money to buy this type of product initially, yet what you receive is worth it.

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